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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201609/463912It#39;s the clothes, not the celebrity, and not the spectacle.最重要的是衣不是那些名人或是时装秀。It#39;s as true today as it ever was. He who seeks beauty...Will find it.他一直是这样的。寻找美的存在也将找到它。We cannot base New York City#39;s entire economy...on Wall Street and real estate.我们不能把整个纽约的经济都建立在华尔街和房地产商身上。It#39;s a rally to save, or protect, the garment industry from disappearing.他们在努力拯救和保护这个正在退步的政府。But I#39;m afraid it#39;s too late.不过我觉得有点晚了。All the jobbers are gone. They#39;ve all more or less moved out.这些批发商都走了。90-95% of the clothes Americans wear...are made outside of America.90~95%美国人穿的衣都不是在美国做的。Michael!Michael。Mr. Cunningham, they would like you up there.Cunningham先生,他们希望你到那边去。How are you? -Great. Good.You? -Good to see you.近来如何?-很好,很好。你呢?-很高兴见到你。I#39;m hanging out behind the scenes.我不在那儿干了。I think I#39;ll take one of those pea coats. Made in America?我觉得那我可以要一件这样的外套…美国制造么?Get y for the best part of the pea coat.来看看这衣最好的地方。Cashmere and neoprene. -Oh, too rich for me.羊绒和氯丁橡胶。-哦,这对我太奢侈了。David Wolfson is one of the last...;jobbers;? What do you call yourself, David?David Wolfson大概是这儿的最后一个批发商或者你自己怎么称呼?Oh, contractor. -Contractor. Excuse me. I#39;ll get it straight.哦,承包商。-承包商…抱歉,我理解错了。There were thousands of them 30 years ago, and there#39;s now maybe 45.大概三十年前,这儿有很多批发商现在…大概只剩45家了。Oh, look at this.哦,看这边。 Article/201609/460808

英语900句(英音附字幕版) 第31课:Making plans 订计划[00:08.80]451. What do you plan to do tomorrow?[00:11.89]明天你打算做什么?[00:14.97]452. I doubt that I'll do anything tomorrow.[00:18.30]明天我恐怕什么也不做。[00:21.63]453. Please excuse me for a little while. I want to do something.[00:25.60]对不起,请稍等一会儿,我要办点事。[00:29.57]454. I imagine I'll do some work instead of going to the movies.[00:33.83]我想干点活,不去看电影了。[00:38.09]455. Will it be convenient for you to explain your plans to him?[00:42.42]你把你的计划向他讲一下,方便吗?[00:46.76]456. There's nothing to do because tomorrow is a holiday.[00:51.33]明天是假日所以没事可做。[00:55.90]457. What's your brother planning to do tomorrow?[00:59.48]你的兄弟明天打算做什么?[01:03.06]458. He can't decide what to do.[01:06.25]你决定不了要干什么。[01:09.43]459. It's difficult to make a decision without knowing all the facts.[01:14.16]不了解全部事实,很难作决定。[01:18.89]460. We're trying to plan our future.[01:22.61]我们正想法替将来作打算。[01:26.33]461. That's a good idea.[01:28.70]那是个好主意。[01:31.06]462. I'm hoping to spend a few days in the mountains.[01:35.45]我希望在山区住几天。[01:39.84]463. Would you consider going north this summer?[01:43.47]今年夏天你考虑到北方去吗?[01:47.10]464. If there's chance you'll go, I'd like to go with you.[01:51.39]如果你有机会去,我想和你一起去。[01:55.67]465. After you think it over, please let me know what you decide.[01:59.75]等你想好了,请把你的决定告诉我。 /200604/6124

  新英语900句视频版 第11课:神秘女郎 文本如下:PEDR: Where were you last night?你昨晚上哪儿去?MIGUEL: At the movies.看电影.PEDR: Oh yeah? Which one?哦, 真的? 哪一家?MIGUEL: Uh, I forget.唉, 我忘了.PEDR: Oh, you forget, huh? Were you with someone? What was her name?哦, 你忘了, 嗯? 你跟谁去的? 她叫什么名字?MIGUEL: As a matter of fact, I was with...事实上, 我是跟...PEDR: Aha! I#39;m never wrong. Was it anyone I know?哈! 我没猜错. 我认识她吗?MIGUEL: Yes, Pedro, I...是的, 佩德罗, 我...PEDR: No. No. Let me guess. Hmm. It#39;s someone I know. Was it...不, 不, 让我猜猜. ...嗯, 一定是我认识的人, 她是...MIGUEL: Pedro, this isn#39;t a game.佩德罗, 这又不是游戏.PEDR: Oh, Miguel. You#39;re always so serious. Relax! Now, who...唷, 米盖尔, 你就是这么认真. 轻松点! 嗯, 她是...MIGUEL: Pedro...佩德罗...PEDR: Was it the woman in the candy store? You know, the one with blond hair?是糖果店的哪位女孩子? 你认识的那位金发?PEDR: She#39;s always smiling at you.她常对你微笑.MIGUEL: No, Pedro, it was...不是, 佩德罗, 是...PEDR: Hmm, I#39;m usually good at these games. How about Danielle?嗯, 我最会玩这种游戏了. 是不是丹尼尔?MIGUEL: Shut up!不要说了!PEDR: OK. OK. I give up.好, 好, 我不猜了.PEDR: Who is the mystery woman?那神秘女郎是谁?MIGUEL: Marta.玛它.PEDR: Marta!玛它!MIGUEL: Yes.是的.PEDR: Thanks for telling me. Women! What can you do? One minute she#39;s crazy about me, and the next minute she#39;s going out with you.谢谢你告诉我. 女人! 你能怎么办? 一分钟前她还为我而疯狂, 一分钟后, 她却跟你出去了.MIGUEL: I#39;m sorry, Pedro.佩德罗, 很抱歉.PEDR: It#39;s OK.没关系,PEDR: It#39;s your turn.现在轮到你了.MIGUEL: You#39;re wrong.那你就错了.MIGUEL: We really like each other.我们真正的互相爱慕.PEDR: Good luck.祝你好运.MIGUEL: Pedro!佩德罗,MIGUEL: Aren#39;t you ever serious?你就不能正经点吗?PEDR: What#39;s happening, Tom?汤姆, 发生了什么事?TOM: Man, you know that chick in the bakery?老兄, 你认识面包店那女孩吗?PEDR: Yeah, Yolanda.认识, 叫幼兰达.TOM: No, man, not that one. Emma.不, 老兄, 不是那个, 是爱玛.PEDR: Emma?爱玛?TOM: Yeah. She#39;s there on weekends. You know her. She#39;s short.是啊! 她每个周末都在这儿, 你认识她的, 个子矮矮的.PEDR: What color is her hair?她头发是什么颜色?TOM: It#39;s blond.金黄色的.PEDR: What color are her eyes?她眼睛是什么颜色?TOM: Dark brown.深棕色.PEDR: Is she pretty?她长得漂亮吗?TOM: Yeah, she#39;s pretty, and she#39;s after you.是的, 她很漂亮, 她在追你.PEDR: Yeah?是吗?TOM: Yeah. She#39;s always asking me about you. ;How#39;s your friend?; And I say ;Which friend?; ;You know, Tom. That tall, handsome guy with curly hair.;是的, 她时常问我有关你的事. ;你的朋友怎么样?; 我说 ;那位朋友啊?; ;你知道的, 那位高大而英俊的男孩;TOM: And I say, ;Oh yeah, him.;我说 ;哦, 是他啊!;PEDR: Do you know her number?你知道她的 (电话) 号码吗?TOM: Yeah, 263...知道, 是 263...PEDR: Wait a minute. OK. What is it?请等一下, 好, 几号?TOM: 263-7954.263-7954PEDR: Thanks, buddy.谢谢了, 朋友 /200809/47070


  Most people are too busy looking on the outside to really check what their barometers say inside.大多数人都太忙于看外部世界发生的事 无暇顾及内部指标So as an entrepreneur, if you look inside, you#39;ll find things that they all need that could become immensely popular,if someone had the courage to promote it.Or to build it.作为企业家 往内看 你可能会找到广受欢迎的产品 只要有人有勇气去推广它 或去创建它For years,J.P.Morgan has lived in the long shadow of his legendary father.多年来 J·P·根一直生活在传奇父亲的阴影之下He#39;s desperate for a way to make his own mark,and electricity might be it.他渴望取得自己的成功 电可能就是他想要的Morgan is considering an investment in Thomas Edison#39;s company,and his newly-developed electric light bulb.根正在考虑投资托马斯·爱迪生的公司以及他新发明的电灯泡He hires Edison to install electric lighting in his home on Fifth Avenue, in New York.他雇爱迪生到他在纽约第五大道的家中安装电灯设备Sometimes you#39;ve got to take ownership.有时 你需要自己去用They call it ;eating your own dog food;, right?人们称这为 ;吃你自己的食;If you aren#39;t willing to use your own product,then how is anybody else going to trust it and have confidence? You know如果你自己都不愿用自己的产品 那其他人怎么会信任你的产品并有信心用呢Some people might call that being a showman,I call it demonstrating trust in your product,which any smart business has to do.有人把这称作是拿自己当试验品 我则更愿意把这看作展示你对产品的信任 任何精明的商人都需要这样做The Morgan home quickly turns into a laboratory for Thomas Edison#39;s famous electric experiments.根的家很快就成为了托马斯·爱迪生著名电实验的实验室Edison installs a small power plant in a shed on Morgan#39;s property.爱迪生在根家的一间小屋中安装了一台发电机He then runs four thousand feet of wiring through the walls and ceilings of the house,and installs nearly four hundred electric light bulbs,some of the first to ever be manufactured.之后他走了四千英尺的线通过房屋的墙壁和天花板 并安装了将近四百个电灯泡 这些电灯泡可以说是首批制造的产品After months of trial and error,the home is y to be displayed.经过数月的反复尝试 整个房子做好了展览的准备 Article/201605/443581

  新英语900句视频版 第26课:阅读与复习 文本如下:Dear Miguel,亲爱的米盖尔Who is this girl, Marta, in the photograph?照片上面那个女孩子玛它是谁?she is very pretty.她真漂亮.Oh, my poor Miguel!噢, 我可怜的米盖尔!I know you are lonely, but you are so young!我知道你很寂寞, 但是, 你还很年轻!Don#39;t ruin your life.不要浪费你的生命.You have to continue your studies or you#39;ll never find a good job.你一定要继续读书, 否则的话永远找不到好的工作.I#39;m glad you are having a good time, but we worry about you.我很高兴你玩得很开心, 不过, 我们替你担心,We don#39;t even know who she is.连她是谁, 我们都不知道.Is she a nice girl?她是一个好女孩子吗?Is she from a good family?她有个好家世吗?Can you tell me what her father does?你能不能告诉我她爸爸做什么事?You won#39;t do anything foolish, will you, Miguel?米盖尔, 你可不能作傻事,You don#39;t know how important you are to us.你不知道你对我们来说是多么的重要.Do you remember the Monteros?你还记不记得蒙特若夫妇?They moved to New York about seven years ago.他们大概七年前搬到纽约去了,They have a daughter, a very pretty girl.他们有一个很漂亮的女儿,She#39;s just about your age.跟你差不多一样年纪.They won#39;t recognize you, of course, but they#39;ll remember us, and they#39;ll be very happy to see you.当然, 他们会认不出你是谁, 但是还会记得我们. 他们看到你, 一定会很高兴.The girl#39;s name is Maria.他们的女儿叫玛丽亚,I#39;m sure you#39;ll find the number in the telephone book.我想你在电话簿里一定可以查到电话号码,His first name is Fernando.他的名字叫费南多.Forgive me, Miguel.请原谅我, 米盖尔,I know you are a man now,我知道你已经不再是小孩子了,but you are also my son.可是, 你仍然是我的儿子.I worry about you, and I suppose I always will.我替你担心, 我想, 大概永远会替你担心.Love, Mama妈PS Write soon.再启快一点来信.It was a warm day, warm for April.是一个温暖如四月的天气.People were walking around the Fair with their coats over their arms.在万国览会有人一边把大衣挂在胳膊上, 一边散步.The sun was bright, and there were little white clouds in the blue sky.太阳很大, 蓝色的天空里有小小的白云,The trees wore a light green smile.树木露出浅绿色的笑容.At noon the Saturday crowd was very large.在星期六的中午一大堆人群,Adults were laughing, children were crying, and everyone was having a good time.大人们在笑, 小孩子们在叫, 大家都玩的很开心.A thousand vendors were selling ice cream, hot dogs, and cold drinks.无数的摊贩在卖冰淇淋、热和冷饮.It was a beautiful, spring morning这是一个美丽的春天的上午,the kind you want to last forever.一种使人们希望它会持续到永远的天气.Later in the afternoon, the sun was not so bright,下午之后, 太阳没那么炎热了,the sky was not so blue.天空也不那么蔚蓝.The little white clouds were now large and gray.小小的白云变成了大大的黑云.There was a drop here, a drop there...这里掉了一滴雨水, 那里掉了一滴...then ten thousand noisy drops.然后哗啦哗啦的下了倾盆大雨.People shouted and ran in every direction.人们一边喊叫一边向四面八方跑,Then there was silence, the sun, the blue sky, and a rainbow.然后一切平静下来, 天空中又出现了太阳、蓝天, 还有一道虹.I admire Claire.我真羡慕克蕾尔.She works all day and goes to school at night.她白天上一天的班, 晚上还要去读书.She knows where she#39;s going and what she wants, and she#39;s willing to work for it.她掌握了人生的方向和目标, 而且肯为达到目标而努力.Am I?我能吗?In my first job, I was secretary.我第一份工作是当秘书,When I married my husband, I quit.结婚以后我就辞职了.After I left him, I went back to the same office.离开丈夫以后就回到同一个公司,I never thought about other possibilities.我始终没有考虑走别的路.When I came here, I got a job right away.当我来到这里以后, 马上有了工作.I was happy with anything.那个时候我一点也不挑剔, 对任何事情都感到很快乐.Now I#39;d like a change.而现在我却想换一个环境.First things first.首先最重要的是,What skills do I have?我有些什么技能?OK. I can do anything.是的, 我什么都能作.Anything?什么都能做吗?Yes, anything.是, 我什么事都能做.Come on now, Laura. Be realistic.罗拉, 你不要这样子了, 面对现实点吧!All right, almost anything.好吧, 差不多什么都能做.I can speak, , and write English and Spanish.我能说、读、写英文和西班牙文,I can run an office.我能负责办公室的一切事务.I#39;m friendly and competent.我又合群又能干,Uh... there must be more.嗯... 一定还有,Oh, yes, I type and take shorthand in two languages.对了, 我有两种语言的打字和速记技能.Well, then, if you can do all that,那么, 你既然有这些技能,you don#39;t have to work for the Mr. Crawfords of the world!就不必要替郭佛先生这种人工作!But, what will I do, then?那么我将要怎么做呢?Well, what kind of job would you like?你想要怎么样的工作?Do you want to work in an office again?你愿不愿意再到办公室去工作?There#39;s so much to think about.要考虑的事情可真多! /200809/47601Keeping our clothes dry is essential.一定要保衣的干燥We need to get warm as soon as we reach the other side.过河后 我们要尽快让身子暖起来Are we y for this?都准备好了吗And to do that,we#39;re gonna use a bend in the river to our advantage为了成功渡河 我们要利用河流的拐弯处and let the current pivot us from one bank to the other.借助水流的力量从一边游向另一边You#39;re gonna have to work hard against that current, all right?你们要尽力顶住水流的冲击 知道吗It#39;s quite strong there.Very, very cold.水势很猛 真是太冷了Earlier today, Sean had trouble in three feet of water.清晨 肖恩被3英尺[1米]深的小河所羁绊This river is over seven feet deep.而这条河 有7英尺深Sean, the swim is taking you home, all right?肖恩 游过来就能回家了Let#39;s finish strong with this. Let#39;s go. Let#39;s go.勇敢地游过来吧 来吧Winded and hyperventilating,Sean tries to power through the cold, heavy water.他的呼吸变得急促而紧张 肖恩想战胜这冰冷无情的河水But he#39;s struggling to make any progress.他拼命挣扎着向前进But then he#39;s out.Well done, buddy. Well done. Really good.终于 他成功上岸 干得好 伙计 太棒了 相当威武This is a massive deal for Sean.这对肖恩来说意义重大He#39;s faced his biggest fear and succeeded.他正视了自己最大的恐惧 并克了它But I can#39;t afford for him to get hypothermia.但体温的下降无法避免I need to get Joe across, and fast.必须尽快让乔游过来That#39;s good. That#39;s good. Keep it coming.不错 好样的 继续游I#39;m really proud of my team.我由衷地为自己的队员感动骄傲The guys have put a huge amount of trust in both me and themselves.他们给予了我极大的信任 并始终坚信自己They#39;ve shown both grit and courage.How does that feel?Let#39;s go home!他们展示了无畏的勇气与精神 感觉如何 快回家吧That was the worst experience I#39;ve ever had in my entire life.这是我一生中 最糟糕的经历 Article/201707/516495You always have to prepare for the unexpected in the wild,在野外你必须对突发事件有所准备But survival is about turning whatever confronts you to your advantage.但生存就是充分利用 你遇到的东西All those frogs up here.Missed it.Where#39;s he gone?There#39;s loads around here.Here we go.前面有些青蛙 找不着了他上哪去了 听声音是在这里 抓住了Got a good-sized frog.And a frog like that,it#39;s fine just to eat raw.一只大青蛙 像这样的青蛙 生吃是没问题的You want to be careful with toads. You don#39;t want to eat them,你得注意癞蛤蟆 可别吃它们You can tell when they have a really scaly, warty back to them.可以通过背部的鳞片和瘤子区分他们But a frog,as long as it#39;s not brightly coloured.但是青蛙 只要不是鲜艳的就行which is gonna mean it#39;s probably poisonous,A frog like that is fine just to eat.颜色鲜艳的一般有毒 这样的青蛙吃起来没事的Let#39;s cut down it#39;s back.切开他的后背And then you just can peel it, and what will happen.就可以撕开它了But it really gets all of guts,and skin.内脏全都出来了 还有皮肤It#39;s kind of like taking it#39;s trouserous off,and shoes.就像给他脱裤子一样 还得脱鞋And you#39;re left with all the bit that#39;s fine to eat.把这些扔掉 可以吃了Cold, froggy,and full of bones.又冷又腥 而且全是骨头Just moving through this sort of jungle burns up to a thousand calaries an hour.单单是穿越这样的丛里 每小时就会消耗一千卡路里的能量Nearly half of what a man needs in a day.大约是成年男子一天必须能量的一半You#39;ve got to boost energy levels whenever you can.所以你必须随时随地补充能量Need to start thinking about making camp.It#39;s starting to get a bit darker.得搭个帐篷了 天有点黑了And when it dose get dark in the jungle, it happened so fast.You#39;ve got to be prepared.丛林里天黑得很快 你得准备好You know, but the main thing is you get off the jungle floor when you make a camp.当你搭帐篷时 最主要的是 离开地面This is where it all happens,all the snakes, the ants, the scorpions, are down here,蛇啊 蝎子啊 全都在地上so you want to make sure you#39;re raised up a little bit.Okay. See what we find around here.你必须确保高一点 看看附近有什么材料But in the jungle,you need to check who you#39;re sharing your bed with.但是在丛林里 你必须检查一下床上都有什么Look at the size of that.For a centipede.That is just a monster one.看看这大小 对于蜈蚣来说 简直成精了 Article/201607/456111

  洋话连篇之新洋话1000句 Lesson 51Have you had dinner yet?What#39;s for dinner?I always three square mills a day.I had a big breakfast, so I think I will skip lunch today.I go to brunch every Sunday.Let#39;s do lunch.Where do you want to go to eat?Let#39;s go out for Chinese, Itallian, Mexican, Thai food.Let#39;s grab a bit to eat.Have you ever been to a buffy dinner? 推荐专题:英语九百句英音版英语会话800句新东方英语900句重点单词查看全部解释bit[bit]想一想再看n. 一点儿,少量,钻头,马嚼子,辅币,位,比特( skip[skip]想一想再看v. 跳过,略过,遗漏n. 跳跃,跳读

  Let#39;s be honest. You#39;re talking about the king of government. I mean look at that.说真的,你刚说到……,来看看这个You pretty much...you pretty much invented this. Right? I mean, look at him.这个就是你发明的,是吗?看看他就知道了My kids could never rebel against me?我的孩子总是不知道怎样才算叛逆。#39;Cause when they are going to come home with blue hair?想想看,就算他们染个蓝头发回家又怎么样?I invented that. I#39;m going to have a shave. Do you know what daddy, I#39;m going to have a shave.那是我发明的。我得剃胡子,爸爸,我得剃胡子I#39;m going to do my hair. I#39;m going to get a job. I#39;m going to move out我要剪头发,我得找个工作,搬出去and I#39;m going to be self-sufficient and raise children who are amazing.自己养活自己,再养几个出色的孩子。Now, do you think, Alice, because you do all this makeup yourself. I do it all. Yes.艾利斯,你会不会觉得,因为你发明了这个妆容。对,我发明的Well, we have...listen, right here, this is some of Alice Cooper#39;s very own makeup. This is your makeup, right? Yes, yes.嗯,我这里准备了一些艾利斯·库伯的一些化妆品。这是你的化妆品对吧?是的Do you think you could do me Alice Cooper-ways. Yes. Let me sit in here.你能把我画成艾利斯·库伯那样吗?好,让我坐到这里Do you want to have a go? Yeah, yeah. You take some of these. We#39;ll just carry on the interview as we—你想开始吗?好的,没问题。你拿上这些。因为我们化妆的时候采访还在继续No time at all. Close your left eye. OK, I#39;m closing my left eye.没时间了。把左眼闭上。好,那我闭上左眼OK, now, when you#39;re on tour because you#39;re on tour with Motley Crue the moment.你们四处旅行的时候,因为那时你们和莫特利·克鲁乐队一起去旅行We#39;re on tour for two years with these guys.我们四处玩了两年So is there just makeup lying around everywhere? Yes.那你们房间平时就到处都是化妆品咯?Is it like just go and lie everywhere you go? Yes, there is.你走到哪,哪都是化妆品。是的。And you know, I mean, guy liner everywhere there is.男士的眼线笔到处都是You#39;re not just going throughout to look out there to look at your shoes. Yeah.我们出去都要化妆,毕竟别人不可能是为了看你的鞋子来的。When you say you look good. Wait a minute. How am I doing else? You#39;re doing great. That#39;s perfect.看起来不错。等等,我还需要画吗?你画得很好,简直完美。Where does this look come from, Alice? I know what we#39;re going to do, guys.艾利斯,这个妆是谁想出来的?是谁先说出“我知道怎么画了”这句话的?Well, the idea is there was a world full of Peter Pans and no Captain Hook. Right.现在人人都愿意当彼得潘,没人想当胡克船长。嗯And I was more than happen to be a captain hook for rock in roll. So there you go.我很开心能做摇滚乐界的胡克船长。就是这么来的So what we got? How is that? That good? That good? Yeah, you like? Yeah, nice. Nice. It#39;s a good look on you. Yeah, I like it.什么?怎么样?好看吗?好看吗?好看,你喜欢吗?喜欢,不错。好看。这妆很适合你。哇,我很喜欢The funny think is he has no idea what we actually put on his eyes.搞笑的是他完全不知道我们在他眼睛上是怎么画的 Article/201706/513447

  栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201607/451758。


  FLASH知性英语:不乱扔垃圾No litter本作品来自英语帮帮网(www.english88.com),版权归英语帮帮网所有. /200703/11589

  25 On a Bus在公共汽车上Asking the routes of buses询问公共汽车路线Do you have a bus that goes to the Hilton Hotel from here?这儿有到希尔顿宾馆去的公共汽车吗?Excuse me,sir.Can you tell me where the bus stop for Shatan Street is?对不起,先生。请问去沙滩大街的公共汽车车站在哪里?How many stops are there to the Botanical Garden?去植物园要坐几站路?May I know where the No.68 bus stop is,please?请问68路公共汽车车站在什么地方?Do you stop at the zoo?车在动物园停站吗?How often do they run?他们间隔多长时间发一趟车?Where do I get off for the Bank of China?到中国在哪一站下车?Please let me off at the World Exhibition Center.到世界展览中心时请通知我下车。Remarks of the conductor乘务员用语Get off at the third stop and take bus No.21.在第三站下车,改乘21路公共汽车。Fares,please.请买票。Stand back from the door,please.Let the passengers off.请别站在车门口,让车上的乘客先下车。You can#39;t get on until the other passengers get off.他们不下车,别的人无法上来。You#39;ve got the wrong bus.您坐错车了。We only go as far as Lianhuachi Bridge,but you could walk from there.我们只到莲花池桥,但从那儿您可以步行过去。It#39;s not far.路不远。You#39;ll have to get off now.We#39;re at your destination.您现在该下车了,您到站了。There is a bus every ten to fifteen minutes.每隔10到15分钟有趟车。Take the same number bus in the opposite direction,and change to No.12 bus.乘反方向的同一路公共汽车,然后再转乘12路公共汽车。The buses are usually crowded during this time of the day.每天的这段时间公共汽车都很拥挤。You have missed your stop.您坐过了站。The next stop is the History Museum.下一站是历史物馆。Asking prices问票价How much is the fare to the City Hall?到市政府的车票要多少钱?Conversations会话 /200706/14703

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