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atrophy: 畏缩reproduce: 繁殖,生殖Animals can reproduce their own kind. 动物能够繁殖同类。Genome: 基因组,染色体组Reveal1. 展现,显露出Little by little he revealed his ambitions. 渐渐地,他暴露出他的野心。 2. 揭示,揭露;暴露;泄露[(+to/as)][+that][O2][O8]He revealed the secret by accident. 他不小心泄漏了这个秘密。 Further investigation revealed that he was guilty. 进一步侦查表明他是有罪的。 Bedridden: 卧床不起的07/78898Bin Laden's death has led to speculation about who, if anyone, will take control of al-Qaida. Often mentioned is the Egyptian Islamist Ayman al-Zawahri, a frequent spokesman for the group who stressed his closeness to the late leader. 本·拉登之死导致各方猜测,如果有继任者的话,会是谁接管基地组织。其中经常被提到的一个人是埃及的伊斯兰主义者扎瓦赫里。他常常担任基地组织的发言人,也强调过他同被击毙的本·拉登非常亲近。Voice of rhetoric In an audio address released in February, al-Zawahri noted that bin Laden assigned him to advise Mujahideen on Islamic Sharia law. 扎瓦赫里在今年2月发布的一段音频讲话中指出,本·拉登任命他为伊斯兰圣战者们提供有关伊斯兰教法的咨询。Al-Zawahri has also been the voice of some of the group's more inflammatory rhetoric against the ed States. Perhaps most importantly, he is considered by many to be the brains of the terror network, responsible for the planning of the group's most notorious acts, including the 2001 attacks in the ed States.基地组织针对美国的一些最具煽动性的言论也一直是由扎瓦赫里发表的。也许最重要的是,很多人将扎瓦赫里视为基地恐怖组织的智囊,他负责策划了该组织最臭名昭著的恐怖行动,包括2001年对美国的袭击。Mohamed Salah, a political analyst and editor of the London-based al Hayat newspaper, says al-Zawahri is the real founder of al-Qaida, with his experience organizing Islamists in Egypt as important, if not more, than the ideological and financial leadership provided bin Laden. 穆罕默德·萨利赫是一名政治分析家,也是位于伦敦的阿拉伯文《生活报》的编辑。萨利赫说,扎瓦赫里是基地组织真正的创始人。而且,他在埃及组织伊斯兰主义者的经验,与本·拉登提供的意识形态和财政领导至少是同等重要的。201105/135037Canines to the rescueThey leap from helicopters or speeding boats, bringing aid to swimmers who get into trouble off Italy's popular beaches.For these canine lifeguards, the doggie paddle does just fine.Hundreds of specially trained dogs form Italy's corps of canine lifeguards. They are deployed each summer to help swimmers in need of rescue.These "lifedogs" wear a harness or tow a buoy that victims can grab, or a raft they can sit on to be towed back to shore, and unlike their human counterparts, they can easily jump from helicopters and speeding boats to reach swimmers in trouble.With millions flocking to Italy's crowded beaches each summer, the Italian Coast Guard says it rescues about 3,000 people every year - and their canine helpers are credited with saving several lives.It takes three years for the canines to reach expert rescue status, and currently 300 dogs are fully trained for duty, said Roberto Gasbarri, who coordinates the Italian School of Canine Lifeguards program at a center outside of Rome in the seaside town of Civitavecchia."Dogs are useful in containing the physical fatigue of the lifeguard, to increase the speed at which casualties are retrieved, to increase the security of both the casualty and of the lifeguard," Gasbarri said.The Civitavecchia center is one of a dozen around the country for the school founded more than 20 years ago in the northern province of Bergamo by Ferruccio Pilenga, whose first trainee was his own Newfoundland.The school will train any breed, as long as they weigh at least 30 kg (66 pounds), but Labradors, Newfoundlands and golden retrievers are most commonly used because of their natural instinct for swimming. Each dog works in tandem with a human lifeguard, who also acts as the animal's trainer.Vocabulary:canine: a dog 犬doggie paddle: 刨式游泳buoy: 这里指life buoy,救生圈。in tandem with: 同……合作背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/112313

当地时间4月1日上午,美国总统奥巴马和夫人米歇尔抵达唐宁街10号首相府,与英国首相布朗会面。当被记者问及美国是否应该对当前的经济危机负有责任,奥巴马表示,他宁愿向前看,不愿向后看。他对美国的经济体制毫不担心。但就在二十国集团金融峰会即将召开前夕,法国总统萨科齐发出威胁,称如果G20金融峰会不能制定更为严格的全球金融市场规则,他有可能退出峰会,同时,奥巴马说各国之间的分歧被夸大了。The president says no one country can fix the economic crisis.Speaking just hours before the start of the G20 meeting of major economies, Mr. Obama stressed the need for all participants to seek common ground. "I am absolutely confident that this meeting will reflect enormous consensus about the need to work together to deal with these problems," said Mr. Obama.Tension precedes summit startBut there are signs of tension, as the G20 summit prepares to begin its work in London. Some countries are blaming the ed States for sparking the economic crisis through the deregulation of its financial sector- a move that led to a credit crunch and sparked an economic recession.The president says the ed States has made mistakes, but so too did other countries whose regulatory systems could not keep pace with a changing financial scene. He says it is time to look for solutions."At this point, I am less interested in identifying blame, than in fixing the problem," he said.President says differences are overstatedAt home, Mr. Obama has focused on government spending to jump-start the economy and he was expected to urge other nations to take similar steps at the economic summit.France and Germany have balked at such action, saying the emphasis should be on regulatory reform. French President Nicholas Sarkozy even told an interviewer that he might walk out of the summit, if nations fail to agree on stricter regulation of global financial markets.Brown predicts no walkoutsPresident Obama says reports of differences are overstated. And, Prime Minister Brown predicts no one will walk away from the summit and its important work."I am confident President Sarkozy will not be here for the first course of our dinner, but will still be sitting as we complete our dinner this evening," said Mr. Brown.Mr. Brown says everyone knows the stakes are high."Never before has the world come together in this way to talk about an economic crisis," he said. " Any of the crises we have seen since the second World War, you have not had this level of international cooperation."Obama agenda packed on first overseas tripOn his first European tour as president, Barack Obama is seeking cooperation on both the economic and security front as he holds bilateral talks on the sidelines of the London summit.His discussions with Gordon Brown also covered the new American strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Iran and the search for Middle East peace.At their joint news conference, Mr. Obama also talked about efforts to control the sp of nuclear weapons - an issue that is topping the agenda for his discussions here with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev. 04/66242

In May, President Obama told visiting Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov the ed States and Russia have an excellent opportunity to reset the bilateral relationship on many issues. 今年5月,奥巴马总统对来访的俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫表示,美国和俄罗斯现在有绝佳的机会可以在许多议题上重新设定双边关系。"…from nuclear weapons and nuclear proliferation; the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan; how we approach Iran; how we approach the Middle East; commercial ties between the two countries; and, how we address the financial crisis that has put such a strain on the economies of all countries around the world," Mr. Obama said.奥巴马总统说:“从核武器和核扩散,阿富汗和巴基斯坦局势,如何对待伊朗,如何对待中东问题,两国间的商业关系,以及我们如何解决这使得全世界所有国家都压力沉重的金融危机,等等。”Foreign Minister Lavrov responded favorably. 俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫对此热切回应说:"I think we work in a very pragmatic, businesslike way, on the basis of common interests whenever our positions coincide; and, on the basis of respect to each other whenever we have disagreements, trying to narrow those disagreements for the benefit of our countries and international stability," Lavrov said.“我想,我们以一种非常实际的方式,像谈生意的方式进行合作;以我们共同利益为基础的合作。而且,当我们的意见相左时,我们彼此尊重,尝试为两国的利益和国际的稳定来缩小我们的鸿沟。”One major common interest is reducing nuclear arsenals. The U.S. and Russian presidents are to receive a progress report on a new agreement to replace the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. Progress on START could lead to closer cooperation on other issues -- says Viktor Kremenyuk, of Moscow's USA-Canada Institute. 一个主要的共同利益是减少核武器。美国和俄罗斯总统将收到一份有关取代战略武器裁减条约的新协议进展报告。莫斯科的“美国加拿大研究所”研究员克雷门约克说,战略武器裁减条约的进展将可以导致在其他议题上进一步合作。Kremenyuk says he thinks Mr. Obama is doing the right thing in making offensive strategic weapons and a new START treaty his priority. The analyst says, if this issue can be resolved, it can open the possibility of addressing other problems -- problems such as preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons -- a top U.S. foreign policy priority. Also up for grabs is the proposed missile-defense system, which Moscow strongly opposed when the Bush Administration proposed deployment in Central Europe. 他说,他认为,将攻击性战略武器和制定新的战略武器裁减条约列为优先,奥巴马总统做对了。这位分析家表示,如果这项问题能够得到解决,就有可能解决其他问题,像是防止伊朗获得核武器这类问题。伊朗获得核武器的问题是美国外交上的头号优先。其他的问题还包括拟议中的导弹防御系统。布什政府建议在中欧部署的时候,莫斯科强烈反对。Police in Russia often use force to break up opposition demonstrations, raising the question of how the Kremlin deals with dissent and human rights. Russian civic activists say the issue should be at the top of Mr. Obama's agenda, but fear it will not. 俄罗斯警察经常用武力驱散反对派示威,使得人们关切克里姆林宫究竟是怎样处理反对派和人权。俄罗斯公民活动人士表示,这项议题应该是奥巴马总统议程的优先,但是他们担心可能不是。In March, President Medvedev met in the Kremlin with former U.S. Senators Chuck Hagel and Gary Hart -- members of the bipartisan Commission on U.S. Policy Toward Russia. Although the commission urges Mr. Obama to raise human rights, it also recommends he respect Russia's sovereignty, history and traditions. 今年3月,俄罗斯总统在克里姆林宫会见前美国参议员哈格尔和哈特,他们俩都是美国对俄罗斯政策的两党委员会成员。虽然这个委员会敦促奥巴马总统对俄罗斯提出人权问题,但是也强调,俄罗斯的主权、历史和传统应该受到尊重。Igor Klyamkin, of the Liberal Mission Foundation in Moscow, told VOA the commission may be parroting the rhetoric of Kremlin officials, without regard for the hidden meaning of their words.莫斯科“自由任务基金会”的克雷金说,这个委员会也许在言辞上讨好克里姆林宫官员,没有提及他们言辞背后所隐藏的意思。Klyamkin says what they mean is that democracy and rule of law are alien to Russia; that its values and traditions are autocratic and authoritarian rule. The activist says, by using the same words [as the Kremlin], Americans indicate agreement with that kind of Russia.克雷金表示,他们真正的意思是,民主和法治对俄罗斯来讲是外来物,俄罗斯的价值和传统是集权和集权统治。这位活动人士说,借着使用和克里姆林宫一样的言辞,美国暗示和那样的俄罗斯意见一致。Viktor Kremenyuk agrees his country must democratize, if it is to modernize its economy. But he says outside pressure could be counterproductive. 克雷门约克同意,俄罗斯如果要将经济现代化,必须民主化。但是他也表示,外来的压力只会产生反效果。Kremenyuk says the idea of democratization has not had much of a response in Russia; it has not gotten through to ordinary people or to those in power. He adds that to demand observance of certain rules under such conditions will look like fundamental interference in the internal affairs of Russia. 克雷门约克说:“民主化这个想法在俄罗斯并没有太多的回应。这个想法并没有在一般人或权力阶层生根。”他并且补充说,在这样的情况下要求对特定的统治进行监督,将会使人看起来像是对俄罗斯内部事务的根本干涉。A report by the U.S. Russia Commission says Moscow's war with Georgia and its pressure on Ukraine have been troubling, but cautions against making the region a political battlefield that could have dangerous unintended consequences. Igor Klyamkin says an authoritarian Russia has an interest in an unstable Ukraine, to demonstrate that democracy does not work. Klyamkin says that approach encourages preservation of an authoritarian regime in Russia, which does not correspond with the country's national interests.During the American presidential campaign, candidate Barack Obama said the ed States should not shy away from pushing for more democracy and transparency in Russia. How hard he pushes as president should become clear when he visits the country, next month.07/76197

On the way home from the grocery, you get delayed so much that the frozen meat you’ve bought thaws out. The question for this Moment of Science is should you refreeze it? We’ve been told by reliable authorities that it’s not good to refreeze uncooked meat. Why not? If freezing the meat in the first place helps preserve it, why doesn’t this work the second time around? The answer to this question lies in the fact that all food has some bacteria in it, but normally not enough to hurt us. We freeze uncooked meat so that bacteria will not grow in it. But freezing does not kill all the bacteria that are aly there, it just puts them in a kind of suspended animation. When the meat is thawed the bacteria come back to life and begin reproducing.【生词注释】Delayed adj.延时的, 拖延的thaw out 融化refreeze v. 再次冰冻uncooked adj. 未煮过的bacteria n.细菌suspended animation 暂停生长reproduce v.繁殖从商店回家的路上,你的行程延误了,因为你刚买的冷冻肉开始融化。这今天的《科学时刻》的问题是我们是否应该再次冷冻肉?权威人士已经告我们再次冷冻肉,这种做法并不好。为什么呢?如果第一次冷冻肉能保存肉,为什么第二次冷冻就不行呢?问题的在于所有食物中都有细菌,但是细菌的数量还不至于伤害我们。我们将未煮过的肉冷冻,那样里面的细菌都不会生长。但是冷冻并不会杀死里面所有的细菌,只是抑制细菌暂停生长。当冻肉开始融化时,细菌又复活了,重新开始繁殖。201110/158007

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