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Thank you very much, Lord Levy, for your extremely kind introduction and, to Lionel, for giving your time to entertain us this evening. I imagine this crowd is a lot rowdier than what you will have at Glastonbury.Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for inviting me to join you this evening for your birthday celebrations. Nearly two hundred years ago, in 1819, there were two quite monumental births. The first was monumental for my family – the birth of my great, great, great, great grandmother, Queen Victoria, who went on to live 81 years and whose daughter-in-law, Alexandra, gave her name to this amazing building.The second remarkable birth was of an organisation, which later became known as the Jewish Blind Society. Over the next two centuries, the world changed considerably. Yet there has always been one constant in the ed Kingdom – a Jewish community which has organised itself to support those who need help and support. Whether in the time of the Jewish Board of Guardians, or the Jewish Welfare Board or, in our generation, Jewish Care, there is a proud story to be told of self-reliance and communal responsibility.This common th through history – of caring for one another and generosity of time and money – is something that many sectors of British society can be rightly proud of. But you in this room deserve particular praise. The results of your commitment to one another within the Jewish community are obvious – the real and loving care that thousands of elderly and vulnerable people receive, among the many works that you carry out.Your care for one another has another, less tangible value. During a year when many in the Jewish community have had cause to feel under threat, for no reason other than simply the fact of your Jewishness, your unity is all the more precious. Your commitment and loyalty to one another, and to society more widely, is ultimately what keeps you strong.I was reminded before I came here tonight that an ancestor of mine, a previous Duke of Cambridge in fact, visited the Great Synagogue in London in 1809 and attended a Sabbath service there with his brothers.It is a matter of great pride that these bonds in our society run as deep as they run long.Your care for one another is not just a feeling, but it is – as we are reminded tonight – a material fact. I know that Jewish Care is viewed as a leader in the social care field and uses its knowledge, expertise and experience to engage in the debate on high-quality care, especially in relation to dementia.Your Holocaust Survivors Centre is a second home for many people who were liberated 70 years ago from those evil places.All of you in this room, in some way, play your part in making all this happen through this outstanding organisation. Through your generosity and commitment, I am sure Jewish Care will continue to thrive and grow for the next 25 years.Once again, congratulations on everything you have achieved. I wish you a wonderful evening and a happy birthday.Mazel tov.201508/391168Hi, everybody. 大家好!Earlier this week, I visited with students at Georgia Tech to talk about the importance of higher education in the new economy, and how we can make it more affordable. 本周早些时候,我走访了佐治亚理工学院与一名同学谈论了新经济环境下高等教育的重要性,并介绍了我们为让高校学费更亲民所要做的事情。In an economy increasingly built on innovation, the most important skill you can sell is your knowledge. Thats why higher education is, more than ever, the surest ticket to the middle class. 在不断依赖创新驱动的经济环境下,最可待价而沽的技能就是你的学识。因此,高等教育也就成为跻身中产阶级的保票,而且越来越明显。But just when its never been more important, its also never been more expensive. The average undergrad who borrows to pay for college ends up graduating with about ,000 in student loan debt.但就在高等教育变得越来越重要的时候,学费也贵的无以复加了。平均算下来,每一位贷款上学的在校生在毕业的时候,背负的助学贷款达2.8万美元之多。Thats why my Administration has worked hard to make college more affordable. We expanded tax credits and Pell Grants, enacted the largest reform to student loan programs in history, and fought to keep interest rates on student loans low. Weve acted to let millions of graduates cap loan payments at 10 percent of their income, so they dont have to choose between paying the rent and paying back their debt. Ive sent Congress my plan to bring the cost of community college down to zero-because two years of higher education should be as free and universal as high school is today.因此,本届政府一直致力于降低高校学费。我们扩大了税收优惠和佩尔奖学金的发放范围,实施了有史以来最大规模的助学贷款改革计划,积极争取将助学贷款利率保持在较低水平。我们采取措施,让数百万毕业生的助学贷款还款额度限制在其收入的10%以内,避免让他们面临付房租和偿还贷款的两难选择。我还向国会递交了一份计划,将社区大学的学费降低到0,当今时代,两年的社区大学应该像高中一样免费、普及。But all of us-elected officials, universities, business leaders-everybody-needs to do more to bring down college costs. Which is why this week, I unveiled another way that we can help more Americans afford college. It doesnt involve any new spending or bureaucracy. Its a simple declaration of values-what I call a Student Aid Bill of Rights. It says that every student deserves access to a quality, affordable education. Every student should be able to access the resources to pay for college. Every borrower has the right to an affordable repayment plan. And every borrower has the right to quality customer service, reliable information, and fair treatment, even if they struggle to repay their loans.但我们所有人,包括民选官员、大学和企业的领导,每个人都需要做出更多努力来降低大学学费。因此,这个星期,我公布了另一项计划来帮助更多美国人更好承担大学学费。这不会产生新的财政出和官僚主义。这只是对价值观的简单梳理,我取名叫《学生援助权利法案》。该法案声明每个学生都有权获得高质量、低成本的教育。每个学生都应该能够获得付大学学费的必要资源。每一个借款人都有权利获得可承担的还款计划。每一个借款人都有权利得到高质量的客户务,可信的信息,公平的对待,即便他们快要还不起贷款了也是如此。 Thats it. Just a few simple principles. But if we all rally around these principles, theres a lot that colleges, lenders, and the people you sent to Washington and to your state legislatures can do to realize them across the country. 主题就是这些。很简单的原则。但如果我们都持这些原则,大学、放贷人、我们这些华盛顿的官员以及各州的立法者们都有大量事情可做,来实现这些目标。So if you believe in a Student Aid Bill of Rights that will help more Americans pay for a quality education, Im asking you to visit WhiteHouse.gov/CollegeOpportunity. Sign your name to this declaration. Tell your families, and your friends, and fellow students. Im going to ask Members of Congress, and lenders, and as many business leaders as I can find. Because making sure that students arent saddled with debt before they even get started in life is in all our interests. 因此,如果你相信《学生援助权利法案》可以帮助更多美国人民得到高质量的教育,我请求你访问WhiteHouse.gov/CollegeOpportunity。签名持这部法案。并告诉你的家人、朋友、同学。我也将呼吁国会议员、放贷人、尽可能多的企业领导来持这部法案。因为确保学生在开始新生活前不被巨大的债务压垮符合我们所有人的利益。In America, a higher education cannot be a privilege reserved for only the few. It has to be available to everybody whos willing to work for it.在美国,高等教育不应该是只为少数人保留的特权。它应该是每个希望得到的人可以得到的普遍权利。Thanks, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快。201503/365457Hi, this is A.G. Lafley. And I would like to extend my deepest thanks to the Peter F. Drucker Academy in Hong Kong and Beijing for being chosen among the first Honoary Drucker Fellows. I am honored and I am humbled to be among such distinguished list of fellow honor ace.各位好,我是阿兰·乔治·雷夫利。在此十分感激香港和北京的彼得·德鲁克管理学院。我非常高兴能成为首批彼得·德鲁克管理学院的荣誉院士。能路身这么非凡的荣誉院士名单内,我感到很荣幸也很惭愧。Peter Drucker continues to be a great influence on me. I did not realize it at the time but I grow up with Peter. My father spent 25 years in management at GE and another decade in Chase Manhattan. He met Peter at GE’s Crotonvile management and training facility in the 1950s and always had Drucker’s books and he studied at home. Though I had no interest in business as a high school or undergraduate student I would through Drucker classic such as The Effective Executive and The Practice of Management. Later, when I was in the ed States navy I grew more interested in business, well running service and retail operations at US air base in Japan. And I returned to Drucker.彼得·德鲁克先生一直对我有莫大的影响,当时我并没有意识到,但是我却是在彼得·德鲁克先生的影响下成长起来的。我的父亲在通用电气做了 25年的管理工作,又在美国大通曼哈顿公司工作了10年。他是在20世纪50年代在通用电气的克劳顿管理及培训资源中心认识彼得的。此后我父亲在家经常学习德鲁克先生的著作。尽管我在高中及大学时期对商业并不感兴趣,但我已经拜读过德鲁克先生的经典著作,如《卓有成效的管理 者》及《管理的实践》。之后当我在美国海军工作时开始对商业感兴趣了。因为我当时负责美国海军航空驻日基地的务与零售营运。我重读了德鲁克的著作。I finally meet Peter in person at 1999. We talked for several hours for every question I posed Peter had one or two more things to think about. Persistently he urged me to choose to focus on a few wide strategies and decisions that would make a great difference for Pamp;G. He challenged me to understand the unique leadership challenges of managing and organization of knowledge workers in the 21st century. 我最终在1999年有幸亲自拜会了德鲁克先生。我们交谈了数个小时,我所提出的每一个问题,德鲁克先生都有一个或更多的想法和思考。他不断地激励我选择关注一些宏观的策略和商业决定以使得宝洁(Pamp;G )卓尔不凡。他也让我明白管理21世纪的知识工作者们是当今领袖所面对的独特挑战。201401/271684

THE PRESIDENT: About a year ago, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel was visiting our troops in the Republic of Korea thanking them for their service and answering their questions, and they asked about the usual topics, about our national security, the future of our military. And then one soldier, a sergeant from Ohio asked him, what was the most pertinent question of the day, which was what was your favorite college football team. To which Chuck replied, born and raised in Nebraska, I dont have a choice; I am a strong Cornhuskers fan.Now there was a time when an enlisted soldier might have been reluctant to ask that kind of question of the Secretary of Defense. But Chuck Hagel has been no ordinary Secretary of Defense. As the first enlisted combat veteran to serve in that position, he understands our men and women like few others, because hes stood where they stood, hes been in the dirt and hes been in the mud, and thats established a special bond. He sees himself in them and they see themselves in him. And their safety, their lives, have always been at the center of Chucks service.When I asked Chuck to serve as Secretary of Defense we were entering a significant period of transition. The draw-down in Afghanistan, the need to prepare our forces for future missions and tough fiscal choices to keep our military strong and y. Over nearly two years, Chuck has been an exemplary Defense Secretary, providing a steady hand as we modernized our strategy and budget to meet long-term threats, while still responding to immediate challenges like ISIL and Ebola. Thanks to Chuck, our military is on a firmer footing, engaged in these missions and looking ahead to the future.Now last month, Chuck came to me to discuss the final quarter of my presidency and determined that having guided the department through this transition, it was an appropriate time for him to complete his service. Let me just say that Chuck is and has been a great friend of mine. Ive known him, admired him and trusted him for nearly a decade since I was a green-behind-the-ears, freshman senator, and we were both on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. If theres one thing I know about Chuck, its that he does not make this or any decision lightly, this decision does not come easily to him, but I consider myself extraordinarily lucky to have had him by my side for two years. And I am grateful that Chuck has agreed to stay on until I nominate a successor and that successor is confirmed by the Senate. Which means that hell continue to guide our troops at this challenging time.Ill have more opportunity to pay tribute to Chucks life of service in the days ahead. For now, let me just say this: Chuck Hagel has devoted himself to our national security and our men and women in uniform across more than six decades. He volunteered for Vietnam and still carries the scars and shrapnel from the battles that he fought. At the VA, he fought to give our veterans, especially his fellow Vietnam veterans, the benefits they had earned. As head of the USO, he made sure America always honors our troops. As a Senator, he helped lead the fight for the post-9/11 GI Bill, which is helping so many of our newest veterans and their families realize their dreams of a college education. As Secretary, Chuck has helped transition our military and bolstered Americas leadership around the world. During his tenure, Afghan forces took the lead for security in Afghanistan. Our forces have drawn down. Our combat mission there ends next month, and well partner with Afghans to preserve the gains we have made.The NATO Alliance is as strong as it has ever been, and we have reassured our allies with our increased presence in Central and Eastern Europe. Weve modernized our alliances in the Asia Pacific; updated our defense posture and recently agreed to improve communications between the U.S. and Chinese militaries. Chuck has been critical to all these accomplishments.201506/380887

Good afternoon everyone. I cant tell you how honored I am to be here with you to talk about my thoughts on leadership and to share my experiences as one of only a handful of women today running a major global corporation.各位下午好!能来到这里和大家探讨针对领导力的认识,并分享作为目前管理着一家大型跨国企业的为数不多的女性所走过的历程,我感到无比荣幸。As I look out at all of you .... some at the beginning stages of your careers....some well along the road to your future.... wherever you are on your own personal path I can promise you a world of opportunity and excitement. Anything you choose to do is within your reach. How far you go will depend on how high you set your dreams and how hard you work to achieve them. But whatever path you take, the foundation provided by a good education will make success come that much easier, I promise you.我注视着你们大家,你们中间有些人正处在职业生涯的起点,有些人已经在通向未来的道路上前进了,不管你在自己的道路上走了多远,我向你们保,前面有无数的机遇和令人兴奋的事物。无论你们想做什么样的事业,你们都可以做得很出色。你们的梦想有多大,你们就能走多远;你们为梦想付出得越多,你们就会越成功。但无论你们选择哪条路,我保,有良好的教育背景作为基础,成功会来得更容易。I have shared my experiences on leadership with many different groups of people all over the world. But being here in the country where my parents and grandparents were born—a country to which I continue to feel strong emotional and intellectual ties—is an enormous privilege and a dream come true.我曾和来自全世界不同的人群分享过我的经历。但是在这个我祖父母和父母出生的国度,这个我一直被强烈的情感和文化所维系的国度,能同各位分享我的成功感受,是我极大的荣幸,也圆了我的一个梦。I consider myself a relatively recent member of a new generation of business leaders faced with a dizzying pace of change and a global economic and political environment that are redefined by the day in this tumultuous 21st century.我认为自己属于相对新一代的商业领导者,我们面对的是令人目眩的变化节奏,以及被充满动荡的21世纪重新定义的全球经济和政治环境。 /201303/230706

Throughout my life, I’ve been inspired by the courage, success and determination of so many women - friends, family and colleagues.International Women’s Day is a chance for all of us to shout loudly and together in support of greater equality, wherever it’s needed. And, since 2010, the Coalition has been focused on making Britain a fairer society: where everyone – no matter what their gender, background or circumstances, can succeed.This includes introducing shared parental leave. So, from April next year, mothers who want to return to work early after having a baby can and their partners will be able to use their remaining leave and pay. We’re improving access to affordable, high-quality childcare to help those families most feeling the squeeze.And we’re also changing the pension system so that it is fairer for women, and have introduced a tax cut that’s helping put money back in the pockets of millions of women. In addition, we’re working to get more women into the boardroom, and encouraging all those female entrepreneurs with a good idea to start their own companies.More widely, we are working across the world to ensure more women and girls have greater choice and control over their own lives. We’re helping to get more young girls into school, fighting to banish horrific practices such as female genital mutilation and working to improve women’s access to justice.I’m determined to keep going further - both in my own party and in government.That’s my commitment for this International Women’s Day and beyond. Together, we can make a difference – locally, nationally and globally – ensuring everyone has an equal shot at the happy, healthy and successful life that they want.201502/357521

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