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Sometimes picking up the check just doesnt pay.有时候抢着买单不一定是一件好事儿What started as a friendly tussle over the bill a meal in Guangzhou ended with one man in a coma and another in police custody.在广州,两名男子一开始都还比较客气地表示要自己买单,但是最后却演变成一人被打昏、另一人被警方拘留The victim, surnamed Zhong, was hospitalized on October 5 over injuries sustained outside a Yuexiu district eatery.被打男子姓钟,月5日他在广州越秀区一家餐馆外被打,随后被送往了医院His attacker, surnamed Ou, had become infuriated when Zhong denied him the honor of treating the group and caused him to ;lose face.;打人男子姓欧,由于钟姓男子不给他买单请客的机会,让他“丢了面子”,他勃然大怒将其暴打一顿Police said Ou met Zhong at a bar at am while out with friends. The group decided to continue their get-together at a nearby restaurant.据警方表示,当天欧姓男子和朋友一起出去玩,凌晨两点在酒吧碰到了小钟一群人决定在附近一家饭店继续聚会But when the bill came, a well-meaning argument broke out between Zhong and Ou. Zhong managed to settle up, a gesture that Ou took as an insult.但是等到买单的时候,欧姓男子和小钟之间爆发了一场善意的争执最终小钟付了账,但是欧姓男子却认为这侮辱了他Police said Ou later assaulted Zhong outside the restaurant bee leaving the scene in a taxi, leaving Zhong unconsious.据警方透露,随后欧姓男子在饭店外袭击了小钟致使后者昏迷,之后则搭乘出租车扬长而去Yuexiu disctrict officers picked up Ou at 7 pm that evening. He faces assault charges.当天晚上7点,越秀区警方逮捕了欧姓男子,目前他面临故意伤人罪的指控 889巧嘴英语做导游Chapter(旅途中事宜) 6 Med Jcal Treatment 医疗务文本 导游界的先锋人士编写了这本《巧嘴英语做导游全书分为带队之前、旅途中事宜、景点介绍及走遍大江南北四大章共33个单元根据多年实践经验把做导游所能涉及的情景单元列出,内容实用而广泛,语言纯正而富有大众化,宜于活学活用从名言格言到流行句子,再到流畅的英语对话以及举一反三的实践操练,相信这本《巧嘴英语做导游会帮助涉外导游和欲从事导游工作的人员提供一个自成训练口语能力的良好平台 61

A: What about a medication to help me with my problem?B: There are several types of medications that we can try your high blood pressure.A: What types of medications would be best?B: water retention, I am going to start you on Hydrochlorothiazide, which is a diuretic.A: What are the side effects from taking that drug, B: You need to stay hydrated on this drug, but most people experience little side effects.A: Will that one medication take care of all of my problems?B: now I want you to take a second drug, Lisinopril, an ACE inhibitor.A: Am I going to experience any complications with that drug?B: The most you will experience will be a dry cough but you probably won’t experience anything negative. 6793

A:Good morning, Madam. Can I help you? 女士,早上好我能为你务吗?B:Yes, I’ve come to inquire about a 6,000-dollar remittance from Calinia. Has it arrived? 是的,我是来查询从加利福尼亚汇过来的6000美元汇款的它到了吗?A:May I have your name, please? 请问你的名字是什么?B:My name is Jenny Clinton. 我的名字是Jenny ClintonA:I see. Wait a moment please. I am sorry, Mrs. Clinton, but the remittance doesnt appear to have arrived yet.知道了请稍等克林顿夫人,不好意思汇款似乎还没到B:Really? It should have arrived. It was sent a week ago. 是吗?应该是到了一个星期之前就汇过来了A:If the money was sent by cable, it would have taken about one or two days. But if it was sent by airmail, it would take at least one week. 如果是电汇,只需一两天但是如果是航空邮递,至少需要一个星期B:Well, then Ill come again the day after tomorrow.好的,那么我后天再过来A:Or would you like us to phone you when the money arrives? 或者钱到的时候,需要我们打电话给你吗?B:That would be very kind of you. 如果那样,那实在是太好A:Could you please tell me your phone number, so well give you a ring as soon as the remittance has arrived? 你可以告诉我你的电话号码吗?那么汇款一到我们就会打电话给你B:The phone number is 3 6765 extension 1. 我的电话号码是3-6765,1分机A:Thank you. Well inm you in time. Goodbye.谢谢你我们会及时通知你的拜拜

导购口语:Jingdezhen is called ;the capital of porcelain;.景德镇被称为“瓷都”This ceramic horse is a good ornament the living room.这个陶瓷马放在客厅做装饰物不错It is the best quality porcelain — the famous egg-shell china.这是最好的瓷——著名的薄胎瓷 语句:The famous egg-shell china著名的薄胎瓷(It is known to be ;as white as jade and as thin as paper;.它因“如玉一样洁白,相纸一样轻薄”而闻名) 情景再现:Blue and white porcelain has a white base with blue designs.青花瓷是一种白底浪花的瓷器The flower vases are made of porcelain and covered with tiny bamboo sticks.这些花瓶是瓷器做的,上面有细竹丝Youre made a good choice. The china tea set was made in Jingdezhen. It is unusual.您真是好眼力,这陶瓷茶具产于景德镇,非同寻常 8

Over 50 monkeys were peacefully sleeping in a large tree at Chanthaburi school when the tree they were sleeping in fell onto the front lawn.日前,在泰国尖竹汶地区一所学校内,一棵巨树倒在了草坪上,当时树上有50多只猴子正在睡觉The long-tailed macaques, including some babies, died from the fall itself or were crushed under the tree weight. They were found on the lawn. Several other injured macaques were found nearby.这群长尾猕猴,其中包括一些小猴,有的从树上掉下来摔死了,有的被倒塌下来的树给压死了在草坪上,人们发现了这些猴子,在附近还发现了其他几只受伤的猕猴The school director, Rangsan Kumtrakul, noted that it was lucky it happened so early in the morning. Otherwise, students could have been injured as well.据学校校长Rangsan Kumtrakul表示,还好这起事件发生在凌晨,否则的话学生可能也会受伤Rangsan said that he was very sad about the death of the monkeys and that they had been living on the school grounds a long time. As the students and staff arrived the day classes, they helped to move the dead monkeys away burial.Rangsan校长表示,他对猴群的死亡感到很难过,这群猴子已经在学校里居住很长一段时间了当学生和老师们赶到学校上课时,他们帮忙一起把这些死去的猴子移开,以便好好埋葬它们The school sought help from provincial officials to care the injured macaques, according to Thai PBS.据泰国PBS报道,这所学校向省政府寻求了帮助,以照顾受伤的猕猴As far as what happened to unearth this giant tree, Rangsan believes that the recent heavy rains must have softened the ground enough to loosen the roots, sending the tree toppling while the monkeys were asleep on it.那么,到底是什么原因导致这棵大树被连根拔起呢?Rangsan校长认为,最近的大雨使得土地松软,从而使得大树的根基不牢固,最终在猴子们熟睡时导致了大树的倾倒We hope they are now causing mischief in heaven.我们愿这些猴子在天堂里可以依然调皮可爱 5A: I wonder if you could help me find something my daughter.能不能麻烦您帮我给我女儿挑一件礼物?B: Do you think shed like a laptop?你觉得买一台笔记本电脑她会不会喜欢?A: I think that would be perfect.我感觉不错B: A Mac is something most people appreciate.大部分人都喜欢Mac的机子A: In fact, she prefers Macs. How much is one?其实她也很喜欢Mac的多少钱一台?B: Our -inch Pro will cost you only $,0.英寸的只要美元A: She going to be so happy. Let me have one.她应定会很高兴的我买一台B: Youve made a good decision. How would you like to pay?您真有眼光用什么方式付款?A: Ill pay it with my VISA.用我的信用卡B: It all yours after you sign here, please.您只要在这里签字就行了A: Are there any extras that she needs?还需不需要买其他配件?B: This is good to go. If she wants accessories, just visit us again.这个就够了如果她还需要别的可以再来A: Youve been so helpful. Thank you.多谢你的帮助B: Have a nice day, and thank you shopping here.谢谢您的惠顾 665.Bourbon Virus5.波旁病毒A Kansas farmer recently died from a mysterious tick-borne viral infection. The man symptoms began with nausea, weakness, and diarrhea. Lung and kidney failure followed. Doctors treated him with antibiotics, the standard course of action tick-borne illness. Nothing worked. After days in the hospital, he was dead.最近,一个堪萨斯农民在神秘的蜱媒病毒感染中去世他的症状始于恶心、虚弱和腹泻然后是肺和肾衰竭医生给他用了抗生素,也就是蜱媒疾病的常规疗法天后,他还是在医院去世了With only one confirmed case, doctors are clueless about the disease full spectrum. It might be a killer. Or this might be a rare case in which a mild disease became deadly. The best defense is to avoid tick contact by wearing long pants, using insect repellent, and perming frequent tick-checks.只凭一个确诊病例,医生无从得知该病的全谱它可能是种不治之症,也可能是一个小病致命的罕见病例最好的预防措施是避免接触蜱虫:穿长裤,使用驱虫剂,并经常检查是否有蜱虫叮咬.Siberian Giant Virus.西伯利亚阔口罐病毒A French research team recently unearthed a 30,000-year-old giant virus from the Siberian permafrost—and it still infectious. The virus was discovered in a soil sample from 98 feet beneath the ground. It is wider than other giant viruses, and large enough to be seen through a standard microscope.年,一个法国研究小组在西伯利亚永久冻土中,发现了一个3万年前的巨型病毒,而且它仍然具有传染性该病毒被发现于地下98英尺的土壤样品中它比其他巨型病毒更宽,并且大到标准显微镜就能看到The team fished viruses using amoebas, their target hosts, as bait. The amoeba starting dying, and researchers discovered they were laden with these ancient giants. Unlike most viruses, which attack the nucleus, sibericum sets up replication factories in the host cytoplasm. Although sibericum only targeted amoeba, another giant virus dubbed Marseillesvirus recent infected an -year-old boy in France. It is possible that dangerous viruses also lurk deep underground. More than any other factor, human activities like drilling and mining are likely to unearth these slumbering monsters.该团队用宿主变形虫作为诱饵捕捉病毒变形虫开始死亡,而研究人员发现,它们体内满是这些古老的巨型病毒与大多数攻击细胞核的病毒不同,西伯利亚病毒在宿主的细胞质中复制西伯利亚病毒只入侵变形虫,但另一种被称为马赛病毒的巨型病毒,最近在法国感染了一个岁的男孩地下深处可能还潜伏着危险的病毒比任何其他因素,人类活动——如钻井和采矿——更有可能释放这些沉睡的怪物3.Deep-Sea Virus3.深海病毒Researchers now believe there is more biomass inside earth dark, nutrient-deprived depths than anywhere else. In the ocean depths off Calinia, they recently made a remarkable discovery into that mysterious biomass: a virus that infects methane-eating archaea, small bacteria-like organisms, on the ocean floor. Samples were collected from a deep methane seep by pushing tubes into the ocean sediment. Back in the lab, the sediments were fed methane, which triggered archaea growth—along with their viral parasites.研究人员现在认为,黑暗而贫瘠的地球深处,比其他任何地方都富有生物质在加利福尼亚的海洋深处,他们对这种神秘的生物质有了惊人的发现:一种病毒它在海底感染以甲烷为食的古细菌,这种古细菌是一种小型的细菌样生物研究人员将管推入海洋沉积物收集深层甲烷冷泉样品回到实验室后,向沉积物输入甲烷,激活了古生菌的生长,以及寄生它们的病毒The virus selectively targets one of its own genes mutation. So do the archaea. The target of the mutations are the tips of the virus, which come into contact with their host. It is a countermeasure against tarchaea own selective mutation defenses. This has led to a deep-sea arms race. Partial genetic matches between the Calinia deep-sea viruses and ones discovered around Norway suggest global distribution.病毒选择自身基因中的一个用于突变古细菌也是如此突变的目标在病毒的末端,使其与宿主接触这是针对古细菌选择性突变防御的对策,导致了深海军备竞赛加利福尼亚和挪威深海病毒的部分遗传互相匹配,说明了这种病毒的全球分布.Mysterious Paralysis.神秘瘫痪In , a wave of American children suffered from acute flaccid paralysis. The outbreak coincided with the flaring up of another respiratory disease caused by the enterovirus EV-D68, a relative of poliovirus. Many suspected a correlation. However, EV-D68 is not known causing systemic problems like paralysis, and it was only found in percent of the cases. A case from Virginia led some to believe that the cause might be from another virus called C1.年,很多美国儿童患上了急性软瘫瘫痪与另一种由肠病毒EV-D68(脊髓灰质炎病毒的近亲)引起的呼吸道疾病同时爆发,使很多人怀疑它们有相关性然而没有据显示,EV-D68会导致瘫痪之类的神经问题,而且仅在%的病例中发现了这种病毒一个弗吉尼亚的病例让一些人相信,原因可能是一种名为C1的病毒Bee the Virginia case, C1 had only been identified in Peru and the Republic of Congo. The disease is associated with respiratory problems. However, a few African cases were linked with paralysis. The C1 theory could explain why 80 percent of the patients tested negative EV-D68. Yet none of the patients were found to have enterovirus in their spinal fluid, which would the neurological symptoms. The cause of the outbreak remains a mystery.在弗吉尼亚病例之前,C1只在秘鲁和刚果共和国被发现,会导致呼吸道疾病不过,少数非洲病例也与瘫痪有关 C1理论可以解释,为什么80%的患者是EV-D68阴性然而,没有患者的脊髓液中发现了肠病毒,无法解释神经症状爆发的原因仍然是一个谜1.Undiagnosed Hemorrhagic Fever Syndrome1.未确诊的出血热综合症South Sudan is plagued by violence, hunger, and now a mysterious viral outbreak. So far, people have died from Ebola-like symptoms of bleeding, fever, and vomiting. However, Ebola is not the culprit. Doctors have dubbed the disease ;undiagnosed hemorrhagic fever syndrome.; Last year, Darfur in Sudan had 9 fatalities from an unidentified illness. It is not yet known whether they are the same disease.南苏丹饱受暴力和饥饿困扰,现在还要加上一种神秘病毒的爆发到目前为止,有人死于类似埃拉感染的出血、发热和呕吐然而,埃拉不是罪魁祸首医生们称之为“未诊断的出血热综合征”去年,苏丹达尔富尔有9人死于不明原因的疾病目前还不知道是否是同一种疾病Blood samples infected patients have revealed a host of viruses: onyong-nyong, chikungunya, and dengue fever. However, none explain the deaths, and none contained Ebola. Most believe this is a virus sp by ticks or mosquitoes, but some are not ruling out the possibility of a bacteria or parasitic origin. So far, there is no evidence of person-to-person transmission, and 75 percent of the victims are under . Violent civil war and underdevelopment in the region prevent effective research into the disease origins.感染者的血样中含有大量病毒:阿尼昂尼昂、基孔肯雅和登革热然而,它们都不能解释这人的死因,埃拉病毒也不能大多数人认为,这是一种由蜱或蚊子传播的病毒,但一些人也不排除来源于细菌或寄生虫的可能性到目前为止,没有据显示该病会在人与人之间传播,而75%的受害者不到岁该地区的暴力内战和不发达妨碍了对病源的有效研究 5876

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