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白领更易患抑郁症Money really can't buy happiness, according to a new survey showing lawyers and other well-paid white-collar workers are more likely to sufferdepression.A national survey of more than 7500 professionals has found that almost one in 10 reported moderate to severe depressive symptoms.The legal profession had the worst result, with almost 16 per cent reporting symptoms of clinical depression. Next were accountants and insuranceunderwriters, both on 10 per cent.People in IT services, architecture and engineering also had depression rates above the average.The survey conducted by Beyondblue, an organizationdevoted to fighting depression, also showed that those under 30 had the highest rates of depression and were the most likely to "self-medicate" with drugs and alcohol.Beyondblue deputy chief executive and psychologist, Dr Nicole Highet, said the survey-the largest of its kind- was first to reveal the extent of the problem."We often associate depression with the most socially disadvantaged (and) people under financial pressure, but here's a whole different group," Dr Highet said.She said while it was difficult to know exactly what made some groups more prone to depression, it was likely to be driven by work pressures."It seems, with law in particular, there's a problem with employee expectations and their working reality," Dr Highet said."People base their whole identities on being successful in their role and when it doesn't live up to expectations, and they fail to keep a work-life balance, that impacts on their mental health."Among female lawyers, the average age of first pregnancy was 39, "reflecting the all-or-nothing pressure that the sector places on individuals", she said.Law Institute of Victoria chief executive Michael Brett Young said the survey supported anecdotal evidence that depression was a growing problem."Our message is no one should feel ashamed about being stressed," Mr Young said."Ask for help from your colleagues rather than suffer in silence." 看来金钱确实买不到快乐。一项最新调查表明,律师和其他一些高薪白领患抑郁症的几率较大。一项对7500多名职员开展的全国性调查发现,近十分之一的受访者称自己有中度至重度的抑郁症症状。法律行业的情况更糟糕,近16%的人称自己有临床抑郁症的症状。会计和保险承保人的这一比例位居其后,均为10%。IT务、建筑和工程行业的人患抑郁症的比例也高于平均水平。此外,这项由抗抑郁症组织Beyondblue开展的调查表明,30岁以下的人患抑郁症的比例最高,而且这一人群用药物和酒精饮料进行“自行治疗"的几率最大。Beyondblue副首席执行官、心理学家妮可·海耶特士说,该调查是此领域目前规模最大的一次,首次暴露了这个问题的严重程度。海耶特士说:“我们常把抑郁症与最弱势的社会群体以及有经济压力的人联系在一起,但事实上是另一个完全不同的人群存在这个问题。”她说,至于为什么有些人群更容易患抑郁症还难以解释,但这可能是由于工作压力造成的。海耶特说:“员工的期望值与他们实际工作状况的差别可能是个主要问题,尤其对于法律行业的人来说。”“人们将事业成功作为自己的首要目标,当实际情况达不到期望值时,他们就无法维持工作与生活的平衡了,这便会对他们的心理健康产生影响。”她说,女律师首次怀的平均年龄为39岁,“这反映了这个行业对从业者的压力是一种极端的状况,要么压力很大,要么没有压力。”维克多利亚律师事务所的首席执行官迈克尔·布雷特·杨说,这项调查明抑郁症是个越来越严重的问题。杨说:“我们的观点是,患抑郁症的人不应该觉得这是一种羞耻。”“向你的同事求助,不要自己默默的承受。” /200803/32583

Sleep loss,air conditioning make us fat想苗条?多睡觉,免空调a number of aspects of modern living -- from lack of sleep to exposure to living with air conditioning -- may be feeding Americans' weight woes.Fast food meals and TV time shouldn't take all the blame for the U.S.obesityproblem, according to a research review published Tuesday.In fact, a group of researchers contend, a number of aspects of modern living -- from lack of sleep to exposure to living with air conditioning -- may be feeding Americans' weight woes.Writing in the International Journal of Obesity, they argue that obesity research and prevention efforts need to look beyond the "Big Two" -- food industry practices, likebeefed-upportion sizes and added sugar; and reduced physical activity from factors such as cuts in school gym classes.That's not to say that diet and exercise aren't important. However, the evidence linking obesity to food industry marketing and lack of gym class is circumstantial.Lack of sleep is one, they say. Research in animals and humans suggests thatchronicsleep deprivation boosts appetite and eating, and studies also show that U.S. adults and children are sleeping less than they used to. In recent decades, adults have gone from sleeping for an average of 9 hours to about 7 hours, the researchers point out.Another factor potentiallyweighing Americans downis air conditioning. The body burns calories when forced to regulate its own temperature, and people tend to eat less in hot, humid weather.The report cites 10 potential obesity risk factors in all, including: increased rates of older mothers, whose children may be more prone to excess weight gain; a range of medications, such as antidepressants, which can promote weight gain; and a decrease in smoking rates, because people often gain weight when they quit and the absence of nicotine, an appetite suppressant.No one is suggesting that people should stop taking their prescriptions, keep smoking or swelter in the July sun, according to the researcher Allison. When it comes to any one person's weight, he said, "what ultimately matters is calorie intake and calorie expenditure."(Agencies)本周二公布的一项调查显示:美国人不能把肥胖问题完全归咎于快餐饮食和长时间看电视。一个研究小组认为,事实上,现代生活中有很多因素都有可能导致美国人不幸超重,比如睡眠不足和使用空调。刊登于《国际肥胖期刊》的一份研究报告称,肥胖症研究和预防不能局限于“两大因素”——餐饮业的某些做法,如加大食物的分量或含糖量;运动量减少,如学校取消体育课。这并不是说饮食和运动不重要,无论怎样,肥胖是否直接跟饮食业的市场策略和缺少体育课有关系得视情况而言。研究人员指出:睡眠不足也是诱发肥胖的一大因素。通过对动物和人体的研究发现,长期缺乏睡眠会刺激食欲。研究同时显示,美国成年人和儿童目前的睡眠时间比过去少。近几十年,成年人每天平均睡眠时间由过去的9小时降至7小时。另一个诱发美国人肥胖焦虑的潜在因素是空调。当体温自动进行调节时,身体会消耗热量,同时,湿热的天气会让人们减少食量。研究报告列举了诱发肥胖的十大因素:大龄妈妈比例增加,她们的后代可能更容易超重;一些药物会导致体重超标,如抗抑郁病药;烟民比例减少——尼古丁有抑制食欲的作用,所以吸烟者一旦戒烟会导致体重增加。据研究人员艾利森介绍,这项研究并不是建议人们停止使用药方、继续吸烟或忍受炎暑的折磨。当谈到个人的体重问题时,艾利森说,“最重要的还是看你摄取和消耗了多少热量。”ocabulary:obesity: 过度肥胖beefed-up: 加大的,增多的(源于动词词组beef up,指“加强, 补充人数和兵力);例如:beef up the air force(加强空军)chronic: of long duration; continuing(长期的;持续的)weigh down: 使...过度焦虑 /200803/30965

Move over(1) Barbie, veiled is beautiful. The physical ideal of Muslim girls increasingly includes the hijab(2), as evidenced by toy shops' best-selling doll "Fulla" and the string of showbiz(3) stars opting(4) to cover up.The dark-eyed and olive-skinned(5) Fulla has replaced her American rival's skimpy(6) skirts with more modest "outdoor fashion" and Barbie's luxuriant(7) blonde mane(8) with an Islamic veil."Fulla sells better because it is closer to our Arab values: she never reveals a leg or an arm," says Tarek Mohammed, chief salesman at a Toys R Us branch in Mohandessin.The Arab answer to Barbie has been selling like hot cakes for Eid Al-Adha(9), not least because it is cheaper than its American rival, although both are made in China.Fulla is not the first Islamic doll but none of her predecessors(10) have taken the regional market by storm like she has, selling some two million since its creation two years ago by the Emirates-based NewBoy Design Studio.Saudi Arabia's religious police had then just banned "Barbie the Jewish doll", whose "revealing clothes and shameful postures, accessories and tools are a symbol of decadence(11) to the perverted(12) West."Fulla, named after an Arabic word for a type of jasmine(13), was initially sold in the Gulf in a similar pink box but in more modest attire(14), such as the traditional abaya(15) overdress and complete with a little prayer mat."Her wardrobe(16) had to be widened to adapt to the Egyptian market. In other words, she became more modern," said Ahmed, a sales clerk at City Stars, Cairo's largest shopping mall.Fulla can now dress her perfect albeit slightly less busty(17) figure with tight t-shirts and jeans and wear the same colourful head scarves donned by most young Egyptian women today.Fulla also has two female friends, Yasmine and Nada, with lighter hair.But she is still single as no plans appear to be afoot for(18) marketing an Islamic equivalent of Ken, as giving her a boyfriend would be seen inappropriate in conservative Muslim cultures. 芭比靠边站,穿着保守才是美。 穆斯林女孩的完美装束一定要有一条伊斯兰头巾,不信的话可以看看玩具店中畅销的“芙拉”娃娃和成串穿着严实的秀明星们。黑眼睛、橄榄色皮肤、穿着端庄“户外装”、披着伊斯兰罩袍的芙拉已经完全击败了身穿超短裙、顶着一头金发的美国对手。Toys R Us穆罕黛森分店的主管塔莱克·穆罕默德说:“芙拉卖得好是因为她更符合我们阿拉伯人的审美:她从不露出腿或者胳膊。”芙拉在阿拉伯的热销就像宰牲节的热蛋糕,不仅是因为她比她的美国对手要便宜,虽然她们都产自中国。芙拉并非第一个伊斯兰娃娃,但却是第一个如此轰动当地市场的伊斯兰娃娃。自从两年前由阿酋新男孩设计室设计出来后到现在,销量大约已经有二百万了。沙特阿拉伯的宗教警察当时封杀了“犹太巴比娃娃”,说它那“暴露的衣、丢脸的姿势、装饰物和小零件是邪恶西方堕落的象征。”芙拉是阿拉伯语,是一种茉莉的名字。芙拉最初在海湾地区出售,包装是和现在相似的粉色盒子,娃娃的衣更加保守,例如传统的阿拉伯长袍,还附赠一条祈祷跪毯。开罗最大商场都市之星的销售人员说:“为了适应埃及市场,娃娃的衣柜也必须拓宽。”现在,芙拉可以穿着端庄了,只是当她穿上紧身体恤和牛仔裤时显得没有那么丰满。她还可以戴上当今多数埃及年轻女子喜欢的色头巾。芙拉还有两个女伴,雅斯敏和娜达,她们的发色稍浅。但是她仍然单身,并没有计划推出伊斯兰版的肯,因为拥有男朋友在保守的穆斯林文化中还是很不妥的。 /200804/37122

开幕前被列为“终极悬念”之一的北京奥运会主题歌,果然以出人预料并且超乎想像的主题和旋律,给全世界带来惊喜,带来感动。没有气壮山河,没有纵横捭阖,《我和你》(You And Me),闪耀着人性与情义的光华,以舒缓而温情的方式,让亿万观众如沐月光清风,在天籁之音中感受“地球村”的和谐之美。《我和你》,北京奥运会这首总共12句歌词的主题歌,传递着和谐世界的人本理念,体现了别具匠心的创作风格,加上世界巨星的完美演绎和简单易唱的词曲节奏,能否成为奥运主题歌中又一首风格迥异却仍传唱不衰的经典?Cheers from the 90,000-strong crowd reverberated through the National Stadium, when Chinese vocalist Liu Huan and British songstress Sarah Brightman presented the theme song for the night, You and Me, at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics last night.Flashlights and countless camera flashes offered the backdrop to a towering globe on which Liu and Brightman sang their duet, written and composed by France-based Chinese songwriter Chen Qigang. Sarah Brightman and Liu Huan sing the theme song during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony on August 8, 2008 at the National Stadium in Beijing. [Agencies] "Being up there was one of the biggest thrills in my life," Brightman said.She also performed the theme Amigos para Siempre at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games with Spanish tenor Jose Carreras.The 48-year-old soprano, actress, songwriter and dancer wowed Chinese audiences in a concert in Beijing on May 30, 2004, at the Capital Gymnasium.Brightman has also toured other cities in China, such as Shanghai and Guangzhou.She gained fame through performances in hit musicals such as Andrew Lloyd Weber's Cats and The Phantom of the Opera.Her style of blending classical vocals and pop-inspired instrumentation and arrangement has earned her 150 gold and platinum awards in 34 countries.Similarly, Liu Huan is one of the most popular singers in China.As composer of the One World, One Dream Olympic song, and one of the country's best known musicians, the stocky 45-year-old Tianjin native majored in French and is a self-taught singer-songwriter.Liu first became known for composing music for Chinese TV dramas, including the TV series Beijingers in New York, a huge hit in the early 1990s. /200808/45691

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