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After years of development, protest and regulatory red tape, the first genetically modified, non-browning apples will soon go on sale in the US.历经多年研发、非议以及监管部门设置的重重障碍,首款防褐变转基因苹果很快将在美国开售。The fruit, sold sliced and marketed under the brand Arctic Apple, could hit a cluster of Midwestern grocery stores.这款备受争议的“北极苹果”会在美国中西部的一些杂货店以切片形式进行初期的试点销售。The limited release is an early test run for the controversial apple, which has been genetically modified to eliminate the browning that occurs when an apple is left out in the open air.因为经过了转基因改良,这种苹果的果肉暴露在空气中也不会变成褐色。Critics and advocates of genetic engineering say that the apple could be a turning point in the nation#39;s polarizing debate over genetically modified organisms (GMOs).基因工程的批评人士与持者均表示,美国国内对转基因作物的争论已呈两极化,而这种苹果可能会成为这一局面的转折点。While genetic modifications have in the past been mainly defended as a way to protect crops, the Arctic Apple would be one of the first GMOs marketed directly to consumers as more convenient.过去人们主要因为转基因是保护农作物的一种手段而为其辩护,而“北极苹果”或成首款直接向消费者出售的转基因作物之一则是由于其更加便捷。;What companies are desperate for is some really popular GMO product to hit the market,; said McKay Jenkins. ;Any successful product could lift the cloud over GMOs.;麦凯·詹金斯表示:“企业渴望的是真正受市场欢迎追捧的转基因产品。任何转基因商品在市场上的成功都可能会打消人们对转基因生物的疑虑。”Industry executives predict the apple could open a whole new trade in genetically engineered produce, potentially opening the market to pink pineapples, antioxidant-enriched tomatoes, and other food currently in development.业内高管预测,“北极苹果”可以为转基因农产品打开一个全新市场,同时也为今后把粉色菠萝、抗氧化西红柿等尚在研发的转基因食物推向市场做好了铺垫。 /201702/492480Chinese children are facing new types of health risks, with nearly one-third of them are threatened by potential hazards from indoor air pollution, said a recent report released by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.环保部日前发布报告称,我国儿童面临新型健康风险,其中近1/3受到室内空气污染的潜在危害的威胁。According to the report, 26.8% of children are exposed to indoor air pollution attributable to solid fuels used for cooking or heating, 12.7% have no properly treated drinking water, 13.6% live in places where there are petroleum, petrochemical, coking and other highly polluting enterprises within a radius of 1 km, and 14.6% live in places where there are major highways within 50 meters.报告称,26.8%的儿童暴露于用固体燃料做饭或取暖引起的室内空气污染,12.7%无法获得经过适当处理的饮用水,13.6%生活场所周边1公里范围内有石油、石化、炼焦等高污染企业,14.6%生活场所周边50米范围内有交通干道。The study marked Chinas first large-scale research on patterns of population exposure to the environment, a first of its kind for any developing country.据介绍,环境保护部组织的此次调查是我国首次大规模的人群环境暴露行为模式研究,也是发展中国家第一次。The impact of environmental pollution on health is not only related to pollutant density and toxicity, but also patterns of exposure to the environment, said Zou Shoumin, a ministry official.环保部一名名叫邹首民的官员表示,环境污染对健康影响不仅与环境污染物的浓度和毒性有关,还与人的环境暴露行为模式密切相关。According to Zou, exposure patterns cover four major aspects: One, physiological features like height, weight and respiratory volume.据邹首民介绍,环境暴露行为模式包括四个方面:一是人体生理特征,如身高、体重、呼吸量等Two, the length, frequency, channels and means of contacting pollutants borne by air, water and other environmental media.二是人接触空气、水等环境介质中污染物的时间、频率、途径和方式。Three, pollution source distribution in the living environment.三是人居环境中污染源分布情况;And last, preventative measures taken to counteract potential health risks from exposure.最后一点是人对暴露风险的防范行为。The study also found that patterns of exposure to the environment among Chinese children show differences according to their age, gender and the place where they live.研究发现,我国儿童环境暴露行为模式存在明显的年龄、性别、城乡和地区差异。Children under three years are increasingly exposed to outdoor air pollution with the increase of age, but the trend is reversed after they go to school.我国儿童室外空气综合暴露系数3岁前随年龄增长而增加,入学后呈逐年下降趋势。While boys are exposed to outdoor air pollution more than girls of the same age group, urban children see less exposure than their rural counterparts.同年龄段男童室外空气综合暴露系数高于女童,城市儿童低于农村儿童。Also, children are less exposed to pollution and given more preventative protection if their parents or caretakers are better-off and more educated.此外,如果儿童家庭经济水平、抚养人文化程度高,那么他们就会更少的暴露于污染中,并会被给予更多的预防性保护。 /201610/471985

My community and state are still recovering from the catastrophe that struck recently. A wall of storms with hurricane force winds struck late on a Friday evening knocking down trees, blocking roads, damaging homes, and destroying power lines.最近的一次灾难给我们的州、我们的社区带来了很大的影响。暴风雨夹杂着飓风在周五的晚上登陆,树木被刮倒,道路被封锁,家园被摧毁,电路被中断。Hundreds of thousands of people suddenly found themselves in the dark without water, electricity, air conditioning, telephones, internet, and television. They found themselves cut off from the modern world enduring sweltering 90 degree plus heat with no help and no idea when it would be over.数以万计的人生活在黑暗缺水的环境中,因为电路的中断,无法使用空调、电话,也不能上网、看电视。受灾群众发现自己彻底和外界断了联系,忍受着华氏90度(32摄氏度)以上的高温,束手无策,而且不知道生活何时能恢复正常。The most amazing thing happened, however, as the reality of the crisis sank in: it brought out the best in us. While there were a few acts of selfishness and stealing they were overwhelmed by the wave of love and compassion that came from the hearts of so many.但是不可思议的事情发生了,尽管危机降临,但是它让我们激发了我们最好的本质。尽管也偶尔有自私和偷盗的行为,我们绝大多数人都沐浴在爱和热情之中。People shared their food, ice, and gasoline. People who still had power opened their homes to those who had none. People rushed out to clear roads and homes of fallen trees. Selfless power crews worked around the clock to repair the damage and restore electricity.我们互相之间分享食物、冰块、汽油。家里还有电的人会向那些家里断电的人敞开家门。人们自发的跑到街上清理道路和家中倒下的树木。无私的电力维修工争分夺秒修理电路,恢复供电。People gathered on front porches to talk, share hugs and offer words of hope and faith that God would see them through it all. Strangers came together as one family to help each other in this time of great need.人们在前门廊交谈鼓劲、相互拥抱,说着神明如果看到他们的遭遇会给他们带来希望和信仰。It was such a joy seeing all these people acting like true Children of God under the most trying of circumstances.面对如此困境,这些人就像上帝之子散播的善良,不禁让人心生欣慰。Life#39;s disasters strike all of us from time to time. No one is spared.生活中的灾难总会时不时给我们打击。无人能幸免。We all get hurt. We all get challenged.我们都会受伤,我们都会遇到挑战。We all get squeezed by difficulties during our days here.我们都会被生活的磨难压榨。How we respond to them, though, is up to us.不过,我们怎么样应对则它取决于我们自己。We can let them bring out the worst is us or we can let them bring out the best in us. We can react to them like demons of selfishness or like angels of love.他们可以让我们展现最丑陋的一面,也可以让我们展现最善良的一面,我们可以变成魔鬼般的自私也可以变成天使般的仁爱。May you always bring the best from your heart and soul to whatever life may throw at you then. May you live all of your days here with so much love that Heaven sings and God smiles.愿不管生活如何待你,你都能还以发自内心的善良。愿你此生浸润在爱中,就像天堂的笙歌和上帝的微笑。 /201704/506036

Waist Drum Dance腰鼓戏Waist drum dance performance usually involves many people, sometimes hundreds, a magnificent sight for the viewers. During the performance, the drum is hung slantingly on the left-side of the performer#39;s waist, and the dancer, with the drumsticks in each hand, dances and beats the drum at the same time. The waist drum dance is characterized by strong and varied rhythm,vigorous and dynamic style,a harmonious combination between drum beating and dancing. The drumbeats also vary from a single beat to variegated beats,from slow to insistent beats, which, when combined with performing movements, have vivid names such as ;three nods of phenix;;a good wash of the tiger#39;s face;,;drumming of the thunder god;,;flying of the butterfly;,;pecking of the chicken;,;horse trotting;,and so on.腰鼓舞蹈表演,通常涉及到许多人,有时有几百个,景象蔚为壮观。在表演中,腰鼓倾斜地悬挂在表演者左侧的腰部,跳舞者在每个手中拿着鼓槌在同一时间敲鼓。腰鼓舞蹈的特点是强大和多样化的节奏,富有朝气和活力的风格,打鼓和跳舞之间的和谐结合。打鼓声也各不相同在单一的节拍和多节拍和从慢到快之间,其中,当与表演的动作相结合,有生动的名称,如“三凤点头”“老虎洗脸”,“雷霆之怒”“蝴蝶飞”的、,“鸡啄食”,“马小跑”,等等。 /201612/482000

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