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淄博博山区割包皮哪家医院最好高青县人民医院地址The Republic of China中华民国New Democratic Revolution(1919----1949)新民主主义革命The May 4th Movement of 1919 is regarded as the ideological origin of many important events in modem Chinese history.1919年的五四运动被认为是近代中国许多重要事件的思想源头。Its direct cause was the unequal treaties imposed on China after the First World War.导致其发生的直接原因是一次世界大战后强加给中国的不平等对待。Out of strong patriotism, students initiated the movement, and it further developed into a national protest movement of people from all walks of life.出于强烈的爱国情绪,学生发起游行,并进一步发展成一个全国性的、涉及各行各业的抗议活动。It also marked the introduction into China of various new ideologies, among which the sp of Marxism-Leninism was worthy of special mention.五四运动标志着各种新思想开始进入中国,其中最值得一提的就是马克思列宁主义。Under the influence of Russia’s October Revolution of 1917, 12 delegates, including Mao Zedong, representing Communist groups in different places throughout the nation, held the First National Congress in Shanghai in 1921 to found the Communist Party of China.在1917年俄国十月革命的影响下,1921年,全国各地的共产主义团体派出12位代表,在上海召开第一次全国代表大会,中国共产党正式成立。The Chinese people led by the CPC underwent successively the Northern Expeditionary War (1924—1927), War of Agrarian Revolution (also known as “Ten-Year Civil War” (1927—1937), War of Resistance Against Japan (1937—1945) and War of Liberation (1945—1949).中国共产党领导的中国人民先后历经北伐战争(1924-1927)、土地革命战争(也称为“10年内战”,1927-1937)、抗日战争(1937-1945)和解放战争(1945-1949)。Owing to the cooperation and joint resistance of the CPC and Kuomintang, the Japanese aggressors were defeated.国共两党通力合作,打败了日本侵略者。But shortly after the anti-Japanese war, the Kuomintang launched a civil war.但是抗日战争结束后不久,国民党就发动了内战。After the three-year War of Liberation led by the CPC, the Kuomintang government was overthrown in 1949.经过3年解放战争,1949年国民党政府被共产党推翻。 /201601/412296淄博霉菌性龟头炎怎么治疗 It is the age-old dilemma: Should we throw away our food if a fly lands on it?这是一个古老的问题:如果一只苍蝇落在食物上面,我们应该扔掉这些食物吗?The answer is no, according to a lecturer in food hygiene.一位食品卫生讲师认为是不需要。University of Sydney medical lecturer Cameron Webb advises that if you take the risk of eating it you will probably be fine.悉尼大学的医学讲师卡梅伦·韦伯认为,如果你冒着吃它的风险吃掉这些食物,那么你可能不会发生任何问题。And while the insects can sp germs, it is unlikely that any germs they transfer onto the food would cause someone to become ill.虽然苍蝇能传播细菌,但它们转移至食物的所有细菌都会致人患病是不太可能的。Writing on a blog on the University#39;s website, Dr Webb said: #39;In most instances, spotting a fly on your food doesn#39;t mean you need to throw it out,#39; he wrote.韦伯教授在大学网站上写了一篇客,他说:“在大多数情况下,在你的食物中发现一只苍蝇并不意味着你需要扔掉它。”#39;While there is little doubt that flies can carry bacteria, viruses and parasites from waste to our food, a single touchdown is unlikely to trigger a chain reaction leading to illness for the average healthy person.#39;“虽然毫无疑问,苍蝇会从垃圾中携带细菌,病毒和寄生虫到我们的食物中,但是简单的接触不太可能引发连锁反应,从而导致健康的人染上疾病。”Flies are notorious for sping disease because of their messy habits, Dr Webb said.韦伯教授表示,苍蝇是因其凌乱的生活习惯而臭名昭著的。Webb said flies in the city are typically more hygienic than those in the country who frequently come in contact with dead animals and animal waste.韦伯还指出,通常而言,城市的苍蝇要比农村的苍蝇更;卫生;,因为后者接触动物尸体或排泄物的机会更多。 /201601/422066What if the cappuccino you had this morning was not, in fact, a cappuccino? Scary. More worrisome still: What if your flat white was?如果你今天早上喝的那杯卡布奇诺,其实不是卡布奇诺,那可怎么办?太可怕了。而更吓人的是:如果你的小白咖啡(flat white)才是地道卡布奇诺呢?There was a time when cappuccino was easy to identify. It was a shot of espresso with steamed milk and a meringue-like milk foam on top. But now the onetime king of specialty coffee drinks is having a bit of an identity crisis.曾几何时,卡布奇诺是很容易鉴别的。一份浓缩咖啡,加上热牛奶,最上面盖一层蛋白霜似的奶泡。然而,这个曾经的特种咖啡饮品之王,如今正遭遇一场身份危机。Even among experts, there is considerable disagreement concerning what exactly a cappuccino is, with some of those in the know focusing on the size of the drink as its distinguishing characteristic.卡布奇诺到底是什么,即使在专家中间也存在不小的争议,在行的都把重点放在咖啡的大小上,认为这是区分彼此的特征。“In the U.S., cappuccino are small, medium and large, and that actually doesn’t exist,” the food and coffee writer Oliver Strand said. “Cappuccino is basically a four-ounce drink.”“在美国,卡布奇诺有小杯、中杯、大杯,这其实是生造出来的,”美食和咖啡作家奥列佛·斯特兰德(Oliver Strand)说。“卡布奇诺基本上就是一种4盎司的饮品。”Todd Carmichael, a founder of La Colombe, a coffee roasting company with cafes in New York and other cities, is not so hung up on the ounce factor. “We’ve made the cappuccino mobile,” he said. “With 8 to 10 ounces, the flavors do not go away. They’re just less intense.”在纽约等地开有咖啡馆的咖啡烘焙公司La Colombe创始人托德·卡尔米切尔(Todd Carmichael)认为,不应该死盯着份量这一个因素。“我们让卡布奇诺灵活起来了,”他说。“8到10盎司的情况下,它的风味并没有消失。只是没那么浓烈了。”Others cling to old-school notions of what makes a cappuccino, with the layering of ingredients as the main thing. “The goal is to serve three distinct layers: caffè, hot milk and frothy (not dense) foam,” the chef and writer Mario Batali wrote in an email. “But to drink it Italian style, it will be stirred so that the three stratum come together as one.”还有人坚守着对卡布奇诺的老派定义,几种成分的分层是重点。“目标是三个不同的层:咖啡、热牛奶和有泡泡(不细密)的奶泡,”厨师、作家马里奥·巴塔里(Mario Batali)在邮件中说。“但是要按意大利人的喝法,必须要搅拌,让三层混合在一起。”With the stirring of the drink, one may see the distinctive red-brown color similar to that of the habits worn by men belonging to the Order of Capuchin Friars Minor, a resemblance believed by some to have given the beverage its name.搅拌后咖啡呈现一种特别的红棕色,跟方济嘉布遣会(Order of Capuchin Friars Minor)修士身上的道颜色接近,有人因此认为饮品的名字就是由此而来。Joe, a cafe with 13 locations in New York and Philadelphia, serves a cappuccino that is not layered, with no bubbly foam on top. “The consistency should be the same from the first sip to the last,” said Jonathan Rubenstein, one of Joe’s founders.Joe在纽约和费城有13家分店,它的卡布奇诺是不分层的,最上面也没有看得见泡泡的奶泡。“从第一口到最后一口,口感应该是一样的,”Joe创始人之一乔纳森·鲁本斯坦(Jonathan Rubenstein)说。The Joe version would seem to violate the cappuccino standards put forth by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (S.C.A.A.) and its Barista Guild, which advocate a one-centimeter layer, minimum, of milky foam.Joe的版本似乎违背了美国特种咖啡协会(Specialty Coffee Association of America,简称SCAA)及其下属咖啡师行会(Barista Guild)推行的卡布奇诺标准,该标准主张最少要有一厘米厚的奶泡。Only one centimeter? Sounds dangerously close to a latte. But who would know better than the S.C.A.A.? “It’s kind of ridiculous,” said David Schomer, the founder of Espresso Vivace in Seattle.才一厘米?感觉一不留神就要成拿铁了。但这可是堂堂SCAA的标准。“有点荒谬,”西雅图Espresso Vivace创始人戴维·舒默(David Schomer)说。Some coffee specialists pointed to “latte art creep” as responsible for the small amount of foam in the modern-day cappuccino, noting that it is easier for baristas to make intricate designs with less froth in a time of Instagram-y food and drink.有咖啡专家认为,都是那些“拿铁艺术婊”导致现代卡布奇诺的奶泡如此之少,他们说,在这个无Instagram不成炊的年代,较少的泡沫有利于咖啡师做出繁复的花式。Given the changes in what constitutes a cappuccino, some people may find themselves with an attachment to an incarnation of the drink that was in style when they came of coffee-drinking age. “Back in 1985, the best cappuccino was the one with five-inch mounds of froth sprinkled with cinnamon,” the restaurateur Daniel Meyer wrote by email. “We gave up on foam in 2006.”鉴于卡布奇诺的定义在变,有些人也许会对自己开始喝咖啡的那个年代时兴的版本特别有感情。“1985年的时候,最好的卡布奇诺是有一座五英寸的奶泡山的,上面撒肉桂,”餐馆业主丹尼尔·梅耶尔(Daniel Meyer)在邮件中写道。“我们在2006年告别了奶泡。”Mr. Carmichael of La Colombe recalled the cappuccino at an influential cafe in Seattle, Torrefazione Italia, long before specialty coffee drinks were common. “Cappuccino was coffee with really thick meringue-type foam,” he said. “You could set an olive on it and it wouldn’t sink.”在影响深远的西雅图咖啡馆Torrefazione Italia,La Colombe的卡尔米切尔回忆起特种咖啡远未普及的年代,卡布奇诺是什么样子。“所谓卡布奇诺就是有非常厚的、蛋白霜式的奶泡,”他说。“在上面放一颗橄榄不会沉下去。”Kenneth Nye, who founded the East Village cafe Ninth Street Espresso in 2001, grew so sick of customers’ insistence on what they believed to be a “real” cappuccino that he removed all the drink names from his s. “All it says is ‘espresso with milk,’ ” Mr. Nye said. “We stopped with the names because it’s all silly.”肯尼思·奈(Kenneth Nye)2001年在纽约东村开了第九街意式咖啡馆(Ninth Street Espresso),他不堪忍受那些深信自己知道什么是“正宗”卡布奇诺的顾客,去掉了菜单上所有饮品的名称。“全都是‘意式浓缩加牛奶’,”奈说。“我们不再用名称是因为,所有名字都很傻。”The new enthusiasm for the flat white, a drink made of espresso and milk that seems to have originated in Australia or New Zealand, is particularly nettlesome to Mr. Nye. “You put 10 people in a room who claim to be an authority on the flat white, you’re going to get at least five different opinions on what it should be,” he said. “People are trying to make the whole process intimidating to the consumer.”新近走红的小白咖啡让奈格外恼火,这种用意式浓缩咖啡和牛奶制成的饮品,似乎是澳大利亚或新西兰传来的。“你去找10个自称的小白咖啡权威来,问他们什么是小白咖啡,至少能得到五种说法,”他说。“这是要让顾客对整个制作过程心生敬畏。”Not everyone who cares about such matters has adopted Mr. Nye’s heck-with-it attitude toward coffee taxonomy. The Instituto Nazionale Espresso Italian, for one, calls for “25 ml espresso and 100 ml steam-foamed milk.” Coffee lovers in Italy believe so strongly in the idea of an authentic cappuccino that in 2007, the head of the nation’s commission on agriculture, Marco Lion, proposed government certification for cafes that make the drink the right way. (The government was dissolved before any action could be taken.)并非所有关心这类问题的人都像奈这样,对咖啡分类学不屑一顾。比如国立意大利浓缩咖啡研究所(Instituto Nazionale Espresso Italian)就呼吁使用“25毫升浓缩咖啡和100毫升蒸汽搅打奶泡”。意大利咖啡爱好者对地道卡布奇诺的理念是十分坚持的,以至于该国农业委员会主席马可·里翁(Marco Lion)在2007年提出,政府应向使用正确制作方法的咖啡馆颁发书。(那届政府还没来得及采取任何举措就解散了。)But the notion of an Italian ideal is dismissed by others. “Even in Italy, it varies,” Mr. Nye said. “The one commonality was that it was small and considered a morning drink.”但有人对所谓意大利完美标准也不以为然。“即使在意大利也是多样的,”奈说。“唯一的共通之处是份量较小,被认为是一种早晨的饮品。”The drink’s origins are likely Austrian, said Andy Smith, a culinary historian at the New School. It went mainstream with the rise of Starbucks, which Howard Schultz bought and began expanding (along with the sizing of cappuccino) in the late 1980s. “They should be given some credit,” Mr. Smith said.新学院(New School)烹饪史学家安迪·史密斯(Andy Smith)说,卡布奇诺可能起源于奥地利。是随着星巴克的崛起而普及起来的,霍华德· 舒尔茨(Howard Schultz)在1980年代末收购了这个品牌,而后越做越大(随之变大的还有卡布奇诺的份量)。“应该是有他们一份功劳的,”史密斯说。Perhaps the best cappuccino is made without the fancy barista work or other trappings. “For perfection,” Mr. Batali said, “see the Italian roadside version of fast food, the Autogrill.”也许最好的卡布奇诺不需要花哨的咖啡师技法或其他装饰。“什么叫完美追求,”巴塔里说。“去看看意大利路边摊版快餐Autogrill。” /201510/402724淄博医院网上挂号。

淄博友谊专科医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱沂源县中医医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱 1.The Origins of Halloween万圣节的起源Halloween is thought to have originated around 4000 B.C., which means Halloween has been around for over 6,000 years as we know it today, borrow traditions from different festivals namely: the Roman feralia festival commemorating for dead, the roman Pomona festival honoring the goddess of fruit and trees, the Celtic festival Samuin, meaning ;summer#39;s end;, which comprise the bulk of origins of Halloween traditions, the Catholic Hallowmas period of ;All soul#39;s Day; and All Saint#39;s Day which was instigated around 800 by a church to try to replace Samuin.万圣节起源于公元前4000年,迄今为止已经延续六千年了。万圣节汲取了几种不同节日的传统:纪念死者的Feralia节、纪念果树女神的Pomona节、凯尔特Samuin节(万圣节的主要传统习俗均源于此)、万灵节,以及圣人节(公元800年时由一家教堂发起,替代之前的凯尔特Samuin节)。2.Color颜色Black and orange are the international colors of Halloween. Black, of course, is a sign of death, gloom and the foreboding night, which are all associated with Halloween. Orange is a traditional emblem of fortitude, survival and power, which signify the harvest, and the colors of fall. Halloween is where death (winter) takes over from the life-giving fall harvest, hence the mixtures of black and orange come festival time.黑色和橘红色是万圣节的标配。黑色,意味着死亡、忧郁,预示着夜色到来。橘红色代表着不屈不挠、重生、力量,标志着秋收累累。万圣节过后,死亡(冬季)取代硕果累累的秋季。因此,万圣节的颜色是黑色和橘红色。3.Costumes装The custom of wearing costumes or masks comes from Celtic tradition of young men impersonating evil spirits, by dressing up in white costumes with blackened faces or masks in an attempt to placate these spirit.万圣节的装扮源自凯尔特年轻人模仿幽灵的传统,年轻人穿着白色衣,把脸涂黑,或者带上面具,以安抚幽灵。4.Trick or Treat不给糖,就捣蛋Trick or Treating has a short history. In 19th century Scotland and Ireland, there is some records of children travelling door-to-door praying for souls or performing for money or cakes on All Hallows Eve. However, the tradition is a short step from the medieval practice of souling, in which beggars went door to door on October 31 to pray for souls in return for food. The food given was often a Soul Cake, which was a small round cake which represented a soul being freed from Purgatory when the cake was eaten. Today Trick or Treat means ;gives us a treat or we#39;ll pull a prank on you;.;不给糖,就捣蛋;历史较短。十九世纪,一些苏格兰和爱尔兰儿童在万圣节前夕,挨家挨户为灵魂祈祷,或进行表演,索要饼干或小费。然而,相比于中世纪时期乞丐们在10月31日挨家挨户地为灵魂祈祷以换取食物,这已经迈出了一小步。那时,给乞丐们的食物被称作灵魂饼,一种小圆饼。当饼干被吃掉的时候,一个灵魂就会从炼狱中释放出来。如今,不给糖就捣蛋的意思是;给我们糖果,不然我们就会给你来场恶作剧;。5.Jack O#39;Lanterns南瓜灯According to Irish legend, Jack O#39;Lanterns are named after a man named Jack. This crafty fellow fooled the devil on numerous occasions and, as a result, his soul was condemned to hang about Earth for all eternity. Jack, barred from both heaven and hell, put the burning ember given to him by Beelzebub into the very first ;jack-o-lantern;, in order to ward off any more encounters with the Evil one.爱尔兰传说中,南瓜灯以一个男人的名字Jack命名。Jack愚弄恶魔很多次,最终,他死后,灵魂被罚永世在天地间游荡。他的亡灵既不能上天堂,也不能入地狱,只好把Beelzebub给他的蜡烛放在第一个南瓜灯内,以免自己遇到恶魔。6.Turnips Instead of Pumpkins萝卜还是南瓜The first Jack O#39;Lanterns were actually made from turnips by the Celts to ward off evil spirits during Samuin, The Celts would hollow out turnips then carve faces in them and place candles inside. The turnips were then either placed in the windows to keep evil spirits from encountering a home or carried around as lanterns. The tradition eventually melded with the North American tradition of carving pumpkins.事实上,第一个南瓜灯是由白萝卜做的。凯尔特人挖空白萝卜,在表面雕上人脸的形状,再把蜡烛放在里面。然后把它放在窗户上,以免幽灵进入房间,或者随身携带。后来,这一习俗和北美人民雕刻南瓜的习俗融合在一起,形成了现在的南瓜灯。 /201510/406909治疗阳痿淄博哪家医院好

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