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After a couple of hours, were heading back to prepare dinner几个小时后,我们回程用采摘的茶叶with the leaves weve picked.准备晚餐I think the grandmothers the culinary expert.我觉得祖母是一个烹饪专家Shes looking at me out of the corner of her eye!她用眼角里注视着我Even though Ive been cooking for years,即使我从事烹饪已数年its always a little nerve-wracking entering another womans kitchen.进入另一位主妇的厨房仍然让我有些头疼She was saying normally they cut the chicken into smaller pieces,她在说通常他们把鸡切成小块but I havent cut it small enough!我切得不够小For dinner, Im making chicken, infused with pu-erh tea leaves.为了晚餐,我将把鸡肉和普洱茶叶混合First Im adding freshly-picked leaves and chicken首先把新鲜的挑选过的茶叶和鸡to the hot oil in the wok.加入到锅里的热油中I love it, its really woody and smoky我喜欢这样,木香和熏烟味from the wood fire underneath.从下面木柴燃烧的火焰传出After stir-frying for about four minutes, I add a cup of pu-erh tea,翻炒后四分钟,加入一杯普洱茶made from sun-dried leaves.是由晾晒风干的叶子制成的Im just going to pour the tea in,我马上会把茶倒进去together with some of those leaves. Now Im just going to和一些这种叶子混合在一起,现在我将要slowly let the chicken infuse with the flavours of the tea.慢慢地让鸡和茶味相融So a quick taste of the seasoning.所以稍稍尝一下味道You know that the infusion, that soup base,你知道因为浸入了茶味,汤底has now become really sort of bittersweet from the chicken.现在因为鸡肉真的变得有点苦甜参半Its really delicious, actually.事实上真的很美味I quite like the idea of putting some of these pea aubergine in!我真的很喜欢把豌豆茄子放进去的点子Just a handful.只是少数And what I might do is just add another element of sweetness,我可能会做的就是加入另一些甜味因素and that is from the leaves of the local pumpkin plant here.这就是来自于这里的南瓜叶So Im just going to toss that with the pumpkin leaves,所以我会拌上一些南瓜叶in this tea chicken broth, and then, yeah! Were good to eat!加到这份茶叶鸡汤里面,然后就可以吃了If you want to try this recipe at home,如果你想在家里尝试这个配方you can use green tea leaves instead of pu-erh你可以用绿色的茶叶来代替普洱茶and substitute the pea aubergines with diced purple aubergine.并用紫茄子切块来替换豌豆茄子Now it just remains to be seen what Grandma makes of my efforts.现在我的努力还有待祖母的观察She said, ;The flavour is good! Not bad!;她说:“味道很棒,不错 ”201510/404476英语非常道 第49期:少儿英语展示201511/402197Ive joined up with a science expedition to see for myself whats happening to Madagascars forests.我参加了一个科学探险队 亲眼去看看马达加斯加森林的状况All right, guys, here we are!好了,我们到了Dr Brian Fisher is cataloguing the life found in the forests布莱恩·费舍在将这个森林里的生物分类to help understand how the delicate ecosystem is changing.帮助大家理解这里脆弱的生态环境如何变化Well, this is it. This is the end of the road for the vehicles.好了,车只能开到这里了Were heading off on foot now down there into the jungle.我们现在要徒步往丛林里走Brians team is searching for a new species布莱恩的小组在寻找新的物种that hes convinced lurk in the undergrowth.他们确信隐藏在树丛下面He believes its a particularly good area for ants.他相信那是蚂蚁生存的好地方And they live in rotting wood.它们居住在腐烂的木头中间They live in the ground, they live under stones.它们住在地上,在石头下面Were just trying to peek into their homes,我们想去看看它们的家you know, get onto their level.Check this out.了解它们的习性 看看这个201512/418204

But the benefits go both ways. Cuddle a dog and her blood pressure will also drop.养的好处是相互的。拥抱,她的血压也会下降。She even produces the attachment hormone oxytocin, so shes feeling that same bond that goes between a mother and her child.甚至还会产生催产素,她会感受到宛如母子相偎的亲密。But how far does this special connection go?但这份特殊的羁绊能有多深呢?Some people think their dogs have almost supernatural powers.有人认为他们的简直有超能力。Is there any truth that they can sense when youre about to take them for a walk? Or predict when youre going to faint?它们到底能不能察觉你准备带它们出去散步呢?能不能预知你要晕倒?Do some dogs really know us better than we know ourselves?有些真的比我们自己还要了解我们吗?As we explore the secret world of dogs, were discovering that theyre capable of remarkable feats.在探秘的世界时我们发现它们潜力无限。The puppy weve been following is just over a year old.我们关注的幼犬刚满一岁。Shes now living at the Guide Dog Centre, going through the toughest phase of her training yet.她现在正住在导盲犬中心,接受最艰难的训练阶段。Shes made the important bond with humans, but now she must put it to practical use and do something really impressive.她与人类建立了重要的联系,但是她现在必须把它付诸实践并做出一些成绩。Looking after a blind, vulnerable handler means knowing to stop at the edge of the road.照看脆弱的盲眼主人意味着要知道在路边停下来。Shes anticipating her handlers needs.她在预测主人的需求。Avoiding obstacles on the ground, but also in the air.不仅要避开地上的障碍物,还得留意空中的。She could walk right through this arch, but she knows that her blind handler would hit her head.她自己能走过拱门,但她知道盲人主人会撞到头。Good girl.好样的。So hows she doing this? It comes down to observation.她是怎么做到的呢?秘诀在于用心观察。201506/380152

栏目简介:《外国人在北京》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,节目关注在北京生活的外国人的时尚新生活。话题紧紧围绕网络生活,每日的话题内容按照网络热门固定划分为家居、汽车、数码、饰美容、健身、交友、美食等,了解外国人生活的同时通过网络互动提供一个中外人士互相帮助的平台。201510/399000Don’t throw out that banana peel—or that overly ripe banana. Put them to good use around your house instead.不要丢掉香蕉皮——或者过分成熟的香蕉,而是用于家居生活,发挥更好的作用。You Will Need你需要An overripe banana熟过了的香蕉Lint-free cloths无绒布A resealable plastic bag密封的塑料袋Steps步骤STEP 1 Shine your shoes1.用来擦鞋Rub the inside of a banana peel on anything made of leather—shoes, pocketbooks, jackets. Then wipe away the residue and buff with a lint-free cloth for a glossy gleam.用香蕉皮内侧擦拭任何皮革制品——鞋子,笔记本,夹克衫。然后用无绒布擦掉残余物,抛光,使表面更加亮泽。STEP 2 Clean your houseplants2.清洁室内植物Wipe down houseplant leaves; the peel removes dust and dirt and leaves them soft and shiny.清洁室内植物的叶片;香蕉皮可以清除灰尘和污垢,让叶片柔软有光泽。STEP 3 Polish your furniture3.抛光家具To get a great polish, smear pieces of an overripe banana on wood furniture with your fingers and then wipe off with a cloth.要获得好的抛光效果,用手指抹一点熟过的香蕉在木制家具上,然后用一块布擦拭。STEP 4 Soothe a bug bite4.缓解蚊虫叮咬Take the sting out of a mosquito bite by rubbing it with the inside of a banana skin.用香蕉皮内侧涂抹被蚊子咬到的地方,消肿。STEP 5 Erase ink stains from skin5.清除墨水痕迹Erase ink stains from your hands with the inside of a banana peel.用香蕉皮内侧擦除双手上的墨水痕迹。STEP 6 Remove scratches from CDs6.消除CD刮痕Remove scratches from CDs by smearing some banana on the scratch in a circular motion. Rub it in with the inside of the banana peel and then wipe the CD with a lint-free cloth.在CD的刮痕处打圈涂抹一些香蕉肉,消除刮痕。用香蕉皮内侧擦拭,然后用无绒布擦干净CD。STEP 7 Get rid of fruit flies7.清除果蝇Get rid of fruit flies by putting a banana peel in a resealable plastic bag with the top half folded down. Wait an hour or two for all the fruit flies to gather on the peel, then seal the top of the bag and throw it away outside.把一根香蕉皮放在一个塑料袋中,口向下,吸引果蝇。等待一两个小时,让所有果蝇聚集在香蕉皮上,然后密封塑料袋口,扔到外面。The average American eats 28 pounds of bananas a year, which pales next to Ugandans, who consume the most bananas of any country—about 500 pounds per person per year.美国人每人平均每年食用28榜香蕉,而与乌干达相比则是小巫见大巫——乌干达人均消耗香蕉是最多的,每人每年吃大约500磅。视频听力译文由。201503/364376Seven thousand light years from home距离地球7000光年Its as though were in a forest thick with trees.似乎我们置身于树木浓密的森林中Each so beautiful, so fascinating, its impossible to look beyond每棵树都那么美丽、迷人,不可能遥望外面to see the bigger picture.去看到全局We have to find a way through我们必须找到出路to reach the clearing at the galaxys edge抵达星系边缘的开阔地带But faced with sights like this, its hard to leave但是面对这样的美景,让人流连忘返(天鹰星云)A colossal glowing cloud topped by these great towers of dust庞大的发光云团上面矗立着这些巨大的尘埃高塔the Pillars of Creation它们是创世之柱Like a gateway into the unknown.犹如进入未知世界的大门A star factory packed with embryonic star systems这是是一个布满胚胎期恒星系统的工厂each larger than our solar system.每一个恒星系都像我们太阳系那么大we have to resist its siren song, tear ourselves away我们必须赶紧离开,否则会无法自拔to carry on towards the edge of the galaxy以便能继续前进到星系的边缘Dazzled by the Milk Ways beauty, weve been blinded to its terrors炫于的美丽,我们无视它的危险and strayed into a cosmic minefield于是闯进了宇宙雷区Like an explosion in slow motion.好像是一场慢动作的爆炸场面A massive star, millions of times brighter than our sun.一颗巨大的恒星,亮度是我们太阳的数百万倍Its going into meltdown它正在崩解The fuel that sustains it is running out维持它的燃料即将耗尽the nuclear reactions that power it winding down给它提供能量的核反应正在逐渐减少Were watching its death throes我们看到是它的垂死挣扎An even bigger, dangerously unstable star一个更大的,险象环生的不稳定恒星But this ones about to explode但是这个会爆炸And when a star this big dies像这样一个巨大恒星死亡时its a hundred times more violent than a supernova.爆炸比超新星剧烈一百倍Weve stumbled into the most violent star death of all无意中我们撞见了最剧烈的恒星之死a hypernova.超超新星The cores collapsed, its becoming a black hole.它的核心坍塌了,正在变成一个黑洞201507/386657

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201604/436539英语非常道 第30期:如何成为下一个杜拉拉通过对当前就业现状的探讨、如何进入外企的分析以及如何提升自身职场201510/396108Xi Jinping meets with Armenian President in Beijing习近平主席在北京会见亚美尼亚总统Chinese President Xi Jinping has met with Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan, who is on a state visit to China and will attend the Boao Forum for Asia in Hainan province.中国国家主席习近平会见了目前萨尔基相正在访华的亚美尼亚总统萨尔基相,这位总统将会出席海南省举办的鳌亚洲经济论坛。President Xi held a welcoming ceremony at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.习近平主席在北京人民大会堂举行了一个欢迎仪式。After the ceremony, the two leaders held talks and witnessed the signing of cooperation deals on trade, finance, legal affairs, customs, education and tourism.仪式过后两国首脑正式进行会晤并鉴了贸易、金融、法律事务、海关、教育及旅游方面协议的签订。201503/366779

In honor of International Womens Day, Air India flew what it says is the longest flight in history with an all-female crew. 为纪念国际妇女节,印度航空公司称进行了全是女机组人员的历史最长飞行。The plane left New Delhi on Sunday and arrived in San Francisco with four pilots and 10 cabin crew members. 这架飞机周日离开新德里,抵达旧金山,有4名飞行员和10名机组人员。And when the plane returns to New Delhi on March 8, the actual date for International Womens Day, the entire operation — from check-in to traffic control — will reportedly be staffed by women. 当这架飞机3月8日返回新德里时,刚好是国际妇女节。据报道,从登机手续到交通控制整个操作都是由女性担任。On that same day, Air India says itll fly a total of 22 all-female-staffed flights.在同一天,印度航空公司称将进行22次全女性职员飞行。Aviation has historically been male-dominated. The Smithsonian reports only 4 percent of American pilots above the student level are women. 航空行业一直以男性为主。史密森报告,只有百分之4的高于学生水平美国飞行员是女性。India, on the other hand, has almost 12 percent female pilots, roughly four times higher than the global average. 另一方面,印度有近百分之12的女飞行员,大约比全球平均水平高出四倍。译文属。201603/430052Catfish are found in freshwater all around the world,and all species are edible.鲶鱼能够在世界上的任何淡水中生存 而且所有品种都可以食用The largest of all is the giant catfish,native to south Vietnam,which can weigh over 600 pounds.体型最大的品种为巨鲶 原产于越南南部 重达600磅This ones a tiddler by comparison,but its gonna be good eating.相比之下 这只算是小巧玲珑的 不过应该很好吃You see him? Look, hes just here.Just caught his tail.看见它没 快看 就在那 只抓到尾巴Okay, let me dam this bit, as well.Well keep him in this pool. Stay there.Okay.我们把这边也挡上吧 这样就把它堵在里面了 你在那别动 好了Theres one catfish now trapped in here,which is good to me that I can bide my time,鲶鱼被困在这里了 正好为我争取时间go and make myself some sort of spear, and try and get him.去做一个鱼叉来抓住它Thats gonna be lunch.You can sharpen bamboo up to make lethal spear,我的午餐就算解决了 你可以把竹子削尖 制成致命的鱼叉and I want to maximize my chances of catching that catfish.我要把抓住它的几率扩到最大I want to make this really into eight prongs,so I split the head of it,and then sharpen them.我将从竹子的一头 把它劈成八瓣 再把它们削尖And then look - You get a little bit of bamboo and wedge it down the middle.然后把一小段楔子和竹片 塞进竹筒中Youll see that just splaying those prongs.你就能看到它把这些分叉 撑开了201603/429495

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