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Shed kill the client with kindness.她那股热情劲儿会让客户受不了的。kill someone with kindness字面意思是:“用温柔杀死某人”,这只是一种夸张说法,其真正含义为:“热情得让人受不了”。打个比方,你去购物,本来只是想买件衬衣,可热情有加的务员不仅为你拿来了衬衣,还帮你搭配领带、外套、裤子、鞋子,称赞你眼光独到、品位极高。最后你全都买下来了,不禁感叹被他们的热情给杀死了。因此,当美国人说;Shed kill the client with kindness.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;She is too zealous to the client.;、;She is too enthusiastic to the client.;。情景对白:Jane: Listen! Her silver bell like giggling echoes again in the office.简:听!她那银铃般的笑声又在办公室回荡了。Shirley: Shed kill the client with kindness.雪莉:她那股热情会让客户受不了的。搭配句积累:①The client has aly felt uncomfortable.客户已经感觉到不自在了。②I think we should remind her to behave naturally.我觉得我们应该提醒她表现自然点。③Dont worry. He enjoys that very much.放心,他很享受这一套的。④Yeah. She is always so considerate.是啊,她总是这么善解人意。单词:1. zealous adj. 热情的She was a zealous worker for charitable bodies.她对慈善事业充满热忱。Her beauty drew many zealous suitors.她的美丽引来了无数狂热的求婚者。2. echo vi. 回荡The room echoed with their happy laughter.房间里回荡着他们的欢笑声。The bang came suddenly, echoing across the buildings, shattering glass.突如其来的一声巨响在建筑物间回荡着,震碎了玻璃。3. considerate adj. 善解人意的,体贴周到的I think hes the most charming, most considerate man Ive ever known.我觉得他是我所认识的最有魅力并且最为体贴的男士。Ive always understood one should try and be considerate of other people.我一直认为一个人应该尽量为他人着想。 /201308/253046Compensation trade补偿贸易A:I have to tell you that were short of foreign exchange. Could you undertake compensation trade?A:我不得不告诉您我们现在外汇不足, 能否采用补偿贸易方式呢?B:Thats OK. We often import y-made dresses from abroad.B:可以。因为我们常常从国外进口成衣。A:You agree to buy back? Then we can overcome foreign exchange difficulties.A:您是说我们可以回购?那我们就可以克外汇短缺的困难了。B:Yes.you can pay for the equipment with the y-made dresses produced by the equipment.B:是的。你们可以用该设备生产出来的成衣来偿付该设备的购买成本?A:Thats pretty good. Would you like to do total compensation trade or a partial trade?A:这太好了。您选择全额贸易还是部分补偿贸易?B:It depends on your payment capability.B:这要看你们的付能力了。A:In my opinion.total compensation trade is better.A:在我看来,全额补偿贸易比较好。B:Ok.B:好的。A:We require that the equipment and technology to be provided by you should be up to advanced world standards reasonable in price and suitable to our condition of production.A:我们要求你方提供的设备和技术应达.到世界先进水准,价格合理,适合我方生产情形。B:I agree with you. But how long will you need before you can complete the payment?.B:我同意。但是你们需要多长时间补偿呢?A:The commonly accepted period is 3 t0 6 years. Were sure to try our best. We shall reimburse you the total value of the entire equipment by installments in 4 years.A:通常的惯例是3 -6年我们一定会尽快的。我们将在四年内向你方分歧偿付全部设备的总价。B:That sounds great. Good products take good raw materials. So please make sure to use good raw materials.B:听起来不错嘛。但是生产好的产品必 须要有好的原材料。所以请一定要用好的原材料。A:Please provide us with the good equipment and outstanding technical staff as well.A:也请贵方一定要为我们提供好的设备和优秀的技术人员。 /201512/414935

(电话响起 戴夫与吉娜在说话)Zina: So will you come to work with us? Dave: Can I use my green pad again to write you admiring notes? Zina: We'll have to negotiate that. It's a possibility. Dave: You miss me, don't you? Zina: Don't push your luck, Dave. Dave: OK, I'm in. When do I start? Zina: As soon as you can get here. We'll be waiting for you.

几个人在一起玩牌,Catherine不大懂出牌规则,好几次都出错了。这次又轮到她出牌了,便想当然地甩出一张,一位美国朋友说:No dice! No dice!不行!dice本义是“骰子,色子”。No dice出自20世纪初的美国。当时美国很多州禁止用色子,因此一些赌徒会在警察检查时将色子藏起来。没有色子,罪名便不能成立。现在这个俚语的意思是“不同意(某要求),拒绝,不行”。 Jane: Shall we change the plan?简:我们改变一下计划好吗?Shirley: No dice, we'll stick with the original one.雪莉:不行,我们要按原计划行事。背景音乐:The Way We Were◎大家如果觉得不错,请不要吝惜自己的持,在栏写下你们的感受,有大家的持,相信我们会做的更好◎ /201012/119661

  Britains Parliament was officially dissolved last Wednesday, but without the traditional pomp and ceremony.上周三,英国议会正式解散,但是并未举办传统的典礼和仪式。At one minute past midnight to last Wednesday, all 650 Members of Parliament, from Prime Minister Theresa May to backbench MPs, were stripped of their titles, becoming ordinary citizens.上周分,上至首相特雷莎·梅,下至后座议员,全部650名下议院议员均失去议员身份,成为普通民众。The dissolution of Parliament also signaled the official start of Britains election campaign, with all 650 parliament seats are up for grabs.议会解散也标志着英国选举活动正式开始,而下议院所50个议会席位均虚席以待。But the dissolution does not mean that Britains government comes to an end.但议会解散并不意味着英国进入“无政府”状态;Government ministers remain in charge of their departments until the result of the election is known and a new administration is formed,; said a Parliament spokesman.一名议会发言人表示:“在大选结果出炉、新一任政府组建完成前,政府大臣依然负责管理各自的部门。”来 /201705/508679

  Arranging a holiday scheduleA: Mr. Martin? I need to talk to you for a minute.B: Certainly, Mr. Emory. Is there a problem, sir?A: Well, I’d just like you to help me with the holiday schedule.B: Fine, Mr. Emory. Let me just grab a pad and pen.安排假期上班表A:马丁先生?我需要和你谈谈。B:当然,埃默里先生。有什么问题吗?A:嗯,我希望你帮我排出假期日程。B:好,埃默里先生。等我拿纸笔来。 /200705/13853。

  falling knife 一买就套的股票(股市用语)英文释义An investment lowering in price that can cause harm to investors who try to grab it as it falls.例句The famous company is a falling knife, and, although shares are cheap right now, if I buy any I know I will lose money.这家知名公司是一买就套的股,尽管目前价格便宜,但如果我买了,肯定要亏钱。 /201301/223136

  愈忙愈要学社交英文随书光盘Mp3(下) 30 /200710/18789Finishing a conversationA: All right then, Ms. Montgomery. I’ll get those plans over to your office by Thursday afternoon.B: Great. That will give me time to talk with my staff before I make final decision.A: That’s what I was thinking. I’ll have them there by Thursday.B: Good news. Thanks for getting things done so quickly.结束谈话A:好的,蒙格玛丽女士。我会在周四下午前把这些计划送到您的办公室。B:非常好。这样我就有时间在拍板前和我的人商量一下。A:我也正是这么想的。我会在周四前把它们送到的。B:太好了。谢谢你把事办得这么快。 /200704/1210864.通勤常用应急场景范例一:Long way to goLet’s call it a day.It’s nice to go home earlier once in a while. But it’s the evening rush.It’s hard to commute a long way.Sure it is. I really hate to get caught in a traffic jam. /201003/97922

  为了使会议有效进行,应在短暂的寒暄之后马上进入正题。如果是公司内部会议,例如:OK, everybody, we seem to be complete. Can we get started?如果是与客户开会,例如:OK, if you like, we can start now.如果是国际性会议,例如:Since the majority of the required number is present, the meeting is formally declared to be convened.点明会议目的,例如:The purpose of this plenary session is to make a general review of our activities during this past year, and to propose new plans for activities during the coming year.介绍会议时间安排,例如:We've scheduled one and a half hours for the meeting.

  to cream somebody ------- 彻底打败某人(非正式)英文释义 (INFORMAL) To defeat somebody totally.例句 Because we are so much better prepared that they are, I think were going to cream our competition.我们的准备比对手要好得多,所以我觉得我们将彻底打败他们。 /201501/352657

  James: So what do you see as the most effective means of advertising? TV, radio, or print?你认为最有效的广告媒体是什么?电视,广播还是印刷品?Steve: That all depends on what you mean by “effective”. Do you mean reach the widest audience, or cost the least, or what?这取决于你说的“有效”的含义。你的意思是获得最大的观众群还是投入最少,还是其他的意思?James: I mean what gives us the most bang for the buck. Obviously TV will show our capabilities the best, but it is also expensive. I am concerned that if we use print media they can’t really see the quality. What do you think?我的意思是什么途径我们所得的回报最多。显然,电视最能表现我们的实力,但很昂贵。我担心用印刷品,人们无法看见产品的质量。你认为呢?Steve: Well, first let’s both agree to ignore radio. Paul thinks we should use radio, as there is a large listening audience. But I say that in order to see the quality of our product, you really have to see it. Do you agree?首先让我们都明确我们都排出广播。Paul 认为我们应该用广播,因为有很多听众。但我认为为了展示我们产品的质量,必须让人们看见它。你同意吗?James: Agreed. So where do we go from here? TV ?是的。那我们要在哪做广告?电视上?Steve: Actually, I think TV is good, but simply too expensive. Too much of our budget would be drained and not all that much sales revenue would be generated.事实上,我认为电视很好,但是太昂贵了。我们的预算很快就会花光,而且不一定能带来好的销售量。James:Ok,so do you have a better option? Like I said, print media won’t really show off our best digital features.你有更好的主意吗?我说了,印刷产品不能展示产品最好的数码功能。Steve: Ah, that’s where we disagree. I think we could reduce our print media focus to glossy magazines only. The cost would be lower than TV by far, but our features could still be seen.这是我们两个意见不同的地方。我认为我们可以集中在印刷精美的高级杂志上作广告。投入比电视广告少的多,产品的特色还能被展现出来。James: How many males 35 to 40 years old could we expect to reach?预计能让多少35岁到40岁之间的男性消费者看到广告?Steve: Surprisingly, our marketing surveys show about 53 million.令人吃惊,市场调查表明有五千三百万。 /06/74041。

  Directions to the lunch roomA: Excuse me, ma’am?B: Yes. What can I do for you?A: I’m new here and I can’t seem to find the lunch room.B: Oh, it’s right downstairs. I’m going there myself. Just follow me.餐厅在哪A:这位女士,打扰您一下?B:有事要我帮忙吗?A:我是新来的,我好像找不到餐厅了。B:噢,就在楼下。 我正要去那呢,跟我走吧。 /200811/56866

  Business Social Skills 商务社交技巧 赞扬(1)Compliments(1) Joseph: Your search on this project has been excellent. 你对这个项目的研究做得非常好。 Danielle: Thank you. I couldn’t have done it without the help of a strong team. 谢谢。要是没有一个强大团队的持,我做不到这些。 Joseph: The final report is exceptionally thorough and well done. I think that you have been come up with some interesting recommendations for the client. 最后的报告非常全面,做得很好。你给客户提出了一些不寻常的建议。 Danielle: Well, I hope the client feels the same way! 我希望客户有同样的看法。 Joseph: I am sure they will be pleased. 我非常肯定他们会满意的。 Excellent 极好的,优秀的 Exceptionally 特别的,非常的 well done做得好 come up with提出,想出 client客户 /200701/10058

  星级典句:第一句: I would like to introduce the corporation structure to you.我想向您介绍一下公司结构。A: I would like to introduce the coporation structure to you.我想向您介绍一下公司结构。B: Thank you. You are so nice.谢谢。你真好。A: This is our Head Office and we have over 130 Branch offices around the world.这是我们的总公司。 我们在全球有130多个分公司。B: Oh.噢。第二句: On the third floor, I am in the Personnel Department.在三楼,我是人事部的。A: This is Business Office.这是营业部。B: Wheres your department?你们的部门在哪?A: On the third floor, I am in the Personnel Department.在三楼,我是人事部的。其他表达法:Do you want to know something about our coporation structure?你想了解我们公司的结构吗?Let me introduce the structure of our corporation.让我介绍一些我们公司的组织结构吧。 /201304/235277

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