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淄博市妇保医院治疗生殖感染价格淄博市第七医院割包皮Brazil’s congress voted on Sunday evening to impeach President Dilma Rousseff, ushering in a new period of heightened political uncertainty in Latin America’s biggest country. 巴西众议院在上周日晚投票通过了弹劾总统迪尔#8226;罗塞Dilma Rousseff)的动议,这令拉美最大国家进入了一个政治更加动荡的新时期Pro-impeachment politicians erupted into cheers and patriotic songs when the vote tally reached 342 in favour of the motion the two-thirds of the 513-seat lower house needed to approve the motion, compared with 126 against. The final result had yet to be counted. 通过弹劾动议须得到众议院513个议席中的三分之二议席赞成。当赞成票达42票时,持弹劾总统的政治人士爆发出热烈的欢呼,并高唱爱国歌曲。反对票26票。最终投票结果尚未统计出来The decision threatens to bring an abrupt end to 13 years of Ms Rousseff`s socialist Workersparty, or PT, rule and allow her vice-president Michel Temer to form a new government. 巴西众议院的这一决定可能会突然终结罗塞夫所在的、奉行社会主义的劳工PT)长达13年的执政历程,并令她的副总统米歇#8226;特梅Michel Temer)能够组建新政府The baton now passes to the senate, which analysts expect to open the formal impeachment process, essentially a political trial, in the first half of next month. 弹劾的接力棒现在传到了参议院手中。分析人士预计,参议院将月上半旬启动正式弹劾程序。这场弹劾实质上是一场政治审判But the decision by congress to pass the impeachment process after a marathon three-day session of speeches and behind-the-scenes politicking also threatens to increase political risk in Brazil. 巴西众议院决定通过弹劾程序前,经历了三天马拉松式的演讲和幕后政治活动。这项决定可能加剧巴西面临的政治风险The lower house of congress must now pass the impeachment process to the senate, which is expected by this Friday to install a special commission on the impeachment process. 巴西众议院现在必须将弹劾程序转至参议院,预计参议院将于本周五围绕弹劾程序设置一个特别委员会The commission will have 10 days to submit its own report on the proposal, which will then be put to a vote in the senate on about May 11. If the senate votes by a simple majority of its 81 members to accept the motion, the formal impeachment trial will begin. 该委员会将有10天时间提交它自己的弹劾报告,然后参议院将1日左右付诸表决。如果参议院81名议员以过半票数通过弹劾动议,将开启正式的弹劾审判Ms Rousseff will be suspended for up to six months and Mr Temer will take over as acting president. 罗塞夫将暂时停职至多半年,其间由特梅尔担任代理总统If two-thirds of the senate’s 81 members vote to impeach her in a session expected by the opposition to be held in late June, Mr Temer will lead the country until the next elections in 2018. 反对派预计参议院6月末将举行一次投票,如果81名参议员中有三分之二持弹劾罗塞夫,特梅尔将直接出任巴西领导人,直到2018年的下次大选During the coming month, however, Ms Rousseff will still be president and will be able to use her office to try to persuade the senate to reject the impeachment motion by offering jobs and other financial incentives, opposition politicians fear. 但在接下来的一个月里,罗塞夫仍将担任巴西总统,并能够利用她的职位来努力说参议院否决弹劾动议,条件是提供工作岗位和其他经济奖励,这令反对派政治人士感到担心。来 /201604/438355淄博市第八医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱 An American student who graded his ex-girlfriends breakup letter says he has no regrets over it going viral.一位美国学生为其前女友写的分手信打分,并表示,对信件的走红并不后悔。Nick Lutz decided to get a red marker out and critique the four-page note before sending it back to his former lover.尼克?卢茨决定用红色记号笔进行批注,然后归页的分手信。He told Newsbeat: ;We started dating in February of last year and dated for about eight months.他对Newsbeat表示:“我们去年二月开始约会,交往个月。;Four months in she started hiding her phone and I heard she had code names for guys in her contacts list.;“近四个月以来,她开始将手机藏起来,我听说她联系人名单里的男性都有名字代号。”Nick who studies at the University of Central Florida, says he received the apology, shortly after calling time on the relationship.尼克是中佛罗里达大学的学生,他说自己在分手后不久就收到了道歉。He starts off by saying the introduction is too long and that theres lots of repetition.他首先称信件开头过于冗长,出现了大量的重复。The 20-year-old says his ex needs to show reasoning when saying she ended up failing to keep the relationship working.20岁的他还表示,当前任表示自己最终没能继续维持这段感情的时候需要有理有据。He also says she needs to back her claims up with proof, like saying she never cheated on him.他还说,前女友需要用据来明自己的主张,比如她从来没有劈腿过;It came to an end after she told me she was going to a theme park with her best friend, whos a girl, but I later found out she went with a dude,; he said.“她告诉我,她要和闺蜜去游乐园,但我后来发现她是和一个男人一起去的。之后我们就分手了。;I havent spoken to her since this happened but I am not planning on talking to her anytime soon.;“自从这件事发生后,我就没和她说过话,而我以后也不打算和她说话。”The second page calls for his ex-girlfriend to provide more details after this line: ;I took all the promises we had and broke them.;他要求前女友在第二页“我打破了我们所有的承诺”这一行之后提供更多的细节。Then theres a spelling mistake with ;loose; changed to ;lose;.他还指出了一个拼写错误,将“释放”改成了“失去”。Nick then calls his ex out when she says she has ;no reason to hide, lie or hold anything back; from him.当前女友说到“没有任何理由对他掩饰、撒谎或隐瞒任何事情”,尼克怼了回去。He writes in the margin: ;If there is no reason to lie, why isnt the truth being told?;他在页边空白处写道:“如果没有理由撒谎,为什么不告诉我真相呢?”Nick says he decided to annotate the letter as a ;joke; between him and his friends.尼克说,他批注这封信时就当其是朋友之间的一个“玩笑”。But his original tweet where he graded the letter has been shared more than 100,000 times.不过,他的给分手信打分的原始推文已经获得0万次分享;Shes not the happiest but I didnt expect it to go viral. She talks to my mum but I havent spoken to her and Im not sure I will.;“她肯定不高兴,但我没想到这封信会走红。她和我妈妈谈过,但是我还没有和她说过话,我不确定自己会这么做。”Nick even says she used ;lackadaisical; handwriting near the end of her note.尼克甚至称,前女友在信件结尾的字迹“很敷衍”。The final page contains a question mark after ;I love you; and also the rest of Nicks final conclusion.最后一页上的“我爱你”后面尼克添加了一个问号,还做了最后的总结;If you want to be believed, back it up with proof,; he writes.他写道:“如果你想让人相信,就要拿出据来明”;You claimed that cheating never occurred, but place blame on yourself - then what for? ;“你声称自己没有偷情,但却把责任都揽在自己身上,那又是为什么呢;Need to stop contradicting your own story and pick a side. While this gesture is appreciated, I would prefer details over statements.“不要让你的故事自相矛盾,选择一个立场。虽然我很赞赏这种态度,但是我更愿意在阐述中看到细节。;Revision for half credit will be accepted.;“修改后可以加半个学分。”Other people pointed out other mistakes in the letter.还有人指出了信中的其他错误。来 /201702/494029淄博什么医院做包皮手术好

山东铝业公司医院治疗男性不育多少钱There were so many of them: weary young men, some barely teenagers, trekking across Europe to reach the promised German land. I remember wondering a few months back, during the peak of the Syrian migration wave, why the women had been left behind.有太多这样的人:疲惫的年轻男子穿过欧洲大陆抵达了福地德国,其中有的还只是青少年。我还记得,几个月前,在叙利亚移民浪潮达到顶峰的时候,我曾想过为什么女性被留下了。There were reasons men sought refuge first: the arduous journeys, the pressing need for work before applying for family reunification and, above all, escape from recruitment by the army or militias. It is not unusual in war for parents to send their boys away.男性先寻求庇护有许多原因:艰苦的旅途、在申请家庭团聚前找到工作的迫切需要,以及最重要的原因——逃脱军队或者民兵组织的征召。父母在战争中把儿子送走很平常。Yet the impact of this gender imbalance was a largely overlooked aspect of the migration crisis. In Angela Merkel’s remarkable drive to show compassion for a people the world had tried so hard to ignore, some risks were understated. It seemed insensitive and politically disadvantageous, in the face of opposition to the migration surge, for supporters of the German chancellor’s humanitarian policy to dwell on the consequences.然而,在移民危机中,性别失衡的影响基本上被忽视了。安格拉默克Angela Merkel)向世界刻意忽视的一个民族展现同情的非凡之举中,一些风险被低估了。对德国总理的人道主义政策的持者而言,面对反对移民潮的声音,过多地考虑后果似乎不近人情,在政治上也是不利的。After the ghastly New Year’s Eve in Cologne, however, questions that should have been raised and vigorously debated in public are finally being voiced. The details of that night are murky but we know enough and the scale of the attacks is shocking. The number of complaints filed by women has been gathering pace, 40 per cent of them related to sex attacks.然而,跨年夜科隆发生可怕事件之后,早应提出并在公众中进行积极讨论的问题最终被表达出来了。有关那个夜晚的细节很模糊,但我们知道的已经足够,袭击的规模令人震惊。由女性提出的申诉不断增加,其0%都和性侵犯有关。How many asylum seekers, whether from Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq, were involved has yet to be established. But they may have been recruited by north African gangs responsible for many robberies in the city in recent years.有多少寻求庇护者参与其中还未确定,无论他们是来自叙利亚、阿富汗还是伊拉克。但他们可能被近年在科隆市内制造多起抢劫案的北非犯罪团体招募了。Scholars who have studied mass migration of young men and discovered a correlation with a rise of crime and attacks on women are unsurprised by this turn of events.一些研究年轻男性大规模迁移的学者对这一变故并不感到惊讶,他们已经发现这种迁移现象与犯罪及对女性袭击增多有关联。Much has been made of the demeaning attitude towards women that some of Europe’s newest Muslim migrants may have grown up with. But Valerie Hudson, a professor of political science at Texas Aamp;M University who has researched migrant issues in Asia, says the sex ratio is far more important than different interpretations of female modesty.有关欧洲最新的这批穆斯林移民可能从小就耳濡目染养成对女性的轻蔑态度,已经有很多论述。但研究亚洲移民问题的德克萨斯农工大Texas Aamp;M University)政治科学教授瓦莱丽欠德森(Valerie Hudson)表示,性别比例比对女性得体举止的不同理解重要得多。“The literature I’ve contributed to shows a pattern: the higher the sex ratio, the higher the crime rate and crimes against women,she tells me. “When you get a surplus of young men in a society and they are marginalised, disadvantaged, and they live together and socialise together you have the beginnings of collective activity in which they take what society has denied them. And they are, collectively, willing to take risks.”“我撰写的文章表明了一种模式:性别比例越高,犯罪率越高,针对女性的犯罪越多,”她告诉我,“当社会中的男性过剩,而且他们被边缘化、处于弱势、在一起生活和交往,你就会看到他们开始通过集体行动去获取社会拒绝给予他们的东西。而且作为一个集体,他们愿意承担风险。”Such fears about sex ratios in cases of mass migration extend beyond the immediate consequences. Many young male migrants are minors, which facilitates their asylum applications but could have a longer lasting impact on the sex ratio in the host country.对大规模移民中性别比例的担忧不止表现在即时影响方面。许多年轻的男性移民是未成年人,这有利于他们申请庇护,但可能会对接受国的性别比例造成更持久的影响。Andrea Den Boer, an expert on gender imbalance in Asian internal migration from the UK’s University of Kent, says there are aly measures preventing asylum seekers who arrive as unaccompanied minors from bringing their families over at a later stage which in turn further inflates the proportion of young men in the population. Some work has been done on the potential long-term impact in Sweden but there are no official statistics on the ages of the refugees to Germany. Ms Den Boer’s rough estimate is that 72 per cent of refugees last year were male, but no one knows how many were young adults. “Nobody has thought about the sex-ratio implications,she says.研究亚洲内部移民性别失衡问题的专家、英国肯特大University of Kent)的安德烈娅笠婶尔(Andrea Den Boer)表示,目前有一些措施防止无人陪伴的未成年申请庇护者在之后将整个家庭带来接受国,此举将进一步使年轻男性在人口中的比例上升。在瑞典,人们已经对这个问题的潜在长期影响展开了一些研究,但德国还没有难民年龄的官方统计数字。登尔的粗略估计是,去年有72%的难民是男性,但没人知道其中有多少是年轻的成年人。“没人考虑过性别比例的影响,”她说。The one country that has taken gender into account is Canada, where the government said last year that it would take only Syrian women, children and families. The policy was probably prompted by concerns over terrorism and it drew its share of critics who warned that young men faced the greatest risk in Syria.有一个国家已经将性别纳入考虑,就是加拿大,去年该国政府表示将只接收叙利亚女性、儿童和家庭。这项政策很可能是因为对恐怖主义的担忧而出台的,但这项政策也有批评者,他们警告称年轻男性在叙利亚面临的风险最大。There are no easy answers to the mass migration dilemma, particularly where horrific crimes are being perpetrated on an innocent population as in Syria. But taking into account the long-term implications for the host society should be an integral part of any policy. As Prof Hudson says: “A normal sex ratio is a public good.”对于大规模移民带来的两难困境,没有简单的,尤其是在恐怖罪行正被加诸在无辜人们身上的地方,如叙利亚。但对接受国来说,将长期影响纳入考虑应该是任何政策不可或缺的一部分。就如赫德森教授所说的:“正常的性别比例将造福大众。”来 /201601/423441高青县不孕不育收费好不好 淄博治疗前列腺囊肿大概多少钱

山东省淄博友谊医院泌尿系统在线咨询Donald Trump has come under fire for suggesting that women should be punished for having abortions, as the Republican presidential frontrunner risks further alienating female voters. 由于暗示妇女应该因堕胎而受到处罚,唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)受到了众人的抨击。这位共和党总统候选人头号竞争者因此面临进一步疏远女性选民的风险In an interview with MSN television, Mr Trump repeated his stance that abortion should be banned. But he sparked controversy by stating that women as opposed to the doctors who perform the operation should be punished if the Supreme Court overturned the landmark Roe v Wade decision that legalised the procedure in 1973. 在接受微软全国广播公MSN)电视采访时,特朗普重申了他禁止堕胎的立场。不过,引发争议的部分在于,他说,假若美国最高法Supreme Court)推翻了里程碑式的罗伊诉韦德案(Roe v Wade)的结论,那么妇女应该因堕胎而受到处罚——而不是执行堕胎手术的医生973年,正是对罗伊诉韦德案的裁定,令堕胎合法化“There has to be some form of punishment [for women],Mr Trump said under pressure after the MSN anchor told the New York mogul who has a tendency to be evasive when pressed not to “dodgethe question. 这位纽约富豪在被强制问到这个问题时曾出现推诿倾向,MSN的主持人告诉他不要“回避”这个问题。于是,面临压力的特朗普表示:“(对涉事妇女)应该处以某种形式的处罚。While the vast majority of Republicans, including all three GOP presidential contenders, oppose abortion, critics of the procedure typically argue that the doctor, and not the woman, should face punishment if it was outlawed. 虽然包括三名共和党总统候选人竞争者在内,绝大多数共和党人反对堕胎,但是通常对堕胎的批评意见认为,如果堕胎非法,应该面临处罚的是医生而不是妇女Mr Trump’s remarks sparked criticism from across the political spectrum. The Democratic National Committee said they showed that his “vileness and contempt for women knows no bounds Jeanne Mancini, president of an anti-abortion group called March for Life, said he was “incredibly out of touch with [the] pro-life movement and women in general 特朗普的说法引发了整个政界的批评。民主党全国委员Democratic National Committee)表示,这些话显示他“对妇女的厌恶和蔑视毫无底线”。反堕胎组织March for Life总裁珍妮#8226;曼西Jeanne Mancini)表示,他“与反堕胎运动、与妇女总体的脱节令人难以置信”Hillary Clinton, the former New York senator who will make a strong play for the female vote if she becomes the Democratic nominee, said: “We can’t let someone with this much contempt for women’s rights anywhere near the White House.Ted Cruz, the Texas senator who remains the only candidate who can stop Mr Trump from getting the 1,237 delegates needed to win the Republican nomination before the party convention, also attacked the tycoon. 曾任纽约州参议员的希拉里#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)表示:“我们不能让如此蔑视妇女权益的人接近白宫。”一旦成为民主党总统提名人,希拉里将大力争取女性的公民权。此外,德克萨斯州参议员特德#8226;克鲁Ted Cruz)也抨击了这位大亨。目前,克鲁斯是唯一可能在共和党党代会以前,阻止特朗普获得赢得共和党总统提名人所需237个代表席位的候选人。“Once again Donald Trump has demonstrated that he hasn’t seriously thought through the issues, and he’ll say anything just to get attention,said Mr Cruz. “What’s far too often neglected is that being pro-life is not simply about the unborn child. It’s also about the mother, and creating a culture that respects her and embraces life.克鲁斯表示:“唐纳德#8226;特朗普再次显示出他对这个问题从未认真思考过,只要能吸引眼球,他会随便乱说。一个被忽视太多次数的问题是,反对堕胎不仅仅事关未出生的儿童,还涉及到孩子的母亲,涉及到如何打造尊重这位母亲、接纳新生命的文化氛围。After his remarks ignited a firestorm, Mr Trump reversed his position. “If Congress were to pass legislation making abortion illegal and the federal courts upheld this legislation, or any state were permitted to ban abortion under state and federal law, the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible, not the woman,he said in a statement. “The woman is a victim in this case as is the life in her womb. My position has not changed like Ronald Reagan, I am pro-life with exceptions.在言论引发巨大风暴之后,特朗普逆转了他的立场。他在一份声明中表示:“假若国会要通过法案令堕胎非法,而联邦法院也持这一法案,或者任何州被允许依照联邦法律和州法律禁止堕胎,那么对妇女实施这一非法行为的医生或任何其他个人应该承担法律责任,而不是这位妇女。在这种情况下,妇女和其子宫内的生命一样都是受害者。与罗纳#8226;里根(Ronald Reagan)类似,我的立场并未改变,我反对堕胎——除了某些例外情况。”来 /201603/434780 A number of people around the world are stressed out about whats going on in the White House - but former president Barack Obama doesnt look like hes one of them.全世界很多人都在为白宫正在发生的事而感到压力山大,不过美国前总统奥巴马却似乎并不在意。A smiling Obama was enjoying being jobless as he rode the waves recently in the Virgin Islands with billionaire Richard Branson.奥巴马最近在维尔京群岛与维珍集团创始人、亿万富豪理查德·布兰森一起玩冲浪,享受无官一身轻的生活,十分愉悦。Branson published a blog post with pictures and of the ex-president kitesurfing off one of his private islands in the British Virgin Islands.布兰森于近日发文贴出奥巴马在他在英属维尔京群岛上的一座私人岛屿上玩风筝冲浪的照片和视频。Obama, and his wife, Michelle, have spent time vacationing with the Virgin Group founder since leaving the White House on Jan 20.0日离任后,奥巴马和妻子米歇尔便与布兰森共度假日时光。Branson writes that Obama told him he was prevented from surfing by his security detail during his time in office, so he jumped at the chance to learn how to kitesurf.布兰森写道,奥巴马告诉他,在任期间安保人员不让他冲浪,所以他抓住这次机会学习如何玩风筝冲浪;It was a huge honour to be able to invite President Barack and Michelle Obama down to the British Virgin Islands for a complete break after Barack finished his second term as President and the family left the White House,; Branson wrote.布兰森写道:“在奥巴马完成作为总统的第二任期、全家离开白宫之后,我非常荣幸地邀请到他和米歇尔·奥巴马来维尔京群岛彻底地放松一下。”The billionaire said he and the former leader challenged one another to see if Obama could learn to kitesurf before Branson learned how to foilboard.这位亿万富翁表示,他和这位前总统互相发起了挑战,看到底是奥巴马先学会风筝冲浪,还是布兰森先学会水翼板滑浪;As you can see in the , Barack and I both fell many times, but we kept trying again and again and made progress over the days,; Branson wrote.布兰森写道:“正如你们在视频中看到的,奥巴马和我都跌倒了很多次,但我们坚持一次又一次的尝试,这些天取得了很大进步。”来 /201702/493415淄博桓台县治疗男性不育哪家医院最好淄博哪家医院治疗尖锐湿疣最好




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