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【中英对照】Now researchers have finally proved that beauty is in fact in the eye of the beer holder, rather than the beholder. 如今研究终于明,相较于情人眼里出西施,喝酒的人眼里更能出美女。 A pint and a half of beer can produce the effect--and in men it may last 24 hours. 一品脱半的啤酒就能奏效,而且男人的这种审美感觉可能持续24小时。 In the study, volunteers were randomly allocated a vodka and lime or a similar tasting non-alcoholic drink. 在研究中,男女志愿者们被随机安排,有的喝一杯伏特加,有的喝柠檬水或类似不含酒精成份的饮料。 About half an hour later, both groups were asked to rate the attractiveness of 20 male and 20 female faces on a seven-point scale. 大约半小时后,两组志愿者被要求给20名男子和20名女子在照片上的魅力度打分,最高分为7分。 Those who had been drinking alcohol scored the faces about 10 percent higher than the non-drinkers. 喝过酒的这组人给照片的打分结果,比没喝酒的那组高出10%。 When the groups were tested again the next day, the men who had drunk alcohol still gave pictures of women higher ratings than those who had not. 而第二天再做测试,喝酒这组的男士给女士照片的打分还是高过没喝酒的那组。 Dr Marcus Munafo, an experimental psychologist who led the study at Bristol University, said: "The findings are important because of the role drink plays in, for example, unsafe sex." 领导这次研究的布里斯托尔大学实验心理学者马库斯·穆纳佛士说:“这个研究发现很重要,因为这有助于解释喝酒的人易发生不安全的性关系这种现象。” Experts believe that alcohol stimulates the striatum, an area of the brain that plays an important role in attraction. 专家们相信,酒精使大脑中纹状体兴奋,而这一区域对吸引力起重要作用。 Previous studies have found that more than two thirds of people--68 percent--have woken up the morning after the night before regretting handing out their phone number to someone they were not attracted to when sober. 之前的研究已经发现,超过2/3(68%)的人酒后一夜情的次日清晨醒来后悔前一天把电话号码留给了清醒时并不认为有魅力的人。 /200905/69615我的医生要我增加锻练计划的内容,所以我从一周3次“不锻炼”改为一周6次“不锻炼”了。Scientists have found that a spicy ingredient in curry could be an effective treatment for Alzheimer#39;s disease, the Daily Mail reported.据英国《每日邮报》报道,科学家发现,咖喱中的一种辛辣成分也许可以有效治疗老年痴呆症。Tests on fruit flies with a nervous disorder similar to the neurodegenerative illness found that those given curcumin ; the key chemical in turmeric used in everything from mild Kormas to the hottest Vindaloos ; lived 75 percent longer.对患有精神功能紊乱(类似于神经组织退化性疾病)的果蝇进行实验表明,那些被注射了姜黄素的果蝇寿命延长了75%。从味道温和的科尔马斯咖喱到超辣的宾达鲁咖喱,都含有从姜黄中提取的这种主要化学物。Previous research has found that Alzheimer#39;s affects just one percent of people over the age of 65 living in some Indian villages.先前研究发现,在印度,一些村落的65岁以上老人得老年痴呆症的人数仅有1%。Drugs with similar properties to curcumin could potentially be used as preventative treatments.含有类似姜黄素成分的药品可以用于老年痴呆症的预防性治疗。 /201202/172058

A survey of 16 to 24 year olds has found that 75% of them feel they "couldn't live" without the internet.  一项针对英国16至24岁年轻人的调查发现,75%的年轻人认为他们“没有网络活不下去。”  The report, published by online charity YouthNet, also found that four out of five young people used the web to look for advice.  这份由网络慈善团体YouthNet所作的调查显示,有4/5的青年人将网络作为一种寻求咨询的途径。  About one third added that they felt no need to talk to a person face to face about their problems because of the resources available online.  还有1/3的青年人认为,根本没必要和他人进行面对面的交流,因为任何需要的信息都可以通过网络来获取。  Despite high-profile examples of internet security breaches, such as the recent incident of phishing email scams, 76% of the survey group thought the internet was a safe place "as long as you know what you're doing".  尽管互联网安全隐患重重,比如最近发生的多起网络钓鱼邮件和垃圾邮件,但76%的受访者都认为,只要自己心里有数,网络还是安全的。  "Probably the middle-aged are the most vulnerable," said Open University psychologist Graham Jones.  英国开放大学的心理学家葛莱姆·琼斯认为,或许中年人更容易在网上上当受骗。  "I think children, teenagers and people under their mid-20s have grown up with technology and they understand it deeply," he said.  他说:“因为孩子、青少年以及20来岁的年轻人是伴随着科技成长的一代,他们接受新事物的能力更强。”  Mr Jones thinks it is the parents who need to become more sophisticated.  琼斯认为,父母们应该更多地去了解网络。  "One of the biggest problems for children is not that they are vulnerable but that their parents don't know what they're doing," he said.  “孩子们最大的问题之一不是他们易在网上上当受骗,而是他们的父母不了解孩子的所作所为。”  "It's important that parents have full understanding of the internet and its risks--younger people need parental direction," he said.  “全方位地了解网络及其风险对于家长来说至关重要。年轻人需要家长的指导和引导。”  Its author, Professor Michael Hulme of Lancaster University, names this age group "digital natives" as they have grown up in an environment rich with computer and mobile technology.  调查报告的作者、兰卡斯特大学的迈克尔·赫米教授认为,电脑和手机等电子设备已经充斥了当今社会生活的方方面面,在这种环境中长大的年轻人可以称得上是“数码一代”。  "For young people the internet is part of the fabric of their world and does not exist in isolation from the physical world," he said.  他说,对于年轻人来说,互联网与他们的日常生活息息相关、不可分割。  Youthnet runs websites offering advice, information and volunteering opportunities to young people.  Youthnet网站致力于向年轻人提供建议、资讯和志愿者的工作机会。  "The need for a safer, trusted [online] place has never been greater," said Fiona Dawes, Youthnet's chief executive.  Youthnet网站的首席执行官菲奥娜·当斯说,年轻人需要一个更安全、更可信赖的网络,而且这种需求变得越来越迫切。  "Youthnet will be taking the insights of this report to heart as we plan the future of our services."  “Youthnet 网站在规划未来务的时候,是会认真考虑这份调查报告中年轻一代的需求的。” /200911/88138

老美很喜欢用 hard 这个字在许多不同的场合. 例如你说他对我很凶, 这个凶就可以用 hard. 或是安慰人家不要太难过, 则可以用 no hard feelings. 等等很多很多用法. 像 hard 这种简单的单字老美都是整天挂在嘴边的. 所以有时候学英文不一定要背很多艰深的单字, 但一定要把这种很简单但却很实用的字用的很熟! 这是个人一点小小的心得. 跟大家分享一下.1. He was so hard on me last night. 他昨晚对我很凶. Hard 这个字在美国用的很多, hard 的意思就是说态度很差, 对某人很凶, 对某人很刻薄, 或是对人很严格都可以用这个字. 所以 He was so hard on me last night 简单地说就是他昨晚对我不好, 可能是对你发脾气, 或是对你态度很差. Hard 也可以指让你觉得很难去调适的状况. 例如考试没考好你可以说 I didn't do it well in the test. It's so hard for me. 要安慰别人的话, 可以说 No hard feelings. 就是说不要有这样的感觉, 不要把 hard feeling 放在心上. 例如我同学考试没考好, 我就可以安慰他. No hard feelings, I believe you are gonna ace it next time.2. I have a hard time with my girlfriend. 我跟我女友关系非常不好. Have a hard time with sb. 就是说和某个人的关系处的特别不好. 特别是形容情侣或是夫妻之间. 如果你听美国的广播节目, 就常有人 call in 进来说 I have a hard time with my girlfriend. 通常如果那天特别适合吵架的话, 一天之内就可以听到好几次.   Hard time 还有一个很常用的用法, 就是说做什么事会有困难. 比如说最近 Star War 要上演了, 你想去看首映, 那么别人可能就会警告你说, You will have a hard time getting a ticket. (你要买到票是很困难的) 又比方说你朋友作错事, 但他却一直不承认他自己有错. 那这时你就可以说, Why do you have such a hard time admitting it? 你要承认错误有那么困难吗? 3. You're getting on my nerves. 你惹毛我了.照字面上来看这句话就是你碰到我的神经了, 引申为让别人生气的意思. 比如说别人一直取笑你, 你不高兴就可以说 You get on my nerve. 这句话的意思跟 jump on my back 差不多. Jump on my back 就是说某人去惹到你了, 试想如果有一个人在你背上跳啊跳的, 那会是什么样的感觉? 所以凡是有人去惹到你, 你就可以警告他说, You are jumping on my back!4. Get off my back, I didn't sleep last night. 不要再烦我了, 我昨晚没睡耶! 这句话跟上一句刚好是一对. 比如说你一早去上班, 老板就说你这个不是, 那个不是, 工作为什么又没做完, 这句话就可以派上用场了! 你可以大声地跟老板说, Get off my back. I didn't sleep last night. 然后再来你就可以准备收拾东西走路了. 因为你老板可能会跟你说, Then get out of my face, I don't want to see you again. 5. Cut me some slack! Give me some slack! 放我一马吧. Slack 就是松懈的意思, 虽然我写的中文解释不太一样, 但其实这句话跟 Get off my back 是一模一样的. 这二句在电视肥皂剧常可以听到, 有一次 Full house 里的老爸被家里的聪明的小鬼整的受不了, 他就说 Cut me some slack. 放我一马吧. 6. Don't let your father down. 不要让你的父亲失望.Down 在英文的口语里面解释成心情不好, 心情低落, 或是觉得很失望. 例如有一首很有名的英文歌曲里就有这么一句, Please don't let me down. 请不要让我失望. Down 也有沮丧的意思在内. 跟 blue (忧郁) 这个字差不多, 所以下次当你看到别人心情不好, 不妨过去问一下, Why are you feeling down? 或是 Why are you feeling blue?请注意 Let down 和 turn down 虽然听来很类似, 但它们的意思却截然不同. Let down 是让人家失望的意思, 而 turn down 则是拒绝别人的邀请. 7. I don't give a shit I don't give a damn. 不屑一顾Shit 跟 damn 都是最不值钱的东西, 连 shit 跟 damn 都不给, 就是说根本不屑一顾. 比如说你知道有人在背后说你坏话, 你就可以这么说, I don't give a shit. 8. People have dirty looks on their faces. 人们的脸都很臭.有一次老美跟我说他来上学的时候路上塞车, 车上的人脸都很臭, 他就是说 People have dirty looks on their face. 我当时觉得很有趣, 因为 dirty 在这里并不是指脏的意思, 或是说长的难看, 而是说脸很臭的意思, 各位觉得呢?9. Tough luck, but shit happens. 真倒霉, 但还是发生了.车子开到一半爆胎了, 你可以说的就是这一句. Shit 是不雅的字, 但这个字可以用在很多让你很不爽的事上. 例如本句 shit happens 就是那种令人不爽的事发生了. 或是像我同学有一次就跟我说, I did shit in the test. 就是说他考的很烂很烂.Tough luck 就是说运气实在糟透了, 我还听过另外一个讲法, 叫 rotten luck. 烂透了的运气. 二个意思上差不多.10. I got the short end of the stick. 这实在是我所能遇到最糟的情况了.比如说你跟人作生意被人倒了, 老婆跟人跑了, 儿子又生病, 自己的钱包又被扒了. 那么你就可以说 I got the short end of the stick. 像是有一次我们去吃 pizza, 它是已经分好一块块的, 大家一哄而上, 结果剩下最后一块最小的上面又刚好没 topping 的 pizza, 那个还没拿的人就开玩笑地说了这一句: I got the short end of the stick. /200911/88279Get off that couch and begin the more productive life you should be living.别赖在沙发上了,做事变得高效一点吧,那才是应该过的生活。 /201006/106065

One out of three men in the ed States is under 5 feet 8 inches tall. You'd never guess the magnitude of the demographic from menswear.在美国,每三位男士当中就有一位身高低于5英尺8英寸(约1米72)。男装市场的统计资料绝对远远出乎你的意料。'They have stores for big and tall men, so why not for shorter men?' asks Josh Lefkowitz, who describes his height as 'five-foot-three and a half.' A New York public-relations executive, Mr. Lefkowitz likes to buy a jacket in size 36 short and take it to a tailor. To make a size seven shoe fit, he buys inserts to fill out the extra space.乔希·莱夫寇维兹(Josh Lefkowitz)是纽约一位高级公关主管,他说自己的身高是“5英尺3.5英寸”(约1米61)。他提出了这样一个疑问:“既然有针对身材高大男士的装店,怎么就没有专门面向矮个男士的呢?” 莱夫寇维兹喜欢买短36码外套,再拿到裁缝那儿修改。他买7码的鞋子,不过还得买点填充物塞进去之后才合脚。Yet when standard-size clothes are altered for a man like Mr. Lefkowitz, the final proportions can come out all wrong. Simply shortening a suit's hems and sleeves can leave the collar too broad, the pockets oversized, the armholes gargantuan, the elbow curves too low and the rear droopy.不过,如果把标准尺寸的装根据莱夫寇维兹的身材加以修改,最后出来的比例也许完全不对头。仅仅修短衣的下摆和袖子是远远不够的,领口、口袋、袖孔都还是太大,肘弯处太低,后摆也是耷拉着的。All this can make a small man look even smaller. 'Taller men can get away with having things look a little baggy,' says Mr. Lefkowitz. But the wrong fit 'can make us look schlumpy.'这样的改动只会让一个原本矮小的人更显矮小。莱夫寇维兹说:“个高的人穿件稍微宽松的衣,看着也还过得去。“而不合身的衣”穿在我们身上只会显得人很邋遢。”Height, for a man, is the ultimate power marker. An added inch of height is equivalent to an extra ,000 year of salary, on average, when it comes to attracting a mate, says Andrew Trees, author of 'Decoding Love,' a book about the science of attraction. Height also affects earnings -- though less dramatically: Each inch earns you about 0 more per year in salary after controlling for variables like education, he says.对于男性来说,身高是最具影响力的一项体貌特征。《解密爱情》('Decoding Love')一书探讨了有关两性吸引的科学,该书作者安德鲁·特里斯(Andrew Trees)说,身高增加一英寸,对异性的吸引力等同于年薪增加3万美元。他说,身高同时也会影响到一个人的收入,尽管作用没有那么明显:在不考虑诸如学历等因素的前提下,身高每增加一英寸,意味着你的年收入能增加600美元。Yet there is one thing that supersedes height: The perception of height. Men who got early growth spurts but wound up short are often perceived to be taller than they are, says Mr. Trees, suggesting that the reason lies in their carriage. The reverse is also true: Men who became tall later on are often perceived as shorter than they are -- possibly because they learned early to think of themselves as short.不过有另外一个因素可以取身高而代之,那就是:预期身高。特里斯先生说,那些小时候个子长得很快、成年后其实并不高的人通常会被认为比实际上要高,这可能与他们举手投足等仪态有关。反之亦然:那些长个比较晚的人通常会被看矮了──可能是因为他们早就认为自己个矮。This suggests that short men can seem taller or shorter, depending on how they present themselves. A key element is wearing clothes with the right proportions. A small man wearing oversized clothes risks looking like he's dressing up in Dad's clothes -- emphasizing his diminutive stature.这表明,个矮男士的打扮会使他们比实际身高显得高些或矮些。其中一个关键因素就是要穿比例协调的衣。小个子穿的衣尺码过大,很可能给人感觉是儿子穿了老爸的衣──只能愈发凸显身材的矮小。 /200903/65232A Tough Teacher A school teacher friend of mine injured his back and had to wear a plaster cast around the upper part of his body. On his first day of the term, still with the cast under his shirt, he was assigned to teach the most undisciplined class. Stepping confidently into the rowdy classroom, he opened the window as wide as possible. Just then, a strong breeze made his tie flap. Trying to fix the tie , he took a blackboard eraser and hammered a large tack through his tie into his chest.   He had no trouble with discipline that term. 强悍的教师 我有一位作教师的朋友弄伤了他的背,因此上身不得不穿石膏罩。开学的第一天,他的身上还穿着石膏罩。他被分派教最不守纪律的班级。他很自信地步入乱哄哄的教室,把窗子尽可能大地打开。就在这时,一阵强风把他的领带吹得飘起来。为了固定领带,他拿起黑板擦,把一个大头钉透过领带砸入他的胸膛。 那学期在他的课上,没有不守纪律的。 /201107/143095

Researchers have found that peoples' mental abilities peak at 22 before beginning to deteriorate just five years later.Professor Timothy Salthouse said the results suggested that therapies designed to prevent or reverse age-related conditions may need to start earlier, long before people become pensioners.Almost half of over 50s 'unaware of leading cause of blindness'" Results converge on a conclusion that some aspects of age-related cognitive decline begin in healthy, educated adults when they are in their 20s and 30s," he said.The study of 2,000 men and women lasted over seven years. The respondents, aged between 18-60, were asked to solve visual puzzles, recall words and story details and spot patterns in letters and symbols.Similar tests are often used to diagnose mental disabilities and declines, including dementia.The research by the University of Virginia found that in nine out of 12 tests the average age at which the top performance was achieved was 22.The first age at which performance was significantly lower than the peak scores was 27 – for three tests of reasoning, speed of thought and spatial visualisation. Memory was shown to decline from the average age of 37. In the other tests, poorer results were shown by the age of 42.However, the report published in the academic journal Neurobiology Of Ageing, found that abilities based on accumulated knowledge, such as performance on tests of vocabulary or general information, increased until at the age of 60.Twenty-seven has long had negative connotations, as it is the age at which many popular musicians died, including Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin and Kurt Cobain. /200903/65659参考译文:我不喜欢批评人。但我们刚请了你2天,你却已经落下3个星期的工作了?内容来自: /201109/155549Chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, and other hazardous ingredients are turning up in makeup, skin creams, and hair styling products. Here, the latest and most dangerous beauty alerts, and how to protect yourself without compromising your beauty routine.《福布斯》杂志近日提醒,有些化妆品、护肤霜、美发产品中含有化学物质、重金属、细菌等危险成分。以下是最新发布的最危险美容产品提醒,以及如何在不妨碍日常美容护理的同时保护自己。Mercury in Skin Creams?面霜含汞?That was the headline-grabber last week, when an FDA investigation found imported skin creams may contain toxic levels of mercury and other heavy metals. The risk is serious; people are actually getting sick from mercury contamination from these products. The creams are intended primarily for ;skin lightening; and anti-aging.美国食品和药物(FDA)上周公布的一份调查吸引了人们的注意,调查称,一些进口面霜可能含有汞等重金属成分,可以致毒。这种危险非常严重,一些消费者因所用化妆品含汞而患病。含汞面霜的功效通常集中于;亮肤;和;抗衰老;。Symptoms of mercury poisoning include tremors, memory problems, irritability, and changes in vision or hearing. The creams have turned up in seven states so far, and several cases of serious mercury poisoning have been reported.汞中毒的症状包括颤抖、记忆丧失、易怒、视力听力下降。含汞面霜迄今已在美国七个州有售,而且已报告数起严重汞中毒病例。Lead in Lipstick?口红含铅?Once considered an ;urban legend,; the rumor that some lipsticks contain lead turned out to be deadly true when the FDA tested hundreds of lipsticks following an alert issued by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.某些品牌的口红含铅一度被认为只是;坊间传说;,但在FDA检测了数百种口红后,这一传闻得到了实。此前,;安全化妆品运动;组织曾对此发布警告。The brands that tested positive for lead levels included well-respected national brands including L#39;Oreal, Revlon, Avon, and Cover Girl. And high-end brands like Dior and M.A.C. weren#39;t exempt either. Five of the ten most contaminated lipsticks were manufactured by L#39;Oreal USA.不少在全美广受尊重的品牌口红都检出含铅,包括欧莱雅、露华浓、雅芳和。迪奥、M.A.C.等高端品牌也未能幸免。含铅量最高的十款口红中,有五款是美国欧莱雅制造的。Bacteria in Mascara?睫毛膏带菌?Yes, this can happen too, but it#39;s the result of keeping mascara too long. The microbes don#39;t arrive in the mascara itself. According to a study in Optometry, bacteria that are naturally present in the eyes can be transferred into mascara via the wand. When the researchers tested mascaras, microbes were present in 33 percent of the products tested.是的,睫毛膏可能带菌,但这是在保存期限过长的情况下。细菌并非睫毛膏自带的。根据验光科的一项研究,眼部细菌可通过睫毛膏的毛刷进入膏体。研究人员在33%的接受检测的睫毛膏中发现了微生物。Formaldehyde in Hair Straighteners美发产品含甲醛Despite label claims of being ;formaldehyde-free;, many keratin-based hair straighteners, when tested, were found to contain formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. The levels of formaldehyde found were fairly low, and shouldn#39;t pose a hazard if you#39;re only straightening your hair a few times a year, but more often than that isn#39;t a great idea. And stylists, who use the products on their customers regularly, are at risk.尽管标注;无甲醛;,但一些角蛋白直发产品经过检测之后都被发现含有甲醛成份,甲醛是一种致癌物质。美国市场直发产品的甲醛含量并不高,如果每年直发几次,不会产生太大危害,但并不提倡更频繁地直发。经常为客人直发的美发师受危害的风险较高。Mineral Makeup含有矿物质的化妆品Often considered a natural alternative to makeup, mineral-based products often come in the form of powders. The problem results because the particles of minerals such as mica are so small, they float through the air and can be inhaled into the lungs. (Consider this: When construction workers use spackle and other products containing mica, they wear masks to avoid breathing them in.) There hasn#39;t been any warning issued for mineral makeup yet, but some experts, such as pulmonologists, are warning women that lung damage could result from frequent use.一些基于矿物研制的化妆品通常以粉末形式存在,而且被认为是更天然的选择。问题在于云母等矿物质的微粒非常微小,可以漂浮到空气中并吸入肺部。(试想建筑工人使用抹墙粉和其它含有云母的材料时通常戴口罩以防吸入。)目前还没有任何针对矿物质化妆品的警告发布,但胸腔医学等学科的专家提醒女性,频繁使用此类化妆品可能损伤肺部。词汇点津:urban legend: 来源不明、缺少或无据,但自然地以各种形式出现的当代故事或传说formaldehyde: 甲醛carcinogen: 致癌物质mica: (矿物)云母pulmonologist: 胸腔内科医生 /201203/174476

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