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昆明铁路医院祛眼袋手术多少钱昆明晋宁县人民医院治疗痘坑多少钱Voice : example, there was a gold cross on top of the old Church of Our Lady in Dresden. It stood on a golden orb, or ball. In 199, people found the damaged remains of the orb and cross in the ruins of the bombed church. In Britain, people and companies med a group called the Dresden Trust. The group made a new Orb and Cross the top of the new church. Again, people said:声音:举个例子,德勒斯登旧圣母教堂顶部有个金色的十字架这个十字架矗立在一个金色的球体上199年,人们在教堂废墟里发现了球体和十字架的残骸一些英国民众和企业成立了一个名为“德勒斯登基金”的组织这个组织为新教堂顶部制作了新的球体和十字架这些人这样说道:Voice 3: We must apologise what we did and we must give you what you did to us. And we must become friends and stay friends.声音3:“我们必须为我们做过的事情道歉,我们也必须原谅你们对我们做过的事我们必须成为朋友,而且保持住这份友谊”Voice : Now the great new Church of Our Lady is complete. It has taken fifteen years to rebuild. Now people can worship in it again. People can play and sing music in it again. The re-opening of this church truly is a cause celebration the people of Dresden, and their friends in Britain and in many other places.声音:现在,新圣母教堂已经建成重建工程进行了十五年之久现在人们可以再次去那里朝圣人们可以再次演奏和歌唱对德勒斯登民众、他们的英国朋友和世界各地的朋友来说,这座教堂的重新开放绝对是一件值得庆贺的事情Voice : But the story does not end there. There are plans to raise money so that young Germans could go to study in England. In the same way, young British people could go to Dresden to study. These young people will make friends with one another. They will give and get what their parents did to each other. They will learn to live again in peace and friendship.声音:故事并没有在这里结束帮助德国年轻人前往英国留学的募集资金计划正在进行同样,这些计划也会帮助英国年轻人前往德勒斯登留学这些年轻人可以成为朋友他们会原谅并忘记他们的父母对彼此所做的事情他们会学会在和平和友谊中重获新生译文属 770西双版纳州人民医院激光祛太田痣多少钱 Support groups offer emotional help following the diagnosis of an illness. CNN's Judy tin reportsThe thought of opening up and sharing personal details of an illness with strangers may not appeal to everyone,but many people do welcome the reincement they offer. " I think the major benifit of any support group is you to be able to say I'm not alone." Doctor Wendy Lens says people with diseases and medical condition who attend support groups suffer less stress and their pain is often diminished."You can be yourself, you can share your experiences, you can learn from others' experience". Doctors are careful to tell patients with life-threatening conditions that support groups won't prolong their lives. "We don't tell people that support groups are going to give them a longer life, but what we definitely can tell them is it will help them to live better." Doctors Lens recommends finding a support group that offers confidentiality, one where you don't have to talk if you don't feel like it, but encourages you to share.Look a group where attendance is not mandatory, and if you are not feeling supported, she tells patients to leave. today's health minute, I'm Judy tin 518网络购物以其快捷方便赢得了广大年轻人的喜欢,然而,产品质量问题不可忽略,许多消费者都买到假货为打击这种违法行为,中国消费者协会要求在线购物网站,包括淘宝和阿里巴巴,采取保护措施以维护消费者权益Shopping online prevails all over China. According to a survey on the website of Chinanews.com, in the year , more than 1.3 billion people purchased online, contributing to a total volume of about 38-trillion US dollars. However, according to another survey by the Beijing Consumer Association, the complaint rate of online consumers has also risen to be twice as large as it was in . Ma Yun, the CEO of the website China.alibaba.com heavily criticizes cheating online traders; he says online shopping websites must adjust their online sale rules otherwise they will not survive."Fake and low-quality commercial goods will do great harm to our society. Any online shopping mall which wants bigger space better development has to fight against cheating online traders. If they cannot stop them cheating, the only and the best solution online shopping malls to solve the complaints from the consumer is to close their online shopping websites."Since the year , the China Consumer Association has received many complaints from online consumers. Most of what they complain about is that goods they receive are very different from what they look like on the websites.In Shanghai, a young man's appearance has attracted a lot of attention. He wears a hat shaped like a tiger and a long overcoat on the back of which was pasted many brand labels. What's more, on his back there are some highlighted words which : "BE CAREFUL WHEN SHOPPING ONLINE! RESIST ONLINE CHEATING!" He says the reason he wears so exaggerative a jacket is to warn people to be alert of online shopping. "I am trying to use permance art to draw people's attention to the perils of online shopping. Now the fake goods that people buy online are becoming much more prevalent. My mom bought a gery of a Louis Vuitton handbag on an online shopping website one month ago, and I bought a pair of fake Nike shoes. But they were supposed to be the real ones and the online seller had promised that what they sold were all genuine. We were so upset with these cheats."The International Day Consumer Rights and Interests falls on March the th every year. This year, the China Consumer Association is focused on protecting the online consumer's rights and interests. An online work station which works specially on cracking down on online counterfeit goods was founded by Shanghai Xiangru Media Limited Company two months ago. 198昆明市盘龙区人民医院祛疤痕多少钱

富民嵩明宜良玻尿酸多少钱一支Kennedy stumbles in Senate bid Caroline Kennedy's ay into politics has been anything but smooth -- initially avoiding the media, and then admitting that she has rarely voted. In American politics the Kennedy name is like royalty. But despite having a father who was president and two uncles who serve as senator, Caroline Kennedy’s ay into politics has been anything but smooth. Initially avoiding the media, and then admitting that she rarely voted, or raised money democratic candidates in her home state of New York, or recently she gave answers to questions in an interview of the influential New York Times, that the paper described as elusive(逃避的). The Brooklyn Institution Steven Hess, “If she can’t take it clearly, she shouldn’t be running. So it’s a good thing in a way that she has a month to campaign this job. Will, if she’s made of a certain stuff.”The fifty-one-year old Kenney who has never run office, never held a nine-to-five job, and has never sought the limelight(出风头) as hoping to succeed Hillary Clinton as the junior senator from New York. But the decision will not rest with voters. Instead, New York governor David Paterson was selected Clinton’s replacement. And he is purely annoyed about all the Kenny’s speculations. “Every day we will these es, these sources close to this one and that one. And this one is your friend and that one won’t be a friend of yours, sounding more like the prelude to a high school prom(正式舞会)than the choosing a ed States senator.” In fact, campaigning into a position so publicly is rare. Most campaigning happens behind closed doors. But with her political lineage Caroline Kennedy is not your run-of-the-mill(非经选拔的, 非精选的)candidate, and while members of both parties continue to raise questions about her qualifications the job, Caroline Kennedy only has to convince one person that she is y and able to be New York’s next senator. John Decker, Reuters 0昆明市红会医院隆胸多少钱 Can't make it work[00:.30]Listen and Share[00:.]Can't make it work 不能上班[00:1.56]词汇扫描[00:.78]construction [k#601;n'str#65;k#63;#601;n] 建筑现场[00:.68]crew [kru:] 工作队[00:31.]英文原文[00:33.]One of the workers on my construction crew[00:35.]didn't show up work on Monday,[00:37.]and he didn't phone to explain his absence.[00:0.6]On Tuesday morning, though, he did call. [00:3.18]"I won't be able to make it to work today," he said, "or yesterday."[00:9.61]中文大意[01:.97]逐句对照[01:.35]One of the workers on my construction crew[01:.]didn't show up work on Monday,[01:1.79]and he didn't phone to explain his absence.[01:6.]On Tuesday morning, though, he did call. [01:3.9]"I won't be able to make it to work today," he said, "or yesterday."[01:.]多学一点[01:6.70]construction 建筑现场,工地[01:50.7]crew 工作队[01:53.19]修理队 repair crew[01:55.35]空勤人员 air crew[01:57.59]舞台工作人员 stage crew[:.60]did[:.81]he did call[:.9]I do want to be sure. Do be still![:.0]make[:.19]make it 成功、办得到[:5.78]He finally made it as an actor.[:.89]重新听一次故事原文[:37.6]One of the workers on my construction crew[:39.71]didn't show up work on Monday,[:1.8]and he didn't phone to explain his absence.[:.6]On Tuesday morning, though, he did call. [:7.65]"I won't be able to make it to work today," he said, "or yesterday."[:.]谢谢收听 6昆明注射玻尿酸医院

云南南疆医院治疗疤痕多少钱 Martin Luther King马丁·路德·金Martin Luther King was born on January , 199 in Atlanta, Georgia. His father was the minister of the Ebenezer Baptist Church, as was his father bee him ;M.L,; as he was called, lived with his parents, his sister and brother in Atlanta, Ga. Their home was not far from the church his father preached and father taught their children what would become an important part of M. L. life-to treat all people with respect.马丁·路德·金199年1月日出生于佐治亚州的亚特兰大其父是埃比尼亚泽洗礼堂的牧师,和他父亲一样,他也被叫做“马丁·路德”,他与父母,兄同住在亚特兰大他们家离父亲布道的教堂不远,同时父亲也教给了马丁·路德·金人生中重要的信条:尊重所有的人Martin’s father worked hard to break down the barriers between the races. His father believed African- Americans should register their complaints by voting. As M.L. grew up he found that not everyone followed his parents’principles. He noticed that ;black; people and white people were treated differently. He saw that he and his white friends could not drink from the same water fountains and could not use the same restrooms.马丁的父亲致力于消除种族隔阂他相信美国黑人应该通过选举来表达他们的不满当马丁长大后发现并非每个人都遵从父母的信条他注意到“黑皮肤的”人和白人所受的对待是不同的他看到他和他的白人朋友们不能在同一个水坛饮水并且不能共用一个厕所When M.L.was y college he decided to follow his father and become a minister. While attending the Crozer Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania he became familiar with Mahatma Gandhi, who had struggled to free the people of India from British rule by ;peaceful revolution;.当马丁要上大学时,他决定像他父亲一样当一名牧师在宾夕法尼亚克隆泽神学院上学时,他知道了圣雄甘地,了解到甘地通过“非暴力革命”的斗争将印度人民从英国统治中解放出来Martin Luther King involvement with the civil rights movement began with the arrest of Mrs. Rosa Parks, was arrested not giving a white bus rider her seat, Mrs. Parks was not the first African-American to be arrested this ;crime;,but she was well known in the Montgomery African-American commy.马丁·路德·金参与民权运动是从1955年月1日开始的,其原因是罗莎·帕克斯夫人的被捕帕克斯夫人是由于未给一名白人乘车者让座而被捕帕克斯夫人已不是第一个因为这种“罪”而被捕的美国黑人了,而她在蒙哥马利的美国黑人社区中颇有名气Martin and the other African-American commy leaders felt a protest was needed. The African-American residents of the city were asked to boycott the bus company by walking and driving instead. The ed States Supreme Court would end the boycott, which lasted 381 days, by declaring that Alabama state and local laws requiring segregation on buses were illegal. The boycott was a success and Martin had showed that peaceful mass action could bring about change.马丁和其他美国黑人社区的领袖们感觉进行抗议势在必行他们要求该市的美国黑人居民步行和自己驾车来抵制汽车公司美国最高法院宣布阿拉巴马州和地方法令规定的公共汽车上的种族隔离是违法的,从而结束了这次持续了381天的抵制马丁通过这次成功的抵制行动表明,非暴力的群众斗争能够改变现状 35671昭通市中医院去痘印多少钱昆明丰苹果肌多少钱




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