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We want America to be the best place in the world to hire, grow, invest, and start a brand-new, beautiful business.我们想让美国成为世界上雇用工人、发展壮大、投入资金以及成立崭新而出色公司的最棒的地方。And that is why under our plan, we are cutting the business tax rate all the way down to 15 percent,这就是为何在计划中,我们要让企业税率一路削减到15%,bringing thousands of new companies and millions of new jobs to our shores.让成千的新公司和上百万工作新岗位回到美国。Todays high taxes on American Business are a gift to the foreign countries taking our jobs, factories, and wealth—and were not going to allow it any longer.今天美国公司背负的高税率,为外国占有我们的工作、工厂和财富打开方便之门——而我们不再让这种现象继续下去了。Along with our historic tax cut we are proposing dramatic tax simplification.在实行具有历史意义的减税的同时,我们还正提出引人注目的税收简化。American taxpayers spend billions of hours each year complying with our archaic tax laws, reducing economic productivity and job creation.每年,美国纳税人为遵守过时的税法要花数十亿小时——这降低了经济生产率和就业机会。The complexity of the tax code also disadvantages small businesses and family-owned companies who cant afford to hire an army of lawyers, and thats what it is,复杂的税法也损害了小企业和家族公司的利益,而它们无法承担雇用律师团队的费用its an army of lawyers, and lobbyists, or accountants.除了律师外,还要雇用大批游说者和财务人员。Other people can do it, you cant, and its not fair to ask you to even think about it.其他人雇得起,而你雇不起,甚至要求你考虑雇佣都是不公平的。201706/514747。

新东方美国口语学习革命[王强主讲] Lesson 1暂无文本 /200606/7391。

听讲美国口语 /200607/8046。

On behalf of everyone in the Scottish Government, Im delighted to send my warmest greetings to Muslims across Scotland who are celebrating Eid. I know that this years Ramadan fast has been particularly challenging – taking place during the longest days of the year. Im deeply impressed by your commitment and your discipline. The Scottish Government greatly values the positive contribution made by Scotlands Muslim communities to our society and the important role you play in supporting community cohesion as part of our modern and diverse country. Eid is a time of celebration, but also a time of giving and helping those struggling to make ends meet. It shows the strength that can be generated by communities pulling together to help each other – a unity from which we can owe them. So as you come together to share the breaking of the fast, I thank you for your hard work and wish all of you Eid Mubarak!201608/457912。

情人节快到了,阿江很想送邻班的阿晶一枝红玫瑰,可是他没有足够的勇气,朋友阿杰讽刺他是个懦夫,阿江很生气…【口语要素1】You think I wouldn’t dare?可是阿江真的没有勇气,直到玫瑰花都凋零了也没有送出,阿晶知道了,对好友说,他真是个胆小鬼,好友也说,【口语要素2】Definitely.本来也是这样呀,ANDY也为他着急,一个连这点勇气都没有的人,将来又怎么能靠得住呢?【口语要素3】You can not count on him. 阿江事后也非常后悔,但是他发誓下次要勇敢一点。【口语要素4】Make no mistake. I’m going to succeed.终于,有情人终成眷属,在一次舞会上,阿江成功地做了阿晶的舞伴,这时候他向好朋友阿杰吹牛说:【口语要素5】It’s a sure thing. /200604/6694。

Its what led patriots to choose republic over tyranny, pioneers to trek west, slaves to brave that makeshift railroad to freedom.正是这一召唤引领着爱国者推翻暴政、选择共和,引领着西进运动,引领着勇敢的奴隶们建造通向自由的地下铁路。Its what pulled immigrants and refugees across oceans and the Rio Grande.它也吸引着大批移民和难民越过大洋、越过格兰德河(位于美墨之间)来到这片土地,Its what pushed women to reach for the ballot.鼓动女性走向投票站,Its what powered workers to organize.给工人们以团结的动力。Its why GIs gave their lives at Omaha Beach and Iwo Jima, Iraq and Afghanistan.这是为什么美国大兵在奥马哈海滩(译者注:奥马哈海滩为二战诺曼底战役中盟军主要登陆点之一的代号)、硫磺岛战役(译者注:硫磺岛战役为二战太平洋战争中最激烈的战斗之一)、伊拉克和阿富汗中挥洒鲜血,And why men and women from Selma to Stonewall were prepared to give theirs, as well.为什么从塞尔玛(译者注:1965年马丁·路德·金在塞尔玛领导争取黑人权益的抗议游行)到格林尼治石墙(译者注:1969年美国同性恋者在格林尼治石墙酒吧进行暴力示威,争取权利)的男男女女也都准备好了,要献出他们的生命。So thats what we mean when we say America is exceptional -- not that our nation has been flawless from the start,这就是为什么我们说美国是一个独特的国家——并不是说我们的国家从一开始就完美无瑕,but that we have shown the capacity to change and make life better for those who follow.而是我们有能力做出改变,让追随美国梦的人拥有更好的生活。Yes, our progress has been uneven.是的,我们取得的进步并不对每个人来说都是公平的,The work of democracy has always been hard. Its always been contentious. Sometimes its been bloody.民主的事业总是艰难的、充满争议的,有时甚至是血腥的。For every two steps forward, it often feels we take one step back.我们前进两步,给人的感觉却是我们退后了一步。But the long sweep of America has been defined by forward motion, a constant widening of our founding creed to embrace all and not just some.但是,美国仍然一直在前进,我们的立国信条会拥抱越来越多的人,拥抱所有人,而不只是部分人。201701/488499。

英语会话800句 75 /200609/9385。