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Most of us have struggled at some point with sleep. Whether it#39;s not getting enough sleep or struggling to get up in the morning, it can be difficult to get the balance just right.大多数人都遇到过一些睡眠问题。有可能是睡得不够,又或者是早晨起不来,很难达到平衡睡得舒。However, sleep is essential if we want to be productive in life. It provides us with the energy we need to get stuff done!然而为了保精力充沛,睡眠是十分必要的。我们需要睡足了才有精力干活!Here are the 10 most common sleep mistakes people make and a few tips for avoiding them!下面列出了常见的十大睡眠错误以及纠正小贴士。1.The snooze button1.闹钟止闹按钮Don#39;t EVER hit the snooze button. It really is much more beneficial to just get up on your first alarm. Think about it – the snooze button gives you an extra 10 minutes or so sleep. In the grand scheme of your day this really won#39;t provide you with any more energy. In-fact it does the opposite. Research has shown that ‘interrupted sleep#39; can cause us to feel more tired.千万不要按止闹按钮,其实在闹铃一响时就起来对身体更好。想想看,止闹按钮可以让你多睡10分钟或者更长一点时间。但相比于一整天满满的计划,这多睡的10分钟根本无法为你多添几份活力。事实上恰恰相反,研究表明受干扰的睡眠会让人更加疲倦。2.Disorganized sleeping habits2.不规律的睡眠习惯It#39;s much easier to get to sleep each night (and wake up feeling refreshed) if we have a regular routine. This means going to bed at roughly the same time each night and getting up at roughly the same time each morning. If you#39;re disorganized with your sleeping routine, you end up interrupting your natural sleeping rhythms, which can cause insomnia and fatigue.如果每天的作息时间规律,每晚会更加容易入眠(醒来时也会感到神清气爽)。也就是说每晚在相对固定的时间睡觉,每天早上在相对固定的时间起床。如果你睡觉的时间不规律,就会打乱你的生物钟,导致失眠和疲劳感。3.Long naps3.小睡时间过长Long naps can disrupt your sleeping rhythms so if you#39;re desperate for a nap then keep it under the 30 minute mark (and before 4pm). Short naps after lunch can help to restore energy levels (just make sure you don#39;t sleep in).小睡时间过长会打乱人的生物钟,所以如果你真的很想打个盹儿的话,请把时间控制在30分钟以内(而且要在下午四点前睡)。在午餐后小睡一会儿有助于恢复体力(只是不要睡过头了)。4.Caffeine/stimulants4.咖啡因/兴奋剂Don#39;t drink any caffeinated drinks after mid-day. Caffeine stimulates your body for up to 12 hours after consumption so it#39;s important to restrict your intake later in the day. Be aware of supposed ‘herbal#39; drinks such as green tea, which can have a high dose of caffeine. Always check the label.请不要在中午之后饮用含咖啡因的饮料。咖啡因会持续的影响人体12个小时,所以要控制自己不要在中午以后摄取咖啡因。小心一些“草本”饮料,例如绿茶含有很高的咖啡因。每次喝饮料之前都要看一下成份标签。5.Stress amp; negative thinking5.压力和消极想法Stress is a large reason why many people find it difficult to sleep. One of the worse things you can do is be stressed before bed. Stress produces chemicals that physically stop us from sleeping. Try and clear your mind before bed time and make an effort to think positive thoughts that aid sleep.压力是造成人难以入眠的重要原因。在上床睡觉前带着太大压力就更加糟糕了。压力会使人分泌出某些从生理上阻止睡眠的化学物质。尝试在睡前清空所思所想,努力朝有助于睡眠的积极方面想吧。6.Too much light6.光线太亮Our bodies depend on ‘sleep signals#39; to fall asleep and one of those signals is darkness. Make sure your room is as dark as possible before trying to get to sleep. Even a thin stream of light coming in through your window can disrupt your pineal gland#39;s production of sleep hormones and therefore disturb your sleep rhythms, so make sure your blinds are closed!我们的身体依靠“睡眠信号”来入睡,其中一个信号就是黑暗。所以在睡觉前要确保房间光线尽可能暗。即便是透过玻璃窗射进来的一小束光线也可能会干扰人的松果体分泌睡眠荷尔蒙,从而干扰睡眠生物钟。因此要保关上百叶窗!7.Sugar before bedtime7.睡前摄取糖分Sugary snacks before bedtime are a really bad idea. The sugar can disrupt the chemicals in your body causing you to wake up during the night. Limit all late night sweet treats – if you#39;re hungry go for a protein based snack instead.睡前吃含糖的零食真的是个坏主意。糖会破坏人体体内的化学物质,导致人在夜间醒来。因此要控制晚间吃甜食的量,如果你饿了,去吃一些蛋白质为主的零食吧。8.Alcohol before bedtime8.睡前喝酒Alcohol is a sedative and therefore people get fooled into thinking it will help them get a good nights sleep. The reality is that it may initially induce sleep, however it usually drastically impairs sleep during the second half of the night which leads to interrupted sleep patterns that will leave you feeling fatigued in the morning (not to mention the hangover!)酒精有镇定作用,因此人们会误以为酒精能帮助睡眠。实际上酒精可能会在一开始促进人睡眠,但是它也常会在后半夜严重影响人的睡眠,打乱人的睡眠模式,让你在早上觉得很疲乏(更不用说还有宿醉了)。9.TV in the bedroom9.卧室里摆放电视It can be easy to fall asleep on the couch in front of the TV. It#39;s important we don#39;t try and replicate this strategy in the bedroom though. The bedroom must only be associated with sleep. When you start to introduce mental stimulation such as a TV this can severely disrupt your sleep patterns.坐在电视机前的沙发上很容易睡着,但重要的是我们不能在卧室里尝试这一方法。卧室应当只与睡眠有关,把电视机之类刺激神经的东西放进卧室会严重打乱你的睡眠模式。10.Worrying about sleep10.担心睡眠If you#39;ve had a few bad nights sleep, then the worst thing you can do is worry too much about it. When we place too much focus on sleeping this can cause anxiety and only make the problem worse. Try to go with the flow and let your body naturally get into a healthy sleep pattern.当你几天都睡不好后,最糟糕的事情就是你还总是担心自己的睡眠。当我们把注意力过多放在睡眠上时,就会导致焦虑,而焦虑只会让睡眠问题变得更严重。试着顺其自然地让身体进入健康的睡眠模式吧。 /201209/198518

Gentlemen no longer prefer blondes - with most believing brunettes make better wives and girlfriends, research has revealed.研究揭示,男士已不再青睐金发美女了,大部分男人认为深色头发的女人更适合当老婆和女朋友。A study found that men see women with dark hair as ;deeper; and ;more sensible; than their blonde counterparts.一项研究发现,男人认为深色头发的女人比金发女人“更有深度”、“更明智”。It also emerged that men think brunettes take better care of their appearance, make better cooks and are more proficient at keeping the house clean.研究还发现,男人认为深发女子更懂得打理自己的仪表,更精于烹饪,也更擅长保持家里整洁。Other ;wife-like; attributes men think brunettes are likely to possess include being more experimental in the bedroom and being better with money.男人认为深发女子倾向于拥有的“适合做老婆的”其他特质包括更愿意尝试新的做爱方式,也更善于理财。;Men obviously have their opinions about the colour of women#39;s hair,; said a spokesperson for Superdrug, who conducted the research.开展这一研究的药妆店Superdrug的发言人说:“显然男人对于女人的头发颜色有他们自己的看法。”;But our sales tell us that when it comes to hair dye women are more likely to change their shade when they see a celebrity switch shade than any other reason.“但我们的销售情况告诉我们,在选择染发剂时,女人最可能因为看到名人改变发色而去染自己的头发。;This research turns our hair stereotypes on their heads.;“这一研究结果颠覆了人们对头发的固有观念。”The study of 1,000 men showed 54 percent would choose a brunette to be their wife, 16 percent would opt for a lady with fair hair, while 30 percent don#39;t have a preference.这项调查了1000名男性的研究显示,54%的男人会选择深发女子做自己的老婆,16%会选择金发女子做老婆,30%的男人对头发颜色没有特别的偏好。And when it comes to getting a girlfriend, 48 percent chose girls with brown hair, one in four chose blonde and 27 percent said neither.在选择女朋友时,48%的男人选择棕色头发的女子,四分之一的男人选择金发女子,27%的男人表示他们两种都不会选。 /201303/232294Age: As old as idiocy itself.时代:和愚昧本身一样久远。Appearance: Back-garden bunkers, tinned food and, eventually, embarrassment.表现:后花园地堡,罐头食品,最终,尴尬。Is this about Friday? It is indeed. Specifically, the moment on Friday when the whole world comes to a fiery, watery or in some other way unpleasant and cataclysmic end.大概是在星期五吗?确实是的。具体来说,周五的时候当整个世界进入水深火热或其他方式的不舒和灾难性的末日之中。As predicted by the Mayans? Actually, as predicted by absolutely no Mayan prophecies ever, but by quite a few very silly people who aren#39;t aware that when a calendar comes to an end – even an ancient Mayan one – you just need to pop out and buy a new calendar.正如玛雅人预言的那样?实际上,正如玛雅绝对从未预言过的那样,但不少非常愚蠢的人并不清楚当一个日历结束——即使是古老的玛雅日历——你只需要跳出来再买一个新日历。And they#39;ve gone feverish in anticipation? You could say that. In fact, you could say a mile-high tidal wave of apocalypse fever is sweeping across the planet as we speak.他们已经在预感中乱了阵脚了吗?你可以这样说。事实上,你可以说末日热的一英里潮汐波正横扫地球如我们所说的那样。Could you really? Of course. But it would be a massive over exaggeration.你真的能?当然。但这将太过夸张。So what is apocalypse fever, then? Just a few bulging pockets of apocalyptic stupidity.那什么是末日热,然后呢?只是几口袋鼓囊囊的末日愚昧。Such as? Such as in Chechnya and various other parts of Russia, where politicians are calling for calm after superstitious citizens started panic-buying candles, torches, salt and matches.比如?比如在车臣和俄罗斯各地区,在迷信公民开始恐慌性抢购蜡烛、手电筒、食盐和火柴之后那里的政客们正在呼吁冷静。Because the apocalypse will be dark and need a bit of seasoning? Presumably.因为世界末日将黑暗和需要一点调味料吗?大概是的。 /201212/215537

TOP 10 MOST HATED SOUNDS1010大最招人讨厌的声音1.Nails on a chalk board1.指甲划过黑板的声音2.Someone being sick2.别人感到恶心呕吐而发出的声音3.Car alarm3.汽车防盗报警器的声音4.A dentist#39;s drill4.牙医电钻发出的声音5.Someone spitting5.吐痰的声音6.A yapping dog6.乱叫的犬吠7.Screaming baby/children7.婴儿、小孩的哭闹声8.Someone talking with their mouth full8.满嘴食物时说话的声音9.Someone grinding their teeth9.磨牙的声音10.Someone#39;s knife grinding on a plate10.刀刮盘子的声音 /201209/197942Early in Erika lee’s sweeping “The Making of Asian America: A History” she suggests that Asian-Americans constantly cycle between being labeled “good Asians” versus “bad Asians,” depending on the shifting and often contradictory politics behind their immigration and settlement. We were a “despised when Asian immigrants threatened 19th- and early-20th-century white labor, yet since the Cold War we’ve been described as a “model minority,” valorizing the promise of American meritocracy. The capricious ease with which those labels get swapped highlights how our precarious social position rests on our perceived utility: as cheap labor, as anti-Communist soldiers, as overachievers meant to -shame other communities of . In doing all of this “work,” Lee argues, Asian-Americans have redefined not only immigration politics and racial categories but also “the very essence of what it means to be American.”在李漪莲(Erika Lee)的《亚裔美国人的故事》(The Making of Asian America: A History)是一本内容详尽的著作,全书开头,她认为亚裔美国人不断在被标注为 “好亚洲人”和“坏亚洲人”之间循环。这取决于移民与定居背后,不断变化而且通常是自相矛盾的政治。当19世纪到20世纪初,亚洲移民威胁到白人劳工时,我们是“被人看不起的少数族裔”。然而到了冷战期间,我们又被描述为“模范少数族裔”,以便稳定美国学术界精英的信心。这种标签变换的随意性,显示出我们不可靠的社会地位是怎样取决于我们在人们心目中的功能:廉价劳工、反共斗士、 乃至令所有其他肤色的社区都相形见绌的超级优秀学生。李漪莲认为,亚裔美国人在做这些“工作”的同时,不仅重新定义了移民政治与种族类别,也重新定义了“身为美国人的真正本质。”Lee’s comprehensive history traces the experiences of myriad Asian-American communities, from Chinese laborers in 1850s California to Hmong refugees in 1980s Minnesota. Lee is a professor of history at the University of Minnesota, and she makes extensive use of both secondary and primary sources to collect the stories that go into the book. In that regard, “The Making of Asian America” shares strong similarities with other broad, inclusive Asian-American histories, most obviously Ronald Takaki’s “Strangers From a Different Shore,” first published in 1989. Lee’s book doesn’t radically depart from its predecessors so much as provide a useful and important upgrade by broadening the scope and, at times, deepening the investigations. 李漪莲撰写的这部综合史追溯了多个亚裔美国社区的经历,从19世纪50年代加利福尼亚的中国劳工,到20世纪80年代明尼苏达州的苗族难民。 李漪莲是明尼苏达州立大学历史系教授,她广泛运用了二手材料与原始材料去收集各种故事,最后收录在书中。因此《亚裔美国人的故事》和其他详实充分,内容广泛的亚裔美国人历史书有着很大相似之处,特别是高木罗纳(Ronald Takaki)1989年的著作《异岸来的陌生人》(Strangers From a Different Shore)。和前人的著作相比,李漪莲的书并没有激进的偏离之处,只是拓宽了视界,有时也深化了调研,进一步提供了实用且重要的信息。Case in point: One of her most fascinating chapters, “Border Crossings and Border Enforcement,” delves into the little-known but remarkable stories of how tens of thousands of Chinese and Japanese found ways into the ed States despite being legally barred from immigrating. During what Lee calls an “exclusion era,” which began with the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, intrepid emigrants would hide in rail cars crossing in from Canada and Mexico or stow away on boats from Cuba and Jamaica. Trafficking Asians into the ed States became a lucrative, multiethnic affair for numerous Greek, Italian, indigenous Canadian and Mexican smugglers. Some went so far as to disguise their clients as other races to throw off border agents. Lee cites a 1904 Buffalo newspaper story on how traffickers along the Canadian border routinely disguised Chinese as Native Americans, “dressed in ‘Indian garb’ and carrying baskets of ”举例来说,“穿越边界与边界执法”是全书最精的篇章之一。这一章里,她深入研究了数万中国人与日本人如何千方百计,以违法的方式移民美国,这些故事鲜为人知,但却极为重要。在李漪莲看来,《1882年排华法案》标志着“排外主义时代”的开始,而勇敢的移民会藏在火车车厢里,从加拿大和墨西哥进入美国;或是躲在船里,从古巴和牙买加进入美国。运送亚洲人进入美国成了涉及不同种族,利润丰厚的买卖,不少希腊人、意大利人都参与进来、还有土生土长的加拿大人和墨西哥蛇头。有些人甚至把自己的客户伪装成其他种族,骗过边界岗哨。李漪莲引用1904年巴法罗城报纸上的故事,一个加拿大边境上的蛇头经常把中国人伪装成印第安人,“给他们穿上‘印第安装’,让他们拿着装满树皮的篮子。”Importantly, Lee notes that as the “first immigrants to be excluded from the ed States, Asians became the first undocumented immigrants”; as such, they were also the target of the first of many national panics around so-called illegal immigration. Government officials in the 1900s designated special deportation agents as “Chinese catchers,” while lawmakers in the 1920s bemoaned how even an imagined “Chinese wall” along the Mexico border would fail to “permit a permanent solution.” (The parallels between the anti-Asian immigration hysteria of yesteryear and the current climate facing Latino immigrants are both obvious and instructive.)重要的是,李漪莲指出,“第一代移民在美国遭到排斥的同时,亚洲人成了第一批无正式文件的移民”;当时美国国内有许多恐慌,首当其冲的就是所谓的非法移民,于是亚洲人也就成了众矢之的。20世纪的第一个10年里,政府官员们把驱逐非法移民出境的特工称为“中国捕手”。20年代的立法者们则哀叹,就算在墨西哥边境树立一道“中国墙”,也不能“带来永久的解决方案”(这和不久前反对亚洲移民的歇斯底里,以及当前拉丁美洲移民面对的环境显然非常相似,颇为发人深省)。These border dramas serve as a reminder that the span of Asian-American history is really cleaved into two distinct parts, thanks to the exclusion era that deliberately barred specific Asian groups from the ed States. Those pernicious immigration laws marked a nadir in domestic sentiment toward Asian-Americans, largely because of both nativist and white working-class agitation. It would take mounting international pressure in the 20th century to help reverse the tide, beginning with World War II and the need to enlist China in the war against Japan (all while Japanese-American citizens were being forced into internment camps). Then came the Cold War and “hot” conflicts in Korea and Southeast Asia, which created all manner of new Asian allies and enemies. Add in the momentum of the civil rights movement, and the turning point finally came with the passage of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965.这些边界上的戏剧性事件提醒人们,在那个排外的时代里,有些特定的亚裔族群被美国故意拒之门外,因此亚裔美国人的历史其实可以分为两部分。那些引起巨大伤害的移民法,标志着国内对亚裔美国人的感情降低到最低点,主要是因为本土主义者和白人劳工阶层的煽动。 20世纪不断增长的国际压力才扭转了这股趋势,先是“二战”期间,需要让中国在战争中对抗日本(与此同时,国内的日裔美国人则被送入拘留营)。其后,“冷战”以及朝鲜和东南亚之间的“热战”造成了各种全新的亚洲盟友与敌人。再加上民权运动的影响,转折点最终随《1965年移民与国籍法》(Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965)的通过而到来。That legislation ended what was effectively a 40-year moratorium on immigration dating back to the highly restrictive 1924 Immigration Act. It has since facilitated the legal entry of tens of millions of new immigrants, but even its most ardent backers comically underestimated the 1965 act’s potential. When President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the bill into law, he declared that it repealed earlier policies that were “un-American in the highest sense,” but he also reassured the public that the bill “does not affect the lives of millions. It will not reshape the structure of our daily lives.” Lee coolly retorts, “The president would be proven wrong,” and she argues that by producing “a racial restructuring of U.S. society, and every sector,” the 1965 act “changed the course of Asian-American and U.S. history.”1924年的《移民法案》对移民做出了极大限制,相当于在实质上中止了移民行为,1965年的法案结束了长达40年的这种状况。自那以后,它帮助数千万新移民合法地进入美国,但就连它最热心的持者也可笑地低估了它的潜力。签署这项法案,使之成为法律的林敦·B·约翰逊(Lyndon B. Johnson)总统宣布,它否定了那些“在最高意义上违背美国精神”的早期政策,但也安抚公众说,这项法案“不会影响到百万公众的生活。它不会重塑我们日常生活的结构。”李漪莲冷酷地反驳道,“总统被明是错的,”她指出,1965年的法案“在美国社会乃至各个领域内实现种族重组”,从而“改变了亚裔美国人与美国历史的进程。”The act certainly changed the course of my own family’s history. Its provisions helped my parents gain permanent resident status after arriving from Taiwan as graduate students in 1968. That status allowed them to use the act’s “family reunification” preference to sponsor their siblings, who in turn could do the same for their families. I spent the 1980s growing up with a California coterie of second-generation kids of Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Indian descent; I came to think of us as “post-’65ers.” As a result, when I the key Asian-American histories of Ronald Takaki and Sucheng Chan — a canon that I suspect Erika Lee will soon join — I marvel at their insights into pre-’65 Asian America, but I’ve never been as satisfied with their examinations of the community’s post-’65 transformations.这项法案无疑改变了我的家族史。1968年,我的父母作为台湾的大学毕业生,根据该法案中的条款获得美国的永久居民身份。而这个身份又让他们可以根据法案中的“家庭团聚”优先权,担保他们的兄弟姊来到美国,这些人又可以担保其他的家族成员来美国。80年代,我在加利福尼亚,和不少中国、台湾、韩国、越南与印度的第二代移民孩子一起长大,形成了一个小小团体;我觉得我们是“65后”的一代。所以,读到高木罗纳与陈素贞等人创作的重要亚裔美国人历史时(我认为李漪莲的作品很快也会进入这些经典的行列),他们对1965年之前的亚裔美国人的深刻洞见固然令我激赏,但他们对1965年后社区变化的研究却从未让我满意。That’s not for any inherent scholarly shortcomings on their part, least of all in Lee’s robust work. Her post-’65 chapters chronicle the tremendous new diversity and complexities within a polyglot community made up of 24 distinct ethnic groups, with vast disparities in income and education among them. As someone who lives and teaches in Minnesota, Lee devotes a substantial chapter to the challenges facing Hmong refugees, tens of thousands of whom were resettled there by the American government after the end of the Vietnam War. She also discusses the importance of the Asian-American movement of the late 1960s and ’70s that produced the very concept of “Asian America,” and she ends the book by highlighting key examples of how contemporary Asian-Americans have mobilized themselves politically.这并不是因为他们的著作有什么内在的学术缺陷,李漪莲这部有力的著作中尤其没有问题。这本书中,关于1965年后的篇章里,她描写了一个由24个不同族裔团体组成的多语言社区中,全新的、巨大的多样化与复杂性,其中收入水平和教育水平也千差万别。李漪莲在明尼苏达州生活和教学,她用一整章描写那里的苗族难民所面临的挑战——越南战争后,数万名苗族难民被美国政府重新安置在那里。她还讨论了60年代末到70年代亚裔美国运动的重要性,正是它产生了“亚裔美国人”这个概念,本书最后,她特别举了几个当代亚裔美国人积极参与政治的关键例子。Still, Lee’s overall history, like its predecessors, places a heavy emphasis on the external political and economic forces by which Asians have been welcomed in and warded off, recruited and excluded, labeled “good” and “bad.” These are sensible, necessary ways of explaining the making of Asian-Americans as both a racial and national community. But whenever these histories engage the post-’65 present, I find myself wanting to know more about the making of “Asian-American-ness,” i.e. the internal, intra-community ways we’ve defined our place, our worth, our identities and cultures.和前辈们一样,李漪莲的综合历史极为强调外部政治与经济力量的作用,由于这些力量,亚洲人有时被欢迎,有时被排挤;有时被接纳,有时被驱逐;有时被贴上“好”的标签,有时被贴上“坏”的标签。这些是合情合理,有必要的方式,可以解释亚裔美国人作为种族与民族社区是如何形成的。但是这些历史一旦与1965年后的现实发生接触,我就觉得还想知道更多关于“亚裔美国性”方面的东西,换言之,就是我们在社区内部如何定义自己的位置、自己的价值,自己的身份与文化。Of course, the wry paradox is that the 1965 act made this work infinitely more difficult because this community is being continually transformed by new immigrants for whom “Asian America” has no meaning beyond a demographic check box. In that regard, the making of both Asian America and Asian-American-ness is constantly reset as well, creating new questions for historians in some indeterminate future to investigate.当然,扭曲的悖论是,1965年的法案让这项工作变得无比艰难,因为这个社区还在持续受新移民影响而发生变化,对于这些新移民来说,人口统计表格上的复选框之上写的“亚裔美国人”并没有什么特别的含义。因此,“亚裔美国人”与“亚裔美国性”都在不断重新形成,不断为历史学家们造成各种新问题,供他们在不确定的未来某时进行研究。 /201509/397940

The latest wheeze最新潮的吞云吐雾方式BETTING against an industry with addicts for customers carries obvious risks. But these are uncertain times for Big Tobacco. Electronic cigarettes, once dismissed as a novelty, now pose a serious threat. E-cigarettes work by turning nicotine-infused liquid into vapour, which is then inhaled. A user is therefore said to be “vaping”, not smoking. More important, he or she is not inhaling all the noxious substances found in ordinary smokes.和一个拥有忠诚客户群的行业打赌,显而易见这是在冒险。但对于烟草巨头而言,现在确实是一个不确定的时期。曾经被视为另类的电子香烟,如今却对其构成了巨大的威胁。电子烟的工作原理是将含有尼古丁的烟液雾化成可吸入人体的烟雾,因此吸电子烟的人通常被形容成“吸雾”,而不是吸烟。更重要的是,Ta们并不会吸入普通香烟中的全部有害物质。In 2012 sales of e-cigarettes in America were between 0m and 0m, say analysts. That is paltry compared with the billion-plus market for conventional cigarettes in the country. But e-cigarette sales doubled last year, and are expected to double again in 2013. Bonnie Herzog of Wells Fargo, a bank, believes sales of e-cigarettes could overtake sales of the normal sort within a decade.有分析师称,2012年美国电子烟的销售额在3亿美元到5亿美元之间。与该国超过800亿美元的传统香烟市场相比,这个数字是微不足道的。但是,电子烟的销售额却比去年翻了一番,预计2013年将再次翻番。富国的 Bonnie Herzog认为,电子烟的销售额可能会在未来十年间超过传统香烟的销售额。That may depend on how governments react. E-cigarettes are probably not good for you. One study showed that vaping decreased lung capacity. Yet a switch from smoking to vaping could improve public health, some say. E-cigarettes may help smokers quit more efficiently than nicotine patches or gum. This notion has not been thoroughly tested, however, so governments are wary.这可能取决于政府将作何反应。电子烟可能不利于你的健康。一项研究表明,“吸雾”会减少肺活量。但有人认为,从吸烟转变到吸雾,可以改善公共卫生环境。电子烟可能会比尼古丁贴片或口香糖更快地帮助吸烟者戒掉烟瘾。不过,这一观点还没有经过全面验,因此政府对此态度谨慎。America has warned e-cigarette manufacturers not to make health claims. New tobacco guidelines in Europe would either tightly limit the nicotine content of e-cigarettes or force them to undergo clinical trials, as pharmaceutical products do. Elsewhere a patchwork of regulation exists, including outright bans in some countries.美国已经警告电子烟制造商不要做出健康声明。欧洲新烟草准则将严格限制电子烟的尼古丁含量,或强迫制造商参照制药行业的做法进行临床测试。其他地区也有不同的监管规定,包括某些国家实施的完全禁令。None of this has stopped companies from pitching to consumers. In America and Britain advertisements for e-cigarettes have appeared on television—forbidden territory for standard cigarettes. Craig Weiss, the head of NJOY, America’s top-selling brand of e-cigarettes, vows to make traditional ones obsolete. His ads crow: “Cigarettes, you’ve met your match.”这一切都没能停止生产企业向消费者推销产品。美国和英国的电子烟广告已经在电视(传统香烟广告的禁区)上播出。NJOY是美国最畅销的电子烟品牌,该公司负责人Craig Weiss发誓要让传统香烟成为过去。他的广告词是“传统香烟,你遇上对手了。”America’s tobacco giants do not think he is blowing smoke. Last year Lorillard (the maker of brands such as Newport and Kent) bought Blu, an e-cigarette maker, for 5m. NJOY is rumoured to be facing a takeover, perhaps by Altria (the maker of Marlboro). Foreign cigarette makers, such as British American Tobacco and Japan Tobacco International, also have stakes in the industry, while other firms are working on their own vaporous offerings.美国的烟草巨头并不认为他是在说空话。去年,纽宝 (Newport)和箭牌(Kent)等品牌的制造商罗瑞拉德烟草公司以1.35亿美元价格收购了电子烟制造商Blu。据传,NJOY也即将面临被万宝路品牌的制造商奥驰亚收购的命运。还有一些公司也在竭尽全力生产自己的电子香烟,同时,英美烟草、日本烟草国际等国外香烟制造商也加入到这一行业的竞争中。E-cigarette executives dream of relegating traditional cigarettes to the ashtray of history. But as they struggle with taxes, patents and red tape, they may come to envy Big Tobacco’s deep pockets. More deals are likely, thrashed out no doubt in vapour-filled rooms.电子烟企业的高管梦想着把传统香烟尘封在历史的“烟灰缸”中。但是当他们为纳税、专利以及繁琐的手续疲于奔命时,可能猛然会为烟草巨头们的雄厚财力而慨叹。更多的交易可能正在紧锣密鼓地进行着,那里必将烟雾缭绕。 /201303/232639

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