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German fans want revenge grilling of oracle octopusSome Germans are calling for a public roasting of the oracle octopus who correctly picked the winner of all six of their national soccer teams World Cup matches -- including a bitter defeat to Spain on Wednesday.Paul, a two-year-old octopus in a German aquarium, turned into a global celebrity for hisuncannyability to predict the winner of all Germanys matches -- even a group stage defeat to Serbia and an ousting by Spain in the semi-finals.;Nothing beats grilled octopus,; said Dolores Lusch, a Germany fan who works on a Berlin fish stall. ;Cut him up in thin slices and grill him on all sides with a dash of lemon juice, olive oil and garlic on it. Delicious!;Not an ordinarily superstitious people, Germans became believers in Pauls possiblepsychicpowers. The country was shocked and distraught when he picked Spain to win aftertippingGerman wins over Argentina, England, Ghana and Australia.German newspapers and websites were filled with suggestions of what to do with Paul -- most involved cooking and eating him.;Throw him in the frying pan,; wrote the Berliner Kurier newspaper in a popular sentiment echoed by Die Welt, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, the Hamburger Abendblatt and other newspapers.Pauls picks have become news across Germany and around the world. German networks have had live reports on Pauls picks.On Friday, Paul will tip the winner of Saturdays Germany-Uruguay match for third place as well as the winner of the Spain-Netherlands final on Sunday. Networks in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands are planning live coverage.Vocabulary:uncanny:having or seeming to have a supernatural or inexplicable basis; beyond the ordinary or normal; extraordinary(离奇的,不可思议的)psychic:outside of natural or scientific knowledge; spiritual(有特异功能的,通灵的)tip:to provide with a piece of confidential, advance, or inside information(预言……获胜;事先说……会成功)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/108581。

Less a bid to measure up against other movies at the box office, Star Trek may actually be more in competition with itself, and its many incarnations preceding this latest voyage of the USS Enterprise into theaters everywhere. But what does distinguish Star Trek from the cookie cutter crop of futuristic fantasies, and what led to its legendary status, is its humor and the personality of its characters, who can knock off the self-serious posturing from time to time, to laugh at themselves and each other. Focusing on an intricate web of enduring family feuds, Star Trek traces James Tiberius Kirk (Chris Pine) back to his birth, during which his dad met his demise at the hands of Romulan leader Captain Nero (Eric Bana). And Nero has long harbored his own festering grudge against the Enterprise, after the death of his wife. The occasional surprises materialize when all the noisy sci-fi machinery takes a break and allows the characters some quiet time to breathe through, especially comic relief provided by Anton Yelchin as the Russian accented know-it-all teen pilot Chekov, and Tyler Perry doing an admiral cameo in judicial punitive mode, as he cuts the cocky Kirk down to size. "Star Trek" was fashioned with obvious affection for the source material, but still offers something new. 07/79486。

President Obama to Visit Turkey Within Weeks美国务卿宣布奥巴马将出访土耳其 U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says President Barack Obama will travel to Turkey within the next month. The visit could be seen as a sign of improvement in a long friendship between the two NATO allies that was strained by the 2003 invasion of Iraq. 美国国务卿希拉里.克林顿说,奥巴马总统将在下个月之内访问土耳其。这次访问可以被看作美国和土耳其这两个北约盟国之间长期友好关系改善的一个迹象。美土关系曾由于美国军队2003年攻打伊拉克而一度处于紧张状态。After meeting with the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Foreign Minister Ali Babacan, U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton was keen to stress the importance of Turkey to the ed States. "President Obama asked me to send a personal message as a reflection of the value of we place on our friendship with Turkey. President Obama will be visiting Turkey within in the next month or so," she said. 美国国务卿克林顿在会见土耳其总理埃尔多安和外长巴巴詹后强调了土耳其对美国的重要性。她说:“奥巴马总统要我向土耳其领导人发出个人的信息,以反映我们对跟土耳其的友谊的珍视。奥巴马总统将在下个月之内访问土耳其。”Analysts see Obama's planned visit as a significant step in strengthening U.S.-Turkish relations, which were severely strained during the previous Bush administration.  分析人士认为,奥巴马计划中的访问是加强美、土关系的重要步骤。在前总统布什政府时期,两国关系处于严重的紧张状态。The majority-Muslim country refused to allow the ed States to use Turkey to launch attacks against Iraq, when the U.S.-led invasion began in 2003.  2003年,以美国为首的联军开始攻打伊拉克的时候,土耳其这个穆斯林占多数的国家拒绝允许美国使用它的领土对伊拉克发动进攻。The invasion itself was deeply unpopular among the Turkish public. According to opinion polls, anti U.S. sentiment in Turkey is amongst the highest in the world. But Clinton's visit is being viewed as starting a new chapter in U.S.-Turkish relations.  那次战争在土耳其民众中非常不得人心。民意调查显示,土耳其是世界上反美情绪最强的国家之一。但是,克林顿对土耳其的访问被看作美、土关系新篇章的开端。The U.S. Secretary of State paid tribute to Turkey for its Middle East peace efforts. "I offered my appreciation to the prime minister and foreign minister for the leadership role that Turkey has played in bringing Syria and Israel together," she said. 克林顿赞扬了土耳其为中东和平所作的努力。她说:“我感谢土耳其总理和外长在推动以色列和叙利亚开始对话的过程中所发挥的领导作用。”Turkey for more than a year has mediated between Tel Aviv and Damascus. But efforts collapsed with the Israeli attack on Gaza.  一年多来,土耳其一直在特拉维夫和大马士革之间进行斡旋。但是后来以色列攻击加沙,导致这一努力失败。This week, the Obama administration's sent Jeffrey Feltman, the top State Department envoy on the Mideast, and Daniel Shapiro from the White House, to Syria. The move is seen as the most significant sign yet that it is y to improve relations with the Syrian government after years of tension. 本星期,奥巴马政府派遣国务院高级中东特使菲尔特曼和白宫官员夏皮罗前往叙利亚。这一行动被看作到目前为止美国为改善跟叙利亚关系所发出的 最重要的信号。美国和叙利亚关系紧张已经有很多年了。Clinton said while issues between Syria and the ed States are being explored, they have not yet decided on concrete steps. 克林顿说,虽然美国和叙利亚正在探讨一些双边问题,但是还没有就任何具体步骤作出决定。The U.S. Secretary of State also praised the role of Turkish forces in Afghanistan. "Turkey has been a major contributor to the ongoing struggle to stabilize Afghanistan. I remember the first time I flew into Afghanistan in 2003 , the officer who met me was a Turkish officer," she said. 克林顿还赞扬了土耳其军队在阿富汗所起的作用。她说:“土耳其为稳定阿富汗局势作出了重要贡献。我记得,我2003年第一次飞往阿富汗,在阿富汗机场上迎接我的就是一名土耳其军官。”Clinton was in Israel and the West Bank earlier this week where she discussed Turkey's role in Middle East peacemaking. She also wants Turkey to be helpful in convincing its neighbors to allow their territory to become supply routes to Afghanistan where U.S. and other NATO forces are fighting a Taliban insurgency. 上星期早些时候,克林顿访问了以色列和西岸地区。她在那里讨论了土耳其在中东和平努力中所起的作用。她希望土耳其帮助说邻国,允许美国经过它们的领土向阿富汗运动供给。美国和其他北约军队正在阿富汗同塔利班反叛力量作战。03/64053。

When the wind picks up at the foot of the Rockies, there are those who believe they can hear the future. At the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, making alternative power sources competitive with fossil fuels has been a mission since the energy crisis of the 1970s. Scientists worked to create solar cells far more efficient than those currently available to homeowners. They believe the market for this technology is about to come of age. When it was installed, this was believed to be the largest residential solar-electric system in the ed States. The homeowner is actually selling electricity back to the power company. "I also feel good because I've always been committed about the environment and doing something and we have to start as individuals to do things." But individuals can do only so much. Researchers here say, for renewable energy to really make a difference, it has to be on a large scale. There hasn't been any great sense of urgency for finding energy alternatives. For decades, low gas prices have kept Americans in their cars, usually alone. But a jumping gas prices often spotlights the search for something else to keep all those cars going. What's in there now is a material that looks like straw or, it's actually the material that farmers just leave sitting on the ground after they go through when they harvest corn. We are trying to get farmers to collect this material so that we can run it through conversion technology to make new liquid fuels. Since the energy crisis of the 70s, some farmers have been diverting part of their grain harvest to make a fuel called ethanol. But the emphasis now is on the stalks and stubble left on the ground after the harvest. "The cellulose attained here that actually is made up of sugars, is something that they can turn into ethanol on the same way that they're currently taking the corn grain that having it turned into fuel grade ethanol. " The National Renewable Energy Lab has a plant that converts harvest leftovers and just about anything else into fuel. Proving that renewable energy technology is viable remains a struggle, at least in America. Wind turbines were pioneered in the ed States, but countries in Europe use them to supply more meaningful amounts of power. With the current energy situation labeled a crisis, the urgency for finding reliable alternatives to fossil fuels may have arrived. And for renewable energy, the future may be now.cellulose: 纤维素organic substance that forms the main part of all plants and trees and is used in making plastics, paper, etc wind turbine:风力涡轮发电机A wind turbine is a machine for converting the kinetic energy in wind into mechanical energy. 200810/53419。

冰岛火山灰云团迫使欧洲空域关闭,近10万架次航班被取消或者延误。国际航空运输协会说,这场危机给航空业造成超过17亿美元的损失,并使已经遭遇困境的航空业雪上加霜。英国航空公司CEO 威利·沃尔什说,空域关闭期间英航每天的损失在2000万美元到3000万美元之间。The closure of airspace over Britain, Northern Europe and Scandinavia is having economic repercussions around the world. It has halted the transport of goods, stranded hundreds of thousands of passengers and dealt a severe economic blow to the airline industry.Nearly 100,000 flights were canceled or delayed as volcanic ash forced the closure of European airspace. The International Air Transport Association says the crisis has cost airlines more than .7 billion and is devastating an aly beleaguered industry.British Airways Chief Executive Willie Walsh says his company lost between million and million a day."My personal belief is that we could have safely continued operation for a period of time," said Walsh. "I think there were occasions when the decision to close airspace could have been justified."Walsh says canceling everything was unnecessary and that after the unprecedented delays and cancelations there will still be complications with air travel."I think to get back to normal levels of operation, from an industry point of view, I think will take weeks," he noted.About 20 percent of airline revenues comes from air freight. Aramex logistics company managing director Jim Armour says the shutdown cost his company about a quarter of its daily revenue. The real problem is the uncertainty he says."If someone said this was going to last for two weeks like a strike, you could make your plans, you could think about what you do with your people. I think the concern is the unknown really," said Armour.Armour says the implications are not just economic."[There are] terrible impacts. [For example,] you want to move blood plasma around and you need it badly, you want to move kidneys around… There [are] some disastrous consequences apart from the economic ones," he explained.Flower growers in Kenya and Israel have had to destroy tons of roses and other flowers that are too wilted to have any economic value. Fruit and vegetable producers have also lost crops that could not travel to Europe. Jo Tanner, with Britain's Freight Transport association says there are lots of untold costs."The impact economically is really difficult to judge at this stage, because we do not know how much has been able to be salvaged, how much extra cost there has been in terms of the contingency planning, so moving stuff to particular hubs by air and then picking up the rest of the journey by road, rail or sea," said Tanner.Airlines are asking European governments for financial and logistical compensation to help alleviate some of their losses. Many businesses will not have the same option and it may take some time before the full economic impact of the volcanic ash cloud is known.201004/102108。

Gold medalist eyes Hollywood 圈 Nastia Liukin talks about choosing endorsement deals and her next career moves.Five golden medals in the Beijing Olympics , tieing a record with the very-well-known gymnast Mary Lou. Nastia Liukin, joins us now, uh, very successful. Congratulations on everything.Thank you.Let's talk about all of the endorsement deals following these medals. It's interesting because you told me. You had lot of these lined up, even before the Games, is that right?Yeah, you know, that once I got after with Wheaties , I'm on the Wheaties Box now, and Herbal Essences ,and then Beacon Street Girls , which is like a website for , not younger kids up to teens. Ok, well talk to us about the other deals ,that you had , I know one denim deal , and TV girl are all about jeans, right? So talk to us about that, until the other ones are lined-up.Vanilla Star Jeans, and I, they became my sponsor a little bit before the Olympics Games, but now , after the Olympics Games, I'm going to be doing a signature line in Jeans hoodies and T-shirts. That'll be coming out for the holiday season. And of course, next year too, we'll gonna do another line coming out right before school, back to school time. So Olympic champion and fashion designer, en-huh?Yeah.Is that in the bookstand wrote for you? I mean, what are the other things that you wanna pursue after that gymnastics?You know, gymnastics has always been a huge part of my life and it always will be , so it will always be the center of my career, I think. But I would love to pursue a little bit in acting , modeling , fashion designing , but like I said, gymnastic will always be my life. When you look at all the brands. They come after you, they want you name associated with them, for you personally, , a girl ,your age, what's important for you to be associated with?Definitely, things that I like, and that are meaningful to my life style,cos I don't wanna represent something that I wouldn't ever eat, wear or drink ,so , with Wheaties, you know, it's really, it's a healthy choice . And, it's en, it's a good, you know, it's a good thing to be onto Wheaties' Box, and then ,uh, Cover girl, you know, every girl likes make-up, and stuff, so that's a great choice for me, too.When you look down the road, uh, you know, you're endorsing all of these things now, four years until the next Games. What do you hope to accomplish between now the then, not only on the gymnastic side, but on the business side, for you, because now you're recognized around the world, that a lot of business is looking at you. You know, gymnastic has never been about the money to me. I always love doing it, because I love this sport and winning a gold medal has definitely , uh, made me loving it even more and made me really realize what my dreams were. And I trained hard and I tried to achieve my dreams and I did so.Can you talk to us a little bit finally about how you got into gymnastic, and in the world known as your father as well. So tell us a little bit about that story.Yeah, my dad is my coach, and mom and dad were both gymnasts , so my dad competed at the 88' Olympic Games, and won two gold and two silver. My mom was the 87' World Champion , so, so it's been in my blood , you know, but, I, they never push me into gymnastics. They kind of want me not to do it. Cos they had been through it at their top level and you know, it's really hard to work with the injuries, and the struggles. But at an early age , they saw how much passion I had for it. And they didn't want to take that away from me.Ok, Nastia Liukin, thanks for joining us, I appreciate it. You can catch us of course, on the Wheaties' Box. 200811/54976。

Redistricting rows重新划分选区之争Not so easy并不容易Republican hopes of snagging extra seats following last year’s census look doomed to disappointment 共和党人想要通过去年的人口普查数据再获得一些新席位,不大可行May 5th 2011 | AUSTIN, TEXAS | from the print edition ..REDISTRICTING, so the old saying goes, is when politicians get to choose their voters. Every ten years, following the national census, each state must redraw the constituency boundaries for both its members of Congress and its state legislators. In most states, the party in power controls both those processes, either directly through the state legislature or indirectly through the appointment of members to commissions charged with the job.老话讲,重新划分选区就是政治家选择投票者。每隔十年,在全国人口普查之后,各个州要为国会代表以及州立法委员重划选区界限。在大部分州,执政的党派决定着选区界限的划定,或直接通过州立法机关、或间接地通过指派人员处理这项事务。The whole business has been riven with conflicts of interest for at least two centuries. This time around, though, Republicans are in charge in far more states than Democrats, so should be able to weight the political odds in their favour for the next decade. But that is proving trickier than normal, for a variety of reasons.这项事务为利益冲突成为的焦点已经至少有两百年了。这一次,共和党执掌的州大大多于民主党,所以共和党应该会争取在接下来的十年时间里获得政治优势。不过,有许多原因导致情况非常复杂。201105/135177。

上一期风河的谜团,在这一期中能否得到解决?听听下文吧。还有我们也许说不定会深入怀俄明州的盆地,看看里面有什么东西等待着我们。 ... in the west. When they came to the area around the Owl Creek Mountains, they assumed there were two rivers. North of the mountain flowed a river which they named Bighorn, thinking it was different to Wind River in the south. But later survey showed that the Bighorn and Wind River are in fact one river that channeled through the mountain. Recently, geologists have come up with a possible answer, an answer that could also explain what happened to the once towering peaks of the Rockies. They proposed that millions of tons of rock eroded away, filled in the valleys and covered the lower parts of the mountains. It completely changed the terrain. "At one point in ancient history, the basins in Wyoming were filled with sediments that had eroded off the mountains. This allowed the river to be at a higher plain and meander wherever it wanted to be on its course." As the water flowed, it carved deep into the sediments and rock underneath. "Eventually it cut down a channel into the mountain and eventually excavated right through the mountain." But this is just a theory. Now geologists needed to find proof on the ground. The search is on for the rock that eroded from the early Rockies. The investigation moves to a series of thousand-foot-tall hills in the Powder River Basin in Wyoming. Known as the Pumpkin Buttes, they stand tall in an otherwise wide, empty landscape. Hidden behind the horizon are the Bighorn Mountains - the nearest range of the Rockies. These hills are not formed from solid rock, but a collection of rubble. "This rock, we find all over the top of Pumpkin Buttes in Wyoming, is a granite, the closest granite we find to the series of the Bighorn Mountains nearly 100 miles to the West."小编有约:在一次又一次的猜想和论下,咱们和记者一起发现谜团,然后解开谜团。我想说当福尔斯的感觉还真不差。但似乎本期的问题记者并没有解答论出来,所以Daisy很期待这个。你呢?课后题目:这次Daisy要考察考察大家的地理知识,请问在本期文章中出现了Wyoming的哪些地名?听一听找一找吧。201111/159837。

From its northern border with Peru, Chile stretches some 2,700 miles to the bottom of South America, longer than the distance from New York City to Los Angeles. Strung out along its entire length are the Andes Mountains. Here among these rocky peaks, life goes civilized and wild has learnt to thrive. In Torres Del Paine National Park, pumas have found a refuge. A young female stakes out her territory. She'll range over 60 square miles in search of food. The puma's main prey is the guanaco, the camel of the Andes. Catching one is not easy. The herd keeps alert while grazing, y to flee at a moment’s notice. Even after a successful hunt, repeat meals aren't guaranteed. While the puma sleeps, grey foxes discover her catch, and snatch a bite. It attracts the attention of condors gliding overhead. Outweighed and out-numbered, the foxes scamper away, leaving the carcass to be stripped clean by the condors. When times are lean, pumas will take their chances with other prey. Most of Chile's agriculture is centered around the coastal low lands, but these wild open spaces make excellent ranching. The puma has yet to learn that hunting sheep can make herself the hunted. Though protected by law within the park, they are fair game outside. Ranchers place large bounties on pumas, and will shoot on sight. She manages to escape, reappearing in a few days later. This female has learned an important lesson about surviving in the Andes. In time, she will develop her hunting skills, she will use them to feed her cubs, and continue the puma’s role in a rugged, majestic environment of the Chilean Andes. Vocabulary Mix:string (sb/sth) out: (cause sb/sth to) be sp out in a long, thin line. guanaco: A reddish-brown South American ruminant mammal(Lama guanicoe) related to and resembling the domesticated llama. 原驼:产于南美洲的一种反刍性哺乳动物(栗色羊驼 羊驼属) ,与家养驼羊相关且近似 condor: Either of two New World vultures,Vultur gryphus of the Andes or Gymnogyps californianus, a nearly extinct vulture of the mountains of California, having a bare head and neck and dull black plumage containing variable amounts of white. With a wingspan of about three meters (ten feet), they are the largest birds in the Western Hemisphere. 神鹰,秃鹫,兀鹫:西半球的两种兀鹫之一,即安第斯山区的康多兀鹫 或加利福尼亚山区濒于灭绝的 加州兀鹫 ,其头部与颈部无毛,羽毛呈暗黑色并带有些许白色,双翅展开长约3米(10英尺),它们是西半球最大的鸟类 参考中文翻译:从北部的秘鲁到南部的南美洲底部,智利国境绵延长达2,700英里,比纽约到洛杉矶的距离还长。安第斯山脉纵穿整个智利。在山顶上,生命逐渐进化的文明,野生动物学会了怎样繁衍。在Torres Del Paine国家公园,美洲狮找到了避难所。一头雌性美洲狮监管着她的领地。她将在60平方英里的范围内寻找猎物。美洲狮的主要猎物是guanaco,一种生长在安第斯山的骆马。想捕获一头骆马并不容易。骆马群吃草的时候非常机警,遇到紧急状况随时逃走。即使成功的捕获了猎物,也不能保每餐都有食物。美洲狮睡觉的时候,灰狐狸可能会发现她的猎物,跑来抢走一口。同时也会吸引在周围盘旋的大兀鹰的注意。美餐一顿之后,灰狐狸蹦蹦跳跳的跑开了,尸体则被兀鹰啄食干净。食物匮乏的时候,美洲狮也会寻找机会捕捉其他猎物。智利的大部分农业集中在海岸的低地上,但是这篇广阔的开阔地则育了优质的牧场。美洲狮还不明白,在她捕捉猎物的时候,她自己也有可能成为猎物。虽然在公园内有法律保护,但是在公园外面,几率是平等的。牧场工人给美洲狮很大的诱饵,然后可以在视野范围内射击。她成功的逃脱了,几天之后又重新出现。这头雌狮学会了在安第斯山生存的重要一课。迟早,她会学习捕猎技能,她利用这项技能来哺育后代,使美洲狮在崎岖,巍峨的安第斯山生存繁衍下去。200811/57193。

Over a hundred artifacts from Pre-Inca and colonial times were returned to Peruvian authorities on Monday after being recovered from private collections in Germany and the US. Peru's Minister of Foreign Affairs handed over the ancient objects to the country's National Institute of Culture at a ceremony in Lima."We give today to the National Institute of Culture a group of objects which belong to the cultural patrimony of all Peruvians. They came from Houston, Berlin and Hamburg, and after consulting with the National Institute of Culture, their Peruvian origin was confirmed."The artifacts, mainly textiles and ceramic objects, date back to the variety of cultures established in Peru before its colonization by the Spanish in the 16th century. The first group of objects, mainly from colonial times, was seizedwas by US Customs in Houston, Texas and given to the Peruvian consulate. The remaining artifacts, including a variety of different textiles, flutes, a ceramic piece and three pre-Inca dolls, were returned by private citizens in Germany. The National Institute of Culture praised the citizens who voluntarily returned the pieces.参考中文翻译:100多件前印加时代和殖民时代的文物于周一返回秘鲁官方。之前,这些收藏品在德国和美国的私人收藏家手中。秘鲁外交事务部部长在利马的仪式上将这批古文物移交给国家文化研究所。“今天,我们把一批文物移交给国家文化研究所,这是所有秘鲁人的文化遗产。我们是从休斯顿,柏林和汉堡取回。和他们的国家文化研究所交涉之后,终于确认了这批文物源于秘鲁。”这些文物主要是针织品和陶器,可以追溯到16世纪秘鲁沦为西班牙的殖民地之前的丰富多的文化。第一组物品主要来自殖民时代,被美国休斯敦,得克萨斯海关抓获,交给秘鲁领事馆。其他的文物,包括各种各样的针织品,长笛,一件陶器和3个前印加时代的玩具,石油德国的公民奉还的。国家文化研究所表彰了那些自愿奉还文物的公民。200811/56649。