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绵阳彩妆培训成都/百变妆颜培训学院学韩式半永久纹绣多少钱攀枝花半永久技术培训 The world is facing a food crisis as the worst US drought in 50 years pushes agricultural commodity prices to record highs. 随着美国50年来最严重的旱情把大宗农产品价格推至创纪录高点,世界正在面临一场粮食危机。 Corn and soyabean prices surged yesterday, surpassing the peaks of the 2007-08 crisis that sparked food riots in 30 countries. Wheat prices are not yet at record levels but have rallied 50 per cent in five weeks, exceeding prices reached after Russia#39;s 2010 export ban.昨日玉米和大豆价格飙升,超出在30个国家引发粮食骚乱的2007-08年危机时的最高水平。小麦价格虽然尚未达到创纪录水平,但五周来已上涨50%,超出2010年俄罗斯实施出口禁令之后的价位。 The drought in the US, which supplies nearly half the world#39;s exports of corn and much of its soyabeans and wheat, will reverberate well beyond its borders, affecting consumers from Egypt to China.美国干旱引发的震荡,将远远超出其国境范围,影响到从埃及到中国的消费者,因为美国供应全球近一半的玉米出口以及相当大一部分大豆和小麦出口。 ;I#39;ve been in the business more than 30 years and this is by far and away the most serious weather issue and supply and demand problem that I have seen by a mile,; said a senior executive at a trading house. ;It#39;s not even comparable to 2007-08.;某家贸易公司的一名高管表示:;我从业已经有30多年,这显然是我见过的最恶劣的天气,也是我遇到的最糟糕的供给问题。就连2007-08年的危机也不能与之相提并论。; David Nelson, global strategist at Rabobank, said: ;Today the [US crop] disaster is real, whereas to some degree the big run-up in prices in 2008 was speculatively driven.;荷兰合作(Rabobank)全球策略师大卫?纳尔逊(David Nelson)表示:;当前(美国的收成)灾难是实实在在的,而2008年农作物价格飙升在某种程度上是由投机推动的。; In 2007-08, a spike in prices triggered food riots from Bangladesh to Haiti as the number of hungry people in the world surpassed 1bn. Economists point out that supplies of rice and to a lesser extent wheat – staples for the world#39;s poorest people – remain relatively abundant, subduing prices.2007-08年,价格飙升引发了从孟加拉国到海地的粮食骚乱,全球挨饿人口超过10亿。经济学家指出,当前大米以及(在较小程度上)小麦的供给相对充足,抑制了价格上涨,而大米和小麦是全球最贫困人口的主食。 However, Joseph Glauber, chief economist at the US Department of Agriculture, argued that the current situation was ;far better; than 2008. ;Prices are higher?.?.?.?there#39;s no question about that, but we really had an extreme shortage of wheat in 2007-2008 and I don#39;t see that at this point.;但美国农业部(USDA)首席经济学家约瑟夫?格劳贝尔(Joseph Glauber)辩称,当前的局势比2008年;好得多;。;价格比较高,这一点毫无疑问。但2007-08年时,小麦严重匮乏,而我现在没有看到这个问题。; Justin Forsyth, chief executive of Save the Children, said that the rise in prices was likely to have an exaggerated effect on the world#39;s poorest people. ;Large numbers of people live very close to the edge,; he said. ;Failed rains and high food prices have tipped lots of people over the edge from being able to cope to not being able to cope.;;拯救儿童基金会;(Save the Children)首席执行官贾斯廷?福赛思(Justin Forsyth)表示,粮价上涨很可能对全球最贫困人口产生放大的影响。他说:;很多人生活在边缘。天气干旱、粮价高企使很多人陷入绝境,从勉强糊口到朝不保夕。; The USDA slashed its corn production forecasts last week by the most in a quarter of a century, and conditions continue to deteriorate in the worst US drought since 1956.上周,美国农业部调低了玉米收成预期,降幅达25年来最高纪录。美国自1956年以来最严重的旱情继续恶化。 Meteorologists have warned that at least half of the US corn and soyabean belt will remain dry over the next fortnight, and traders have cut their estimates for the US corn crop by a further 8-15 per cent.气象学家已经提出警告,未来两周内,美国玉米和大豆生产带至少有一半地区持续干旱,交易商已将美国玉米收成估算进一步调降8%-15%。 ;I get on my knees every day and I#39;m saying an extra prayer right now,; Tom Vilsack, US agriculture secretary, said on Wednesday.美国农业部长汤姆?维尔萨克(Tom Vilsack)周三表示:;我每天都祈祷天气好转,现在我再多祈祷一次。; Prices for corn yesterday hit a record .16 a bushel, and traders believe prices could rise above by next month unless the weather in the US dramatically improves.玉米价格昨日达到每蒲式耳8.16美元的创纪录水平,交易商认为,如果美国天气没有出现大幅好转,下月价格可能涨至9美元上方。 /201207/191795Julia Gillard#39;s office wants answers following suggestions that taxpayer-funded translators used the internet to prepare the Chinese version of the Prime Minister#39;s Asian white paper.近日,澳大利亚总理茱莉亚#8226;吉拉德发布《亚洲世纪白皮书》,然而有人指出,翻译们拿着纳税人付的薪水,用互联网将其翻译成中文,导致错误频出。总理办公室正等待调查结果。One critic said it looked like the job was done using the Google Translate website.一位批评人士指出,中文版的翻译是用“谷歌翻译”网站做出的。Ms Gillard released the Australia in the Asian Century paper last month, urging schools and universities to embrace Asian language lessons.吉拉德上月发布了《亚洲世纪白皮书》,敦促中小学和大学开设中文语言课程。But the Chinese (simplified) version of the paper contained broken sentences, grammar and syntax errors, inappropriate vocabulary and incomprehensible expressions, leading many to question how it was prepared. Some English words were translated without preserving the original meaning, regarded as an amateur mistake.但白皮书的简体中文版里出现了断句、语法和句法错误、用词不当和表达混乱等问题,因此很多人对翻译是如何进行的提出质疑。一些英文词语的翻译完全失去了原意,属于业余水平的错误。In the translation of the executive summary, the last line referring to a ;highly skilled workforce; was translated into a word meaning ;an army of labour;.在内容提要中,最后一行提到“高技术劳动力”,翻译出来的却是“劳动大军”。A reference to ;world-beating actions; became ;only one in the world;. And on page 18, a reference to pathways was translated to ;leading peak;有一句原文是“震撼世界的举措”,中文版翻译成了“世间唯一”。在第18页,“途径”被翻译为“顶峰”One Chinese national studying in Australia, who asked not to be named, told The Sunday Telegraph: ;It#39;s kind of unbelievable. I was y to cry when I it. It just looked like they asked some random uni student to translate.一位不愿透露姓名的中国留学生对《星期日电讯报》说:“简直难以置信。看得我都要哭了。看起来他们是随便找了个大学生来翻译。”;It is reasonable to suspect that the person who translated this white paper relied heavily on Google Translate, not their Asian language skills.;“我有理由怀疑,翻译这份白皮书的人严重依赖谷歌翻译网站进行翻译,而非运用他们自己的亚洲语言水平。”;Upon a quick review of the Chinese version, it was found to be able and understandable, although there was room for improvement, especially in the choice of word/terms,; a spokesman from the Confucius Institute at the University of Western Australia said.西澳大学孔子学院的一名发言人说:“我大概看了一下白皮书的中文版,虽然存在改进的空间,特别是在选词措辞上面还有问题,但还是可以看懂的。”;In general, it is understandable. #39;Simplified#39; refers to the version of Chinese characters versus traditional characters.;“总体来看还是可以看懂的。”简体中文是对应繁体中文而言。A spokeswoman for the Prime Minister said the translation was done by a service accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters.澳大利亚总理的一名女发言人表示,白皮书中文版翻译工作由澳大利亚翻译资格认可局认可的翻译机构完成。;We have asked the translator to review the examples provided. If there are issues with any of the translations they will be fixed,; the spokeswoman said.她说:“我们已经要求翻译对以上问题进行检查。如果翻译上有任何问题,都将进行修改。” /201211/209888都江堰学纹绣眉型多少钱

成都/环亚学校联系方式qq微信成都/素秀国际半永久学校做美容纹绣多少钱 泸州唇妆培训学校哪家好

四川蓝美人化妆学校韩式半永久纹眉定妆培训Teachers have been dubbed "gardener", "engineers of human souls" and is respected by the whole society as a career. Back in May 1931, educators While cool autumn and range coverage and others had proposed the establishment of Teacher's Day, issued the "Teacher's Day Declaration," the petition for  approval of the central government, and on June 6, 1931 in Nanjing Central University held its first ceremony to celebrate Teacher's Day. But this time, the Ministry of Education has not approved the school calendar included in the school holidays. Despite this, but many school teachers are automatically held in commemoration of June 6.  1939, the year the Ministry of Education to the August 27 anniversary of the birth of Confucius as Teacher's Day, and promulgated the "Interim Measures to mark Teacher's Day," but has not yet started.  After the founding of New China, in 1951 by the Ministry of National Education and the union agreed that the abolition of the June 6 of the Teacher's Day, Teacher's Day and will be changed with the "May 1" International Labor Day commemoration together without teachers features implemented very satisfactory results, but teachers will trace the marketing claims.  January 21, 1985, the Ninth Meeting of the Sixth NPC Standing Committee decided that each year on September 10 as Teacher's Day. Teacher's Day scheduled for September 10, to consider the new school year, as new weather, the teachers have new feeling. Iraq began full admission of respecting teachers, teachers can teach and students can learn to create a good atmosphere. Meanwhile, a national holiday in September less convenient time to focus on all aspects of organizational activities and highlight reports, attaching importance to the promotion of the country, respect for knowledge and talent of the good society as a whole. /200909/83551 什邡市美容纹绣学校内江姚氏彩妆美容培训学校学习韩式半永久雾眉毛多少钱



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