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淄博性病治疗哪里最好沂源县中医医院男科大夫carpenter木匠,evidence据,witness目击,idiot白痴,measure测量I Measured ItA carpenter was giving evidence about an accident he had witnessed. The judge asked him how far away he was from the accident.The carpenter replied, “Twenty-seven feet, six and one half inches.”“What? How come you are so sure of that distance?” asked the judge.“Well, I knew some idiot would ask me. So I measured it!” replied the carpenter.我量了一下一个木匠在给一个他目击了的事故作法官问他当时距离事故发生地点有多远木匠回答:“7英尺,6.5英寸”“什么?你怎么这么确定那个距离?”法官问“噢,我知道肯定有某些白痴会问我这个问题,所以我量了一下!”木匠回答1.carpenter,木匠也可以作动词表示“做木匠活”:He carpentered when he was young.他年轻时当木匠.evidence据可以作动词, 是“表明”的意思:His tears evidenced great sorrow what he had done.他的眼泪表明他对自己所做的事极为懊悔3.witness及物动词,目击:Your actions witness your guilt.你的行动足以明你有罪也可作名词,就是“目击者”、“人”的意思.accident意外,事故它所指的未必都是不好的事情:Dick had been an accident by sending over flowers.这句话的意思可不是“迪克送花的时候出了事故”,而是“迪克送花来,真是出人意料”5.feet,inchFeet是foot的复数形势因为是1英尺以上,所以要用复数,变为feetInch是英寸,而不是英尺,不要被它的读音误导了6.measure测量/权衡/调节/斟酌:measure one’s words斟酌词句;measure one’s foe估量自己的敌人也可作名词,是“尺寸”的意思:one’s waist measure腰围尺寸淄博早泄的治疗价格 The Naked Cowboy牛仔It was January in Manhattan. It was a mild, sunny day. A man stood at nd Street and Broadway. His blond hair hung down to his broad shoulders. He was wearing a cowboy hat. He was wearing cowboy boots. He was wearing tight, white underwear. He wasnt wearing a shirt. He wasnt wearing pants. Written on the back of his white underwear was ;The Naked Cowboy.; He was playing his guitar. People stopped to look at him. A young couple looked at him. The woman was laughing. She said something to her boyfriend. She said something to the cowboy. He waved her over. She walked over to him. He put his muscular arm around her. Her boyfriend took a picture. She gave the cowboy a bill. He put it into his guitar. Another woman walked over to him. He put his arm around her. Her friend took their picture.这是曼哈顿的一月这天阳光明媚,气候温和一名男子站在号百老汇大街上金黄色的头发散落在他的宽肩膀上他头戴牛仔帽脚穿牛仔靴他穿了一件紧身的白色内衣他没有穿T恤也没有穿裤子白色内衣后面写着“的牛仔”他在弹吉他人们停下来看他一对年轻的夫妻看着他女孩开怀大笑她对男朋友说了什么她又对牛仔说了什么他招手让她过来她走向他他将强壮有力的胳臂放在了她肩上她的男朋友照了张相她给了牛仔5美元他将钱放进了吉他里另一个女孩走向了他他将胳臂搭在她肩上她的朋友为他们拍了照译文属原创,,不得转载 060高青县看男科好吗

淄博哪间医院皮肤科强He Hates Carrots讨厌胡萝卜“Eat your vegetables, Mikey,” Mom said. “I am eating my vegetables,” Mikey said. He was eating the sliced carrots. He was eating the sliced carrots one by one. He was eating them one at a time. He picked up one sliced carrot with his k. He looked at it. He slowly put it in his mouth. He slowly chewed it. Finally, he swallowed it. Then he drank some water. Then he picked up another sliced carrot with his k. Mom watched him. “Why do you hate vegetables, Mikey?” He said, “I don’t hate vegetables. I hate carrots.” “Why do you hate carrots?” Mom asked. “Because they don’t taste good,” Mikey said. “But they are good you,” Mom said. “They are good your eyes. They help you to see well. Don’t you want to see well?” “Not if I have to see carrots,” Mikey said.妈妈说:“麦琪,吃蔬菜”麦琪说:“我正在吃”他正在吃切片胡萝卜他一片一片地吃他每次吃一片他用叉子叉起胡萝卜他看着胡萝卜并将它慢慢放在嘴里慢慢咀嚼最终吞咽下去之后喝点水又用叉子叉起另一片胡萝卜妈妈看着他他说:“你为什么讨厌吃蔬菜?”他说:“我不讨厌蔬菜,但我讨厌胡萝卜”妈妈问:“为什么?”麦琪说:“因为不好吃”妈妈说:“它有益健康它对眼睛好它能让你明目你不想明目了?”麦琪说:“如果必须吃胡萝卜那就不要了”译文属原创,,不得转载 1836博山区中医院包皮手术多少钱 [ROOrpEX|bCRTkaQr|wK_77+tl7aDQjO51EWI]QHmaJennifer pulled the trash can out to the street. She pulled the trash can out to the street on Monday morning. Monday was trash day. The trash truck came to her house. The truck had a metal arm. The metal arm picked up the trash can. It raised the trash can into the sky. It emptied the trash can into the truck. Then the arm put the can back on the street. On Monday afternoon Jennifer walked out to the street. The trash can was empty. She pulled the trash can back into her yard. Next Monday she would pull it out to the streetagain._ZSY_~vR##dPmJwep]Xs0qj0U%)3ns-Yg_Yi~|]eG.r+j^UW9I5Q;OM8C 37551淄博那家医院看阳痿比较厉害

淄博做包皮手术去哪家医院With seven million people a year departing from this one terminal alone, anything that can improve the security process is likely to be carefully assessed.Well anybody who's ever travelled through an airport will be familiar with this now almost traditional m of security operation, which involves removing the odd items of clothing, and of course, being frisked or hand-patted from head to toe. Thank you.The -month trial of Manchester is voluntary, and that anyone opting to go through the new machine will not have to be processed in a normal way.The beauty of this new technology according to the airport is that you don't have to take off any clothes or jackets, shoes or belts. The only problem is whether you mind certain parts of your body being captured on screen.The airport won't allow any individual to be identified, so this is not my body but that of an anonymous volunteer. It's a completely anonymous image, and it's viewed by highly trained security officer who is sitting in a remote location in the airport.Terrorism experts say the new technology is a step in the right direction, but they have serious reservations.Terrorists and kind of terrorist groups we are talking here about, actually they are very aware of kind of technological advances that have taken place in the industry, so what can you see the recent differences on Saudi Arabia is that terrorists have now moved to carrying the weapons or explosives in that case not on their body but within their body.As far as most passengers are concerned, however, the new system looks likely to be approved.So that may be so lot easier and at least you know you are gonna be safe 'cause everybody is going through the same thing.It sees everything through yet and you may not can get anything on board, and a same work with the cases obviously. You know it.If the officers monitoring the image spot anything suspicious, they can highlight specific areas of the body and send that to fellow security staff at the search area a closer examination. The system may present a less than flatten image, but it's one more advance improving to terrorists that they are running out of places to hide.Mike McCarthy, Sky News, Manchester Airport. 89688 earn English While Learning About Daily Life in Australia — with Rob McCormack.和罗布·麦考马克一起学习英语,并了解澳大利亚的日常生活Podcast Number — Australian Rules Football播客第二期:澳式足球Hi. Do you like sport? Australians, and particularly those who live in Melbourne, are crazy about sport. In Melbourne you can watch a large range of competitive sports. example, I have been to see Australian rules football, rugby league, rugby union, cricket, basketball, hockey, Taekwondo, golf, tennis, car racing, motorcycle racing and athletics, just to name those which I have attended here in Melbourne. Now most cities in the world have lots of sports events, but in Melbourne we attend these events in large numbers. example, the Grand Final of the Australian Rules Football competition in September of each year has around 0,000 sports fans attend the match. And we have the sports ground big enough to hold such a large crowd, the Melbourne Cricket Ground (popularly called The MCG, or The G). In this podcast, I would like to talk about Australian Rules Football.大家好你们喜欢体育运动吗?澳大利亚人,尤其是生活在墨尔本的澳大利亚人,非常痴迷于体育运动在墨尔本可以观看到很多种竞技体育比赛比如,我在墨尔本看过澳式足球、橄榄球大联盟、橄榄球联合会、板球、篮球、曲棍球、跆拳道、高尔夫、网球、赛车、托车比赛和田径等各种各样的比赛,这些只是我列举的一些我在墨尔本看过的比赛世界上大多数城市都会举办多种体育赛事,但是墨尔本的体育赛事总能吸引到大批观众举例来说,每年九月举行的澳式足球总决赛会吸引约万名体育迷到现场观看比赛我们有足以容纳这么多观众的大型运动场,比如墨尔本板球中心(通常被称作The MCG或The G)在本期播客中,我将介绍一下澳式足球Australian Rules Football (called Footy by fans all around Australia) is around 0 years old. It is played with an oval shaped ball by two teams, each with 18 players. The team which kicks the most goals and points wins the game. It is a very physical game and it main characteristics are speed, strong tackling, long kicking (up to 70 metres), long handballs (up to 30 metres) and high marks. A mark is when someone catches a kicked ball.澳式足球(澳大利亚球迷通常称之为footy)距今已有约0年的历史澳式足球是两个球队用椭圆形球进行的比赛,每队18名球员进最多球、获得最多分的球队获胜澳式足球身体对抗激烈,主要特点是速度、强势抢断、长传(最远70米)、长距离手球(最远30米)和高跳接球“接球”是指球员接住被踢出的球 译文属 9中国人民解放军第一四八医院包皮手术多少钱淄博友谊医院



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