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淄博友谊医院治疗生殖感染价格淄博哪个医院能做包皮手术Who we talk to and when is just as important as what we say.我们的交谈对象和时间与交谈内容同样重要The key to avoiding this type of traffic analysis避开这种通讯分析的关键在于was to render the user effectively anonymous.给用户提供有效的匿名But he realised that wasn#39;t enough.但他意识到这还不够He wanted to build a secure network他想建立一个安全的网络and to do this he needed more anonymous users.为了达成这个目标 需要更多的匿名用户One cannot be anonymous alone.匿名不能独立存在One can only be anonymous relative to a set of people.相对于一群人来说 个体才能达到匿名效果The more anonymous users you can gather together in a network,在网络上聚集的匿名用户越多the harder it becomes for someone watching to keep track of them,监视者就越难追踪他们especially if they#39;re mixed up.尤其是当他们混在一起时And so a whole batch of input messages来自不同个体的from different people are shuffled大批输入信息搅在一起and then sent to another computer,再传送到另一台计算机then shuffled again and so forth,进行混合 如此反复and you can#39;t tell as an observer of the network网络监视者就无法辨别which item that went in corresponds to which item coming out.输入信息与输出信息的对应性重点解释:1.talk to 与 ... 说话例句:Don#39;t talk to me about that fellow.别跟我谈起那个家伙。2.relative to 关于例句:The teacher asked me some questions relative to my paper.老师问了我一些和我的论文有关的问题。3.a set of 一套例句:I want to buy a set of air conditioning.我想买一台空调。 Article/201701/489527淄博治疗龟头炎多少钱 lt was difficult to believe that they were Motown artists,很难想象他们是城旗下的歌手because they were just kids.因为他们只是孩子lt was as if they had some kind of stardust rub off on them彷佛突然受到青睐because, you know, they were becoming close to Berry Gordy,他们跟贝瑞热络起来Diana Ross, and to all of my idols.还有黛安娜·罗丝 所有我的偶像When l wrote Who#39;s lovin#39; You, l was, you know, in my early 20s.我写Who#39;s Lovin#39; You时才20出头But at least, at that point, l had had a chance to experience但至少那时我已经算是有一些some life and some love.人生历练了l was married. l got married when l was 19.我已经结婚了 我19岁就结婚了The subject matter of the song is like a person歌曲主题是一个人who has somebody who really loves them.拥有别人的爱And yet they don#39;t appreciate it. They do the person wrong.但那个人却不懂得珍惜 还对不起对方The first time l heard smokey#39;s Who#39;s lovin#39; You,我第一次听到史基的 Who#39;s Lovin#39; You时my assistant was playing it and it#39;s one of those,我的助理放给我听的 那首歌的感觉oh, party, red-light, basement-type, you know, up on it.有种荒唐靡烂的氛围But when Michael got ahold to it,但迈克尔听到后and Bobby Taylor infused him up with that funk,鲍比·泰勒又对他灌输了情感与节奏的唱法man, Michael put that soul in that song so deep, it was soulful.迈克尔将那首歌诠释出很深沉的情感 富有灵魂 Article/201509/396487What I love to get people thinking about我喜欢引导大家去思考is that all this had to be built, atom by atom,这一切都是由一个个原子组合而成celestial engineering on a spectacular scale.浩大的太空工程So what drove this cosmic clock work?那究竟是什么开启了宇宙的时钟呢I would say it was the force of gravity.我认为正是万有引力The idea of gravity万有引力的概念was worked out by Sir Isaac Newton,是由艾萨克·牛顿爵士提出who had the same job as me早在17世纪 here at Cambridge University, back in the 17th century.他就在剑桥大学担任同我相同的职位It supposedly donned on him when an apple fell on his head.当一颗苹果落在他头上时,他受到了启示The apple helped him realize that all effects attract each other.苹果让他意识到了万物相互吸引And the greater the mass, the stronger the pull.而且质量越大啊,引力越强These apples are attracted to the earth这些苹果受到了地球的吸引and although you can#39;t see it,尽管你肉眼无法看见the earth moves very slightly up towards the apples.但地球也向苹果的方向轻微移动了All things come together through the power of gravity.一切都因为万有引力的存在而聚集在一起Gravity was created in the Big Bang万有引力早在宇宙大爆炸时期就已产生and has been at work ever since.并自那时起一直发挥作用It#39;s what keeps you, me, and apples stuck to the earth.是万有引力使得你,我以及苹果都能保持在地面In the early universe,在早期的宇宙中gravity had a much bigger role to play.万有引力的影响比现在大很多Right after the Big Bang, the universe was just gas,大爆炸之后,宇宙仅仅是一片雾气almost perfectly sp out throughout space.在空间中近乎完美地延展开来Over the next 200 million years,在接下来的2亿年里gravity began to pull the gas back together万有引力开始将雾气集中起来to produce the very first structures from which everything else would grow.产生了万物演变始于的最初结构But even this very nearly didn#39;t happen.但即使是这也不是真实情况If it weren#39;t for another stroke of cosmic luck,若不是宇宙幸运地遇到另一件事情there would be no you, no me, no stars就根本不会存在你,我,恒星or planets or anything at all.行星,以及其他的一切 Article/201508/395639齐鲁石化医院淄博集团一分院看男科怎么样

淄博哪里治早泄最好淄博第一医院治疗阳痿多少钱 Dr. Hawa Abdi现代史怀哲:Hawa Abdi医生My mother was dreaming that I would be a great person. She became pregnant with her seventh child when I was eleven years old. As her stomach swelled, she felt weakness and pain, but she said, ;No problem, Hawa. Everything will be okay. Whether it comes to us through violence, disease or even childbirth, that is not the end of our story. You have to get up and help someone who needs you.; I became a doctor because I wanted to save others from feeling the pain after my mother died.那时我的母亲梦想我会变成一位很伟大的人。她在我十一岁时怀上她的第七个小孩。随着她的肚子越来越大,她感到虚弱而且痛苦,但她说:“没问题的,Hawa。一切都会好转的。不论它(死亡)是透过暴力、疾病或甚至分娩迎向我们,那都不是我们故事的结局。你必须要坚强起来并帮助那些需要你的人。”我成为一位医生,因为在我母亲过世后我想要拯救其他人免于病痛。The Somalia I grew up in was so much different than today. Mogadishu was the best place in all Africa. In the rural area, children had fresh milk, fresh meat, fresh air. Life was very beautiful, very simple and very peaceful.我成长过程中的索马里和今天大不相同。Mogadishu(索马里第一大城)曾是整个非洲最棒的地方。在乡村地区,孩子们有新鲜牛奶、新鲜的肉、新鲜空气。生活非常美好、非常简单也非常平静。It started to go bad in 1988. When the government collapsed, more and more people came to us to escape the fighting. The Somali people have tradition of hospitality. When a traveler comes to you, you have to give him the best of what you have. It seems only natural that the problems we could solve, like giving someone a place to stay and the feeling of safety should be solved.一切从1988年开始恶化。当政府崩解后,越来越多的人来找我们以逃离斗争。索马里人有好客的传统。当旅人投靠你,你必须要给他你拥有的最好的东西。我们可以解决的问题应该要被解决,像是提供某人住宿的地方以及安全感,这似乎就是自然而然的。When space became full, families began to sleep under the trees. After more than twenty years, it became ninety thousand people. These people have become my family. Here we are all Somali. If you won#39;t identity with your ground, you cannot stay.当空间人满为患时,家家户户开始睡在树下。在二十多年后,变成了九万人。这些人变成我的家人。在这里我们全都是索马里人。如果你不认同你的土地,你就不能留下来。In time, my children become doctors, and now, we work together. Each crisis we face gives way to the next as a new group takes control of our area. Sometimes these children, with their guns, they told me, ;You are an old woman. You cannot be in charge.; I said, ;And you are a strong young man, what have you done for these people?;最后,我的孩子们都成了医师,而现在,我们一同工作。当一个新的组织控制我们这地区时,我们所面对的每个危机都会被下一次的危机取代。有时候这些孩子,拿着他们的,他们告诉我:“你是个老女人。你不能掌权。”我说:“而你是个强壮的年轻人,你为这些人们做过些什么?”Whether for fighting or the famine, we have lost as many as fifty people per day. But we get up. We go on. And we help someone who needs us.不论是斗争或是饥荒,我们每天失去多达五十人。但我们振作起来。我们走下去。我们帮助某些需要我们的人。Today our one-room clinic is a four hundred beds#39; hospital. I live for the hope that peace will come; that my children and my grandchildren will someday know the Somalia I loved. Until that time, they can build on what I have started.今天我们那只有一间房的诊所成了有四百张床的医院。我活着是抱持着和平终会到来的希望;我的孩子和我的孙子们终有一天会了解我深爱的索马里。到那时之前,他们可以在我着手建立的成果上发展。I#39;m Dr. Hawa Abdi. This is my Vital Voice. Now, raise yours.我是Hawa Abdi医生。这是我的Vital Voice。现在,发起你的(言论)吧。 Article/201504/369109淄博淄川区治疗包皮包茎哪家医院最好

淄博三院治疗阳痿多少钱 Under Elizabeth, Englishness was discovered,celebrated, shouted from the roof tops,在伊丽莎白的统治下 英国特色逐渐形成 被她的子民所赞颂 高歌and it was, above all, a Protestant Englishness.最重要的是 这种特色是英国新教特色With hindsight,God must have meant this to happen all along.如今看来 这肯定是上帝的旨意Now, Protestantism and patriotism were one and the same,如今 新教教义和爱国主义合而为一and the history you#39;ve just seen,which at the outset had nothing to do with national identity,在你刚才看到的历史中 起初与国家意识没有丝毫关系at the end became obsessed with it.但最终与之密不可分And when the Pope offered to bless anyone who would assassinate Elizabeth,that bond only became stronger.而当教皇许诺 为暗杀伊丽莎白的人赐予祝福时 这种信念的联系却愈加强烈Now Catholics would be forced to choose between their Church and their Queen.现在天主教徒们被迫 在教会和女王之间做出选择English Catholic priests trained in foreign seminaries在国外神学院修行的英国天主教神父would be smuggled into the country and end up either dead偷渡到英国 最终不是被杀or in hiding with Catholic families who were rich and powerful enough to protect them.就是藏身于 信奉天主教的达官贵人家中So if we ask ourselves the question we asked at the beginning of the programme,若我们回顾 本集开始时的那个问题Whatever happened to Catholic England?英格兰的天主教究竟怎么了The answer is that it ended up down here,就在这里in a Priest hole, like this one at Sawston Hall outside Cambridge.在神父洞中 这个位于剑桥市郊外的索斯顿镇The splendour of Long Melford reduced to a cloak-and-dagger church.繁华一时的朗梅尔福德的三一教堂 已沦落为藏身之所For the Catholics of Elizabeth#39;s England the retreat of the priesthood to the country house would be a final disaster.对于伊丽莎白统治下的天主教徒 神职人员撤到乡村小屋 是终极灾难What was once the national church would become a faith on the run.曾经的国立教会 如今却只能亡命天涯 /201701/489449淄博金盾医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱高青县妇幼保健院男科医生



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